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L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


The structures were in gross violation of law
Amardeep Bhattal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
In a firm assertion of civil authority, the Ludhiana district administration, in pursuance to the Punjab and Haryana High Court order of March 19,today swung into action and razed as many as four marriage palaces illegally constructed in the vicinity of 17, Field Ammunition Depot of the Indian Army at Baddowal.

In an early morning operation which continued till the afternoon, the four mansions were razed to the ground with the help of bulldozers and cranes specially requisitioned for the purpose. As the giant machines gnawed at the massive structures of steel and cement ripping apart the walls, roofs and joints, a large crowd comprising mostly locals gathered on either side of the highway and watched the proceedings in awe. The heavy police deployment,however,was a deterrent and no untoward incident was reported.

Residents of adjoining villages, including Baddowal, Ayali Kalan, Threeke, Hassanpur and Bhanohar were in for a surprise in the wee hours as men and machines converged on the Baddowal military area. Some of the cranes were also seen on nearby link roads early in the morning and the villagers had no inkling of what was to follow. With the arrival of the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mr SR Kler, the demolitions commenced and among the first to be targeted was White Rock, the sprawling marriage palace adjacent to Springfield Resorts. After partially demolishing it, the heavy cranes moved over Mega Resorts situated across the highway and knocked down its front portion, railings etc. And soon, the structure which had stood there for years in defiance of law was reduced to rubble.

Since the early hours today, the entire stretch of the Ludhiana-Ferozepore highway upto Mullanpur, officially the State Highway 18, was barricaded at several points and policemen were seen diverting traffic to link roads. At Mullanpur, vehicular traffic was being diverted to the Humbran road which connects the city through Ayali Khurd running across GRD Academy. In Ludhiana city, traffic policemen were seen diverting traffic near Circuit House and barricades had been put up to stop traffic bound for Ferozepore, Mullanpur, and Raikot as curious owners of vehicles inquired about the reasons for the diversion.

The imposing structures which stood on either side of the highway and were located within the prohibited 1000-yard zone of the military area had come up in gross violation of the Works of Defence Act, 1903. Although many more structures are also located within the prohibited zone, only four marriage palaces were targeted for today’s operation. Most of these structures had come up in the nineties by ignoring the statutory warnings.

It was on March 19 that the Punjab and Haryana High Court in a landmark judgment had ordered demolition of such illegal constructions surrounding 17, Field Ammunition Depot after having taken suo motu notice of the violations.


Selective demolitions anger public
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Notwithstanding the claims of the district administration to have followed the March 19 order of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in demolishing four marriage palaces on Ferozepur road on Tuesday, the fact remains that a few other marriage palaces right in the vicinity and within the radius of 1000 yards of the ammunition depot, Baddowal were deliberately left out.

While the bulldozers and giant cranes razed to rubble Megha Resorts, Springfields and the White Rock marriage palaces, surprisingly, and for the reasons best known to the district administration other palaces like Green City, which is situated only next to Springfields and opposite to Megha Resorts, was not even touched. Similarly, Cassa Labaron, belonging to some influential people enjoying the patronage of the Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal also remained untouched, although it is also situated in between Springfields and the White Rock, which were demolished today. A farm house, falling within the 1000 yard radius of the ammunition depot, belonging to Mr Paramjit Singh, who also enjoys good relationships with the Chief Minister was also left untouched. There are others like Turning Point and City Gardens, which also stand as erect as ever.

The owners of the marriage palaces which were demolished today had only one grouse. Why did the authorities rush through the demolitions when their appeal against the March 19 judgement of the Punjab and Haryana High Court was pending in the Supreme Court of India and listed for hearing on July 9? They said they were assured by the Deputy Commissioner, Mr S K Sandhu that no action will be taken till then. However, all of them were taken by surprise when they saw the bulldozers razing the buildings to the ground. In fact some of them were not even allowed to proceed towards the marriage palaces as traffic blockades were erected at a number of places along the Ferozepur road, starting right from Bharat Nagar Chowk in the city upto the octroi point.

