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Monday, July 2, 2001

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The naming game

ILLUSTRATION BY GAURAV SOODAt first there were Internet protocol numbers with which you could access the sites of your choice. In November 1983, it was decided that computers should have names that humans found familiar, easy to remember and not confusing. This is how domain names came into being, says Raman Mohan.

IT might surprise you to learn that the Internet existed long before the term dot.coms came to exist. A For years before that, 1983 to be precise, computers on the Net were known by numbers called IP (Internet Protocol) address and not domain names ending with .com, .org or .net. During those days you might as well have had to remember your wife's e-mail address as something like wife@347.850.879.301


Select your fonts carefully
by MPS Ahuja
RESENTATION matters. It matters a lot when you 'sell' yourself in front of an interview board or for that matter, you want viewers of your Web site to stay longer with your pages, view and grasp what you have written, with ease.

Backing up your critical data files
by Vipul Verma
HERE is nothing more painful in computers than finding one fine morning that your hard disk has crashed or some virus has eaten up your boot sector or data in your hard disk is corrupted. This virtually spoils all the hard work you have done so far and your precious data is lost for good.

Wanted! — Red Hats
by Sumesh Raizada
EARLY a decade ago, when Linus Torvalds, a Finnish student developed Linux operating system, he must not have imagined the magnitude of success, his creation would receive. Linus developed a sophisticated operating system and then offloaded it on to the Internet, thereby making it available to million of users almost instantly.

‘Market bound to revive after a short span’
by Peeyush Agnihotri
R K.P. Janardhanan (52), an IIM passout and a gold-medallist, has many research publications to his credit. His career as a management and a computer teacher won him accolades from Columbia University, New York.

Then and now…
by Narinder Gaheer
T is 10 am on Monday. The cubes have started to bustle with keystroke sounds and ‘what did you do over the weekend’ talks. I start my day by picking a couple of water bottles from the office kitchen and filling a cup full of caffeine. Scrolling through my e-mail inbox, I set my reminders for Monday meetings.

Gates pleased with decision
ICROSOFT Corp. Chairman and co-founder Bill Gates said that an appeals court decision that reversed an earlier order to break up the world's largest software company will allow it to move ahead with its plans for new products.

IT growth positive
HOUGH the US slowdown is affecting the Indian and global IT scenario, yet IT continues to record a positive growth." This was stated by Ravi Khanna, a senior vice-president of Aptech, while addressing a group of students during his recent visit to Chandigarh.

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