Saturday, July 14, 2001
R H Y M E  T I M E

A bright future

Between the ravages of time I fight,

But all shall come by way by his might.

The past was dark and dark the present is,

No love for me, they say their heart is an abyss.

My dreams are all shattered locked in that case,

I sit here broken, lost in this maze.

These tears prevent me from speaking,

But the losses Ive suffered are my own making.

Day and night I hear voices of unknown personages.

My peace of mind is lost in some old ages.

Sadness has conquered my heart,

From worldly joy it draws me apart.

Gurneet Kaur
Aukland House, Shimla


O sinful thought

Why did I think ill of you

why did I want you to suffer

Why am I becoming so impossible

Why the colors of my dreams are fading

O my desires

Why have you left me thus

Am I obsessed by your thoughts

Am I possessed by your memories

I want to curse my destiny

Sometimes I feel

Im doing something bad

O sinful thought

Why did you strike me thus

I want to free myself - of you

And become


Once again, yes.

Neerja Gautam
Shimla Public School, Class X, Khalini, Shimla