Mr Vijay Kumar, owner of Megha Resorts, while questioning the impartiality of the district administration pointed out that the High Court judgement delivered on March 19, clearly specified, “to remove all the unauthorised constructions within the prohibited area in accordance with law and complete the process at the earliest but not later than one year from today”.

Motives of the administration are also being questioned on the pretext that in case the issue went to the Supreme Court and was thoroughly probed, some bureaucrats, particularly three previous Deputy Commissioners of Ludhiana, during whose tenure the marriage palaces came up, could have been in trouble. They could have been asked why they allowed construction of these structures. The connivance of military officials at Baddowal during this period could also be suspected. In order to pre-empt any such action which could land these people in trouble, the local administration was pressurised to go ahead with the demolition drive, when it was aware that the matter was still pending in the Supreme Court and the petitioners were yet to present their case there.

Moreover, the Additional Deputy Commissioner had no locus standi to effect the demolition. According to the provisions of the Works of Defence Act, 1903, only an officer appointed by the Central Government under Section 6 of the Act can order or cause the removal or demolition of a structure within the area of 1000 yards. It was already on record that the ADC, Ludhiana had not been appointed or authorised by the Central Government.

While the anger of the victims was understandable, much resentment prevailed among the public over the way the district administration chose only certain marriage palaces for demolition while leaving others unscathed. The common refrain was that the district administration had made the scapegoats of the four while shielding other influential people. 


XEN accused of irregularities
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 5
The Ludhiana Hot Mix Plant Association, a body of civil contractors here, has charged an executive engineer of the Punjab Mandi Board of committing serious financial irregularities, misbehaving with contractors and giving undue favours to certain favourite firms at the cost of public exchequer.

The concerned officer, Mr Surinder Pal Singh, however, has denied the allegations and termed these as baseless.

Addressing a news conference here, the office-bearers of the association alleged that the officer misbehaved and pounced upon one of the contractors, Mr Surjit Singh, after an altercation over the work pertaining to Mullanpur-Humbran bypass road.

The contractors further said that the entire process of calling of tenders and allotment of works was under shadow.

At times, tender notices were published in relatively lesser known newspapers and quite frequently, the opening of tenders was postponed without assigning any reason.

Details of work and its cost were not generally not mentioned in the advertisements. They alleged that all this was done in a calculated fashion to grant favours to certain contractors.

The association has urged the state government and the senior Punjab Mandi Board officials to initiate an inquiry against the erring official and to ensure complete transparency in the process of tendering and allotment of works.

Mr Surinder Pal Singh, however, termed the allegations as false. On the contrary he said that it was the contractor who had threatened and misbehaved with him.

He said the contractor in question had failed to commence a work awarded to him and as a consequence a six per cent penalty on the estimated cost was imposed him and now he was making false allegations against him.

The officer further said that he had sent a detailed report of yesterday’s incident to his superiors.


Nitrate poisoning common among dairy animals
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Cases of insecticide poisoning among dairy animals are on the rise and unfortunately, farmers are well aware of either the causes or the symptoms. Veterinary experts at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have advised dairy farmers to protect their animals from nitrate poisoning.

According to experts, nitrate and nitrite poisoning is being encountered frequently in dairy animals. They maintain that during the past 10 years, as many as 12 outbreaks of nitrate toxicity were recorded by the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Veterinary Medicine at PAU, in which 315 animals out of total of 437 affected by the poisoning died.

The animals who suffer from nitrate toxicity feel difficulty in respiration, rapid and weak pulse and cyanosis. The condition is aggravated by exertion. There may be frequent urination, diarrhoea and colic followed by trembling, collapse, coma and convulsions. The animals can die within hours of poisoning, if not treated immediately.

According to a recent paper written by Dr D.R. Sharma, Head of Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Veterinary Medicine, nitrate toxicity results when animals consumed fodder or water containing toxic levels of nitrate. Hay silage and moist hay stacks have also reported to be associated with it.

Experts said that the problem of nitrate toxicity was linked to the injudicious use of nitrogenous fertilisers, herbicides and weedicides leading to accumulation of excess nitrates by plants from the soil.

Other factors including rain, drought, low soil pH, low soil contents of molybdenum, sulphur, phosphorous and insufficient light also promote the uptake of nitrates by plants from soil.

