Saturday, July 14, 2001
W O R D  P O W E R

Dwindle (dwind’l) — to become gradually less or small.

Synonym — fall, decrease, diminish.

Antonym — grow, increase, enlarge.

— His earnings have dwindled to almost nothing.

Efface (i-fayss) — to cause something to fade or rub something out.

Synonym — cancel, erase, destroy.

Antonym — imprint, revive, restore.

— Only time can efface the tragic memories in one’s life.

Fallacy (fal’a-si) — false reasoning or mistaken belief.

Synonym — blunder, error.

Antonym — fact, truth.

— It is a fallacy to say that boys are better than girls.


(diss-dayn) — The feeling that someone or something is not worth the respect.

Synonym — contempt, disregard.

Antonym — reverence, admiration, respect.

— Looking at him with disdain, she asked him to leave the room.

Demure (di-mewr) — quiet, serious.

Synonym — sober, grave.

Antonym — noisy, wild.

— She has two very demure daughters.

Fickle (fick’l) — often changing, not faithful.

Synonym — unsteady, mutable.

Antonym — steady, fixed.

— Since Sara is fickle-minded, I can never rely on her decisions.


What are these called:

1. A speech spoken by one person.

2. Mental derangement confined to one idea.

3. Spoken in one unvarying tone.

4. Exclusive possession or control of any one thing.

5. An animal with two feet.

6. Occurring every two years.

7. The union of three persons.

8. Made up of or related to three languages.

Looking back

Hearth Money was an impost put upon every hearth or fire place in England. Charles II was responsible for its introduction in 1662. It existed for a quarter of a century. William III abolished it after he was informed that it was very grievous to the people.


We imitate only what we believe and admire.

— Willmott


1. monologue, 2. monomania, 3. monotone, monotonous, 4. monopoly, 5. biped, 6. biennial, 7. trinity, 8. trilingual.

— Illa Vij