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Sunday, July 15, 2001
Dream theme

Dreaming of fruits
Vinaya Katoch Manhas

We shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles.

ALTHOUGH not a very common symbol yet fruits do appear to take up the position as dominant symbols in dreams in certain cases. In the literature of most of the cultures we find fruits taking up symbolic meanings. This symbolism even extends to dreams.

As per the ‘Swapna Siddhant-Darpan’ if you see bananas in your dream you shall gain in respect, prosperity, wealth and sons. To see ripe fruits is said to be lucky whereas to see green and raw fruits is said to be very unlucky. Should a person see himself eating fruits even during the bad times also, as per the ‘Swapna kamlakar’, he shall gain in wealth. Should a person see pears in his dreams he will become wealthy. Should you desire promotion you shall get promotions. Should an unmarried girl see such a dream she shall get married to a very wealthy man. Should you see yourself eating green grapes you shall meet with success in all spheres. Should the grapes be black in colour you might have argument with someone. Pomegranate in dreams spell of gain in wealth whereas guavas predict success but with difficulty. Pineapple predicts happiness after sorrow. Jamuns foretell some message which shall bring you lots of happiness. Mangoes too predict gain in wealth.


As per the western theologists, to see fruits ripening among foilage, usually foretells of a prosperous future. Green fruits, on the other hand, signify dissappointed efforts or hasty actions. Pineapples in dreams is taken to be exceedingly propitious. Success shall follow in the near future should you see yourself gathering them or eating them. Seeing orange trees full of fruit is a sign of good health and prosperous surroundings. But to see yourself eating oranges is bad. Apple is a good dream for a majority of people. They are also interpreted as carrying a sexual need by the dreamer. Apricots growing denote that the future, though seemingly rosy-hued, holds maked bitterness and sorrows for the dreamer. To dream of bananas foretells that you will be married to an uninteresting and an unloved companion. To see yourself eating them, foretells a tiresome business venture and self-inflicted duty. To see them decay prophesies that you are soon to fall into some disagreeable enterprise. To dream of buying or selling fruits, denotes much business, but if may not be very remunerative.

Psychoanalytically, to dream of fruits means that we are representing in dream from the fruits of our experience or effort, and the potential for prosperity. To see them in a bowl very often indicates the culmination of actions that we have taken in past. When we have worked hard we ought to be able to recognise the fruits of our labour. Dreaming of fruits in this way indicates that we have succeeded in what we set out to do. It also indicates creativity.

A 45-year-old man he often dreamt of picking up ripe fruits and biting into them. But the moment he bit into one he would either find worms in it, or that portion bad. It always left a bitter taste in his mouth. It was found while reviewing the cause of such a dream that the man was an honest officer but at the instigation of his wife had taken to underhand manners of earning money. This was troubling his conscience and thus the dreams. He was advised to do as his conscience willed him. Once he stopped the wrong means of earning his dreams also stopped.

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