The land supplied with sewage water, water discharged from milk and food processing plants and slaughter houses also help plants accumulate nitrates in excess. They said that the plants having history associated with these conditions may be suspected of containing toxic amounts of nitrates.

The experts have advised the farmers to check fodder crop for nitrate and other mineral contents. The fodder containing 0.2 per cent nitrate may cause poisoning. In field outbreaks, nitrate concentration in fodder of more than 0.5 to 1 per cent had been associated with acute toxicity. The farmers should avoid such fodder and use it only after mixing with other safe crops.

According to experts, farmers should contact their local veterinarian for advice whenever they find unusual symptoms in animals and treat animals accordingly. The source of nitrate must be eliminated, injection of Methylene blue should be administered with intra-venously, the diet should be supplemented with vitamins, iodised salt and trace minerals should complement the treatment for a speedy recovery.


Showers bring relief
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 5
Showers at regular intervals during the past four days have brought much-needed relief from the heat wave.

With moderate winds and dark clouds hovering over the city, it was pleasant to be outdoors in the day today. There has been a lot more activity on city roads in the day over the past couple of days than earlier when the sun scorched the city for three days on the trot. Showers has brought down an appreciable fall in the day and night temperatures.

It may be recalled here that last year, too, the city received frequent showers in the same month almost in a similar manner.

But a repetition this time seems to be suggesting the emergence of a new weather pattern. This cyclic change in weather, attributed mainly to western and southern disturbances, must not raise any unnecessary alarms, according to weather watchers. According to them any change in the weather pattern is in keeping with the natural requirements of the period of their occurrence.



NEHRU Rose Garden is one of the few green locales of the city, frequented by hundreds of people every day for a breath of fresh air. Some even come to spend a couple of weekend hours here. (Mis)managed by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, it presents yet another shabby facet of Corporation’s functioning. Although the Rose Garden has a variety of flowers including roses and other plants, they are not properly maintained. The fountain in the midst of the garden and the waterway between the footpaths has gathered a lot of moss over the years.(see picture) One wonders whether corporation officials take note of it or not. Interestingly, the official residence of the city Mayor and other senior officials of the corporations also near. Add to the fact that there is no potable water for walkers and you wonder at the brave daily marchers.

Leisure Valley

A couple of weeks ago, the foundation stone of ‘Project Leisure Valley’ was laid. Prior to the laying of the stone, the place earmarked for the valley in front of Convent Road saw hectic activity. Within 48 hours, the entire place was cleared, The base to lay the ‘foundation stone was made ready. The Municipal Corporation water tankers came and watered the whole place. A huge tent was erected and amidst great fanfare the foundation stone was laid. The urgency with which the whole project got underway made one believe that Ludhianvis were in, for a new pleasure, but it seems that the project will be completed in a ‘leisurely manner’ living up to its name of ‘Leisure Valley’ for nothing has been done further. The ‘foundation stone’ stands as a mute indicator of the ‘project’.

Traffic jam

Traffic jams are not unusual in Ludhiana. But sometimes, these happen for quite interesting reasons. The other day, a friend came across a traffic jam late night on the Ferozepore Road near Jagraon Bridge, towards Mata Rani temple. Car drivers were honking. But there was no traffic policeman in sight. On enquiry, the friend came to know that some people, after having meals and drinks from clubs and restaurants, had stopped their cars mid-way, and were saying prayers to the Mata, while sitting in their cars. The traffic jam was a result of this sudden spurt of ‘bhakti-bhavna’. A rickshaw-puller, who was also stranded in the jam, remarked, ‘‘See the hypocrites. They want to seek blessings of Mata while sitting in their air-conditioned cars. Can’t they come down and go to the temple? Is this the way to say prayers, causing problem for others?’’ 

Dosanjh in city

Yesterday, a couple going on scooter to the university campus for a morning walk, was surprised when traffic cops stopped them near Aarati theatre. On enquiry, they were told that traffic had been diverted on the instructions of higher officials. When they enquired further, one of the policemen said, ‘‘Some VIP, probably Mr Ujjal Dosanjh from Canada, is coming to the city.’’ The couple moved towards the Rose Garden for their walk. Later, they came to know that the real reason of traffic diversion was not Mr Dosanjh’s visit, but the demolition of illegally constructed marriage palaces on the Ferozepore Road, near Baddowal ammunition depot. Sentinel


World Environment Day celebrated
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 5
The Indian Youth Congress (Urban Development Cell) today took out a procession to mark the World Environment Day. The procession started from the local Congress office and concluded at Jagraon bridge.

