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Monday, July 23, 2001

Get lost in hedge maze

THE monsoon season is in full bloom and it’s raining everywhere. Though this season is enjoyable yet the weather conditions at times put a lot of restrictions on various options of entertainment like outdoor activities. However, you can still make most of your leisure time by being on the Internet.

The Internet is fast becoming a great source of entertainment besides being an ocean of opportunities and information. There are so many creative and intuitive games present on the Internet that you may end up saying ‘Yeh dil maange more’ Well! You can go on exploring more and more on the Internet, however we have found these interesting sites on online games for the entertainment section.

If outdoor activities interest you more and if you are not able to go out then you can visit Castle Arcana Gothic Mansion (www.castlearcana.com) right on the Internet. This is an interesting adventure game, where you will take a stroll through the gardens, get lost in the Hedge Maze, explore hundreds of strange rooms, but you don't have to get drowned in the pond. It’s a good audio visual game involving a lot of graphics. All you have to do is explore the mansion and find your way out of it. For playing this game all you need to do is use your mouse and your common sense. There are no prizes for winning this game but you can be a hero of sort if you come out unscathed. If you are more adventurous then why not take a journey to a planet 35 solar systems away from earth. This is all possible through the game Exodus Colony (www.lucid.org/colony). This game relates to the year 2057 AD, and is about the journey to a new planet in a new system 35 solar systems away from Earth, which is almost double the size of earth. In this game you are in charge of the space ship "Flag" and don the captains cap. Your mission is to colonise the planet. The ship population is 50, and you are all assigned to this earth-like planet — Vynar/8 — for colonisation. Upon arrival in the sector of space