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Sunday, June 3, 2001
Sunday Activity

Taking care of your ACs

WITH the summer heat upon us full blast, here’s a weekend task that needs immediate attention-- cleaning your airconditioners and desert coolers before subjecting them to a continuous run in the coming months.

Simply put, an aiconditioner cools your room by removing heat from the indoor air and transferring it to the outdoor air. The heat is extracted by passing indoor air across a refrigant coil in the indoor unit. The heat is then carried by lines to the outdoor unit, where it is released in the outer air. The cooling cycle continues until the indoor temperature reaches the thermostat setting.

The way an AC functions
The way an AC functions

Steps to clean & maintain ACs

  • Clean the filter periodically. A dusty filter means poor quality of air as the AChas to suck the air through the filter before blowing it out.

  • In most modern company made ACs, the filter is pulled out without opening the cover of the body.

  • In case of slightly older models, the filter is inside the cover. It can be cleaned by washing it under running water.

  • The covers and the blowers too need to be dusted.

  • Keep a periodic check on the wires going out of the AC into the stabiliser and from the stabiliser to the power supply. Since an AC draws about 1.5 kilowatt of power, any loose wiring can be fatal.

  • In case of a split AC, keep a check on the copper conduit's carrying the cold air. The insulation should be proper as it ensures that air blown from the compressor to the wall attachment remains cool.

  • Once the season is over, cover the unit with a polyutherene cover These are easily available in the market for anything between Rs 100 and Rs 200.

For desert coolers ...

  • Clean the khus pads periodically as the dust from outside gets collected in them resulting in poor air quality.

  • These can be dusted if they are in a dry condition. Or they can be washed under running water.

(Compliled by Chetna Banerjee)


Why you should...
...not go on a summer vacation

  • As most of your colleagues will be on vacation, it is the best time to stay back and suck up to your boss and get that much-promised raise.

  • If your boss is away for a summer break, you can be on vacation without going and spending on one. Remember, when the cat’s away the mice will play.

  • You can crib about not being able to go on a vacation and act the martyr, making vacation-bound colleagues guilty. They will be nicer to you through the remaining months-- after all you sacrificed your holiday for them!

  • Going on vacations is a recurring expense, and all for only a few days in cooler climes. Instead, invest the money to aircondition your life, from the garage to the loo, and that too forever.

  • You might return to discover a theft....of what else but your precious Net hours.

  • If you go on a vacation there is a risk of your husband ogling at all the beauties on the beach or the hill town Mall. Keep him away from temptation.

  • Since all his friends will be away, use all your husband’s time and attention to your advantage. Indulge him so much that he becomes a pathetic whimpering slave.

  • Spend the afternoons together holed up in your room. Summer heat is supposed to be some sort of a aphrodisiac.

  • It’ll be a godsend for your neighbour who has been going green with envy eyeing the greens in your garden.

  • Enjoy the sights and sounds of the town after your chattering friends have fled to the hills. The aloneness will provide you with a new perspective.

  • Your maid might use the opportunity to elope with your gardener and take all your jewels and household appliances as her dowry. You’ll really be ‘helpless’ without, not one, but two house helps!

  • At the end of it, you might need another break to recover from the tiredness of a vacation.
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