Led by local Congress leaders, the processionists carried placards and banners urging people to ensure that the environment was protected and pollution reduced. A memorandum was also sent to the Governor of Punjab, urging him to direct the authorities to keep the city clean .

Chairman of the cell, Mr Pawan Dewan, said industrialisation was the key towards a nation’s development, but it caused unprecedented pollution at the same time. The city residents were the victims of pollution caused by the industries and the population load. He pointed out that progress should not be made at the cost of environment. He suggested that unplanned growth of colonies should be stopped immediately. The encroachments on every nook and corner of the city should be removed for free flow of traffic.

The congress memorandum demanded that government should adopt a balanced policy towards immigrant labour and encourage employment of local youth. To stop the city from decaying, there should be a close water on the adulteration of petrol and diesel. Three wheelers, trucks, buses, cars and scooters should be strictly checked from causing pollution .

It was also suggested that plastic bags should strictly be banned. The members appealed that concerned authorities should check ground water pollution by scientific management of sewerage and industrial effluent.

The memorandum suggested that new focal points should be planned to shift factories from densely populated residential areas. Garbage disposal should be managed with expert advice. The industrial and hospital waste should be scientifically disposed off.

It said for all these efforts, incentives should be given to environment friendly units and penal action should be ensured against defaulters. Civic bodies should be provided with adequate funds to instal sewage treatment plants. Agro-waste should be managed and farmers should be advised not to burn it. Use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides should be discouraged and environment friendly substitutes should be introduced.

The memorandum urged the government to adopt measures to educate public about healthy environment which could be created through various means. It demanded compulsory environment education in schools and colleges.

The memorandum said that the master plan of the city had not been finalised till date, in the absence of which influential persons were making a mockery of the law with the connivance of municipal authorities. It appealed to the Governor, that a master plan of Ludhiana should be finalised at the earliest so that proper and planned growth of the city could take place.

Prominent among those who participated in the procession included Mr K.K. Bawa,Mr Kala Jain, Mr Jaswnider Singh Sabhi, Mr Akshay Bhanot, Mr Jarnail Singh Grewal and Mr Vipin Vinayak.

Christian Medical College and Hospital held a tree plantation programme in the medical college campus on June 5, 2001 to mark World Environment Day. The event was in continuance of CMC’s quest for a ‘Clean and Green’ city, promising a better and healthier life. Mr Sat Pal Gossain, Deputy Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, was the honorary chief guest on the occasion, along with Dr J. Jacob (Associate Director, CMCH) and Dr Jasbir Dhanoa (Acting Principal, CMC) as the guest of honour.

The programme commenced with the planting of an ornamental tree by Mr Sat Pal Gossain.


Cong, SHSAD join hands
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 5
The political scenario in the city is hotting up with several political parties including the Congress, the Sarb Hind Shiromani Akali Dal, the Bahujan Samaj Party, the CPI and the CPI-M, coming out in support of the controversial elevated road project, which is being opposed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a partner in the ruling alliance in the Municipal Corporation here.

While the BJP decided to end its indefinite dharna, continuing from May 24 against the city Mayor, Mr Apinder Singh Grewal, on Monday, a meeting of the all-party coordination committee held here today strongly condemned the attack by BJP workers on Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) activists at MC headquarters yesterday. The BJP workers had allegedly beaten up a group of RJD functionaries, who were to hold a rally in support of the road project.

The meeting, attended by Mr Tarsem Jodhan (Lok Sangharsh Committee), Mr Om Parkash Mehta (CPI), Mr Parminder Mehta (district president, Youth Congress), Mr Shivtar Singh Bajwa (SHSAD), Mr Buta Singh, Mr D.P. Khosla (BSP), Mr Ram Parkash Gill (District Valmiki Sabha) and Mr Kewal Krishan (AITUC), among others, called the administration to register a criminal case against the culprits and to ensure that no one took law in his hands in future.

Giving details of the meeting, Mr Parminder Mehta told that the coordination committee unanimously adopted a resolution in favour of taking up the construction of elevated road in hand without any delay. The committee also decided to submit a memorandum to the district administration and the state government in this regard. The activists of these political parties exhorted the other political, social, religious and trade bodies in the city to sink their petty differences and to stand up unitedly in favour of the project.

Shiv Sena (Bal Thackeray) activists, meanwhile, took out a protest march and burnt an effigy of the Punjab Local Bodies Minister, Mr Balramji Das Tandon, against the government move to stay the project. The party workers, led by Mr Pawan Sharma and Mr Sandeep Mittal, district chief, gathered at Jagraon Bridge and took out a march, which passed through Raikhy Cinema Chowk, Books Market, Girja Ghar Chowk, Master Tara Singh College, before reaching Clock Tower Chowk, where the slogan shouting Shiv Sena workers burnt the effigy.

The state executive of the Yuva Rashtriya Janata Dal (YRJD) today strongly reacted to beating up of RJD activists by BJP workers here yesterday, terming the act as hooliganism by the ruling party functionaries. Mr Vijay Mahajan, state president, said that it was an attack on fundamental rights of speech of individuals and the democratic right of a political party to organise a rally. The party served an ultimatum on the district administration to bring the culprits to book.


Unity within Congress urged
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Mr Jeevan Dhawan, general secretary of the District Congress Committee Ludhiana, has appealed the party leadership of the state to ensure unity in all ranks and desist from washing dirty linen in public.

In a statement here today, Mr Dhawan emphasised, it was high time that the party leadership understood the urgency and concentrated its energy on strengthening the party. He pointed out, that when the ruling Akali Dal was already preparing itself for the forthcoming assembly elections in the state, the Congress also needed to come out with a policy programme before the public.

The DCC general secretary urged the PCC president, Capt Amrinder Singh, to chalk out a programme for involving maximum number of workers. He regretted that the party leadership in the state was lacking any initiative needed to mobilise the cadres.

Mr Dhawan was of the opinion that the time was ripe for the PCC to launch a counter offensive against the ruling Akali-BJP alliance in the state, which was marred by corruption and other omissions and commissions.


Regularisation of colonies sought
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana June 5
The Punjab Colonisers and Property Dealers Association has urged the state government to regularise the old colonies developed by them before the implementation of the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act, 1995.

At a state-level meeting held here today, the association urged the Chief Minister that the colonies should be regularised as these had been developed before the enactment of the PUDA’s Act in 1995.

In a memorandum submitted to the CM, they demanded to abolish the licensing system of property dealers and estate agents. The government should fix A, B, C, D categories for new colonies like PUDA’s classification of HIG, MIG, LIG and EWS. 


Nagar kirtan taken out
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 5
A nagar kirtan was taken out from Gurdwara sixth Patshahi, at CMC chowk, in connection with the three-day birthday celebrations of Guru Hargobind Sahib, here this morning.

The route of the nagar kirtan procession was lovingly decorated. The nagar kirtan passed through Khud mohalla, Gurdwara Arjan Dev Ji, Gurdwara Baba Charan Dass Ji, Old Civil Hospital road, Kalgidhar chowk, Rarhi mohalla, Nim chowk, Khwaja kothi, Division Number 3 chowk and Baba Than Singh chowk before returning to the starting point.


Woman’s body identified, man traced
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
The mystery surrounding the disappearance and subsequent murder of Bimla Devi, a resident of the city, has been cracked following the identification of a recovered body as that of her and the success achieved by the Jagraon police in tracing the absconding Sant Ram Dagri, alleged second husband of the deceased.

Three days after receiving an affidavit that the woman, who had disappeared from Ludhiana on February 28, was murdered on March 17 at Kila Raipur and that her body was cremated by the police a day after as unidentified, the Jagraon Police today officially confirmed that the body found from the Kila Raipur railway station in March was that of the woman missing from Ludhiana.

With this confirmation the investigation into the case, exposed by the Ludhiana Tribune early this month, has shifted from locating the whereabouts of the woman to that of her murder(s) instead.

The second line of investigation centres around tracing the whereabouts of Chanderpal, husband of the deceased woman. He had disappeared mysteriously after filing a petition in the high court accusing the Ludhiana police of not taking action against a city financier allegedly behind the abduction.

The Jagraon police authorities have entrusted the inquiry to the DSP, Mr Paramjit Singh Goraya. Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, he said the police had got several clues about the whole episode and that the action took place at different place in Ludhiana, Kila Raipur, Dehlon in Punjab and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

Interestingly, with no close relative of the deceased in the city, a picture published by the Ludhiana Tribune showing the deceased with her alleged second husband Sant Ram Dagri helped the police in establishing the true identity of the body. Sant Ram Dagri also belonged to Kila Raipur and the police was questioning him in this regard. However, as he was changing his statements regularly , the police got a clinching evidence in the form of a photograph published by the Ludhiana Tribune two days ago.

The police sources said though the identity had been confirmed the investigation was being conducted on different lines. Opinion of the doctors was being sought to ascertain whether the woman died of injuries suffered in an accident with a train or was stabbed.

The post-mortem report of the body recovered on March 17 stated that woman died due to injuries, but it did not say what was the probabe cause of injuries. The DSP said the doctor’s opinion would be sought again.

He said there was a possibility that the woman might have been killed in an accident and the case was made to implicate someone. He said it was also a possibility that someone had murdered her and was trying to put the blame on someone else.

It would be pertinent to recall here that the woman, Bimla Devi, disappeared on February 28. A writ petition was filed by her husband Chaderpal in the Punjab and Haryana High Court accusing the Ludhiana police of inaction in the case. He also alleged that a city-based financier, Parmod Goyal, had given him a loan of Rs 70,000, but as he was unable to repay it he had kidnapped his wife. Later Jagjit Singh Chawla, a hosiery trader, had in a complaint with the police against Parmod Goyal accused him of having beaten him up. He alleged that the financier had told him that he had forcibly married off Bimla as her husband had not returned his loan. He had threatened Jagjit Chawla of similar consequences, he alleged

Later Chanderpal also went missing and now the discovery about the woman’s murder has been made.

Man assaulted: A young man was brutally assaulted with a cricket bat by another youth in full public view at the Urban Estate Chowk on the Metro Road in the Focal Point area at around 10 a.m. yesterday. But the police has failed to register a case even 36 hours after the incident.

According to an eyewitness two affluent-looking youths who came from the Urban Estate side, parked their shining new car by the Metro Road and were wandering around the shops in the chowk when another car, a Fiat, with three youths, also arrived on the scene. Parking their cars along the road a little away towards the Vishwanath temple, two of the youth came out of the vehicle while the third one remained on the steering. Both the youth were armed with a lathi and a cricket bat. Soon both of them accosted the two youths. And after a brief argument, the youth carrying the bat started hitting one of the boys with it. The youth accompanying the boy being repeatedly hit, did not intervene. The youth cried for help and tried to run away but could not as his legs had been severely injured.The youth was also hit on the face as a result of which, he started bleeding profusely. Before the nearby shopkeepers or passersby could gather their wits and come to the rescue of the victim, the bat came off the handle. Sensing trouble, the attacker and his accomplice fled the scene racing the car at a high speed towards the Vishwanath temple.

It was only after the attackers had fled the scene that shopkeepers and the youth accompanying the beaten-up youth ran to the victim’s rescue. In the meanwhile, a police patrol party also arrived on the scene and made inquiries in the market. The injured boy was taken to a nearby private hospital and given first aid, after which he was taken home by his kin.

When contacted this evening, an official at Focal Point police station told Ludhiana Tribune that the case was being investigated by “Thanedar Sahib’ and no FIR had been registered so far. Asked about the name and address of the injured youth, the official said these details were with the investigating officer only.


Abducted woman recovered: The wife of a commission agent who had allegedly been abducted by one of his customers from her village at Buani, was recovered by Payal police within 48 hours of her disappearance from a village, near Harike.

According to Mr Charan Singh Atwal, SHO, Payal, “Baldev Singh works as a commission agent and stays at Delhi, while his wife Mohinder Kaur, stays at Buani village. Kulbir Singh, the said accused, had given some money to Baldev Singh, on non-payment of which he abducted the latter’s wife on the morning of June 3, 2001.” Gurdeep Singh, a milkman, on whose statement the FIR was registered under sections 364 and 452 of IPC, had come to collect milk from Mohinder Kaur’s house at the time of abduction. He, too, was put in the Maruti van, but later released near Ajnaud village.

Karnail Singh, Chowki In charge, Doraha, when contacted said, “We managed to gather the entire list of Baldev Singh’s customers and found Kulbir’s name there. Noting his address, we reached his house at Booh village near Harike. Here we found Mohinder Kaur,Kulbir Singh had taken the woman to his house and could have been planning to blackmail her husband.” “The accused was not at home at the time, but he would be arrested within a day or so, added the officer.

Mohinder Kaur, narrating her side of the story, said, “Kulbir beat me and threatened me and kept me in his house forcibly.”


Poppy husk seized: Mr Pal Singh, ASI and Mr Harbans Singh, ASI, of local police station arrested Sona Singh, resident of Akhwal village and Lakha Singh of Madepur village in two separate incidents and recovered from their possession 8kg and 6.5 kg of poppy husk respectively. The police has registered cases u/s 15/61/85 of the NDPS Act separately against both of them.

Old woman murdered: An old woman, Mrs Chand Kaur was found murdered in her house at Konka Kalan village by her grandson Ravneetpal Singh and Pritpal Singh. A case under section 302, 459 of the IPC has been registered by the local police. According to the statement of Ravneetpal, he had come from Ludhiana to see his grandmother who had been residing in the ancestral house with his uncle, Pritpal Singh. After breakfast, Ravneet left to see someone in the village and on his return found his uncle sitting near the door. When both of them entered the house, they were stunned to find Chand Kaur lying in the pool of blood with multiple sharp-edged injuries on the face, throat and breast. The earrings she usually wore were also missing. The police case has started investigation.

Country liquor seized: The local police arrested Dalip Kumar of Baseepum village in Samastipur district and Baljinder Singh of Amsala district in the area of Akhara village separately and recovered from both of them 18-litre of local countrymade liquor (24 bottles) each. The police has registered cases u/s 61/1/14 of Excise Act against both of them separately.

Man dies: Darshan Singh, of Konka Kalan village died under mysterious circumstances after consuming some poisonous substance. According to Sadhu Singh, his father Darshan Singh consumed a pesticide by mistake. He was brought to Civil Hospital Jagraon, where he died. The body of the deceased was handed over to the relations after a postmortem. Darshan Singh is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter.


Murderer arrested: Koom Kalan police under the command of ASI Niranjan Singh, has succeeded in arresting a man allegedly held responsible for killing his mother-in-law, injuring his wife and kidnapping his daughter on the night of May 30,2001. Jahangir, the accused, was nabbed in a police naka on a tip-off and has been sent to police remand for two days. He shall be taken to the court on June 6. During investigation, Jahangir admitted that he had committed the crime. The accused is being investigated under sections 302, 347 and 134 of the IPC.

234 litre of liquor seized: The Sahnewal police, on a tip-off, managed to seize 234 litre of liquor from a resident of Nandpur village.

ASI Babu Dogar Ram along with a police party nabbed Amrik Singh from his house at village Nandpur, near Sahnewal, yesterday and recovered the liquor from his custody.

The man has been booked under sections 61, 1 and 14 of the excise Act, at Sahnewal police station.


One held for taking bribe
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
The Ludhiana Vigilance Bureau today claimed to have caught Zora Singh, Building Inspector of Municipal Corporation for taking bribe. He was caught red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 10,000 from the complainant, Mr Bhupinder Singh, resident of Guru Nanak Colony, Dugri Road for allowing him to do some construction in his house.

According to DSP, Vigilance, Sarup Singh Chauhan, the trap was set by SP, Vigilance R.P.S. Bajwa and Zora Singh was caught. He said that the money was recovered from his left pocket and he was arrested.

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