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Monday, June 11, 2001

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Not Greek for geeks

ILLUSTRATION BY GAURAV SOOD Usually, there are multiple beta releases, each claiming to be better than the other and devoid of previously reported bugs. During testing, the bugs are judged by the number of users that they would affect. If the number is small, and the bugs are hard to kill, the developer may simply let them stay, hoping that only a few customers would encounter them, says Raman Mohan

Jal-Chitra combats drought in arid regions the e-way

by Frederick Noronha
UST think of the potential of software that allows users to create an interactive water-map of the village. This means, villagers would be better equipped to cope with drought. Thanks to IT (information technology).

Short cut to shut down PC
by Vipul Verma
ORMALLY, we use the default settings in Windows and Windows-based applications and get used to these settings. However, contrary to this, the settings can be customised as per the user’s needs. For example, it is a common complaint that the Internet connection is very slow and the reasons for this could be many.

Scene is worse in towns
by Jagmohan Singh Khurmi
HEN you move away from Chandigarh you see many a sleepy towns on both sides of the road. These left-behind are fast joining the IT race. Though the PC per capita remains low as ever it is the computer institute mania that is spreading through all medium-size and small towns and major villages in this region.

Helping you say ‘hello’
by Sumesh Raizada
UCH before Dewang Mehta came into prominence, there was another Indian IT expert, Sam Pitroda, who revolutionised the Indian telecom scenario completely. He helped in restructuring telecom industry that is virtually the foundation of the present multi-billion Indian IT industry. In early nineties, major telephone exchanges were modernised and changed over to automatic computer-aided systems.

Site, Site on the Net, I’m popular, you bet!
by Rishi Jain
ANY a times you might have logged on to the Internet to learn about numerous things extending from information on weather to automobiles, investments, news and music reviews. But have you ever relied on the Net to keep a track on an even more compelling topic – your own self.

Compaq eyes Gulf for growth
by Miral Fahmy
OMPAQ Computer Corp said it expected rising oil prices to increase the Gulf’s growing appetite for state-of-the-art information technology and accelerate its regional sales growth to more than 20 per cent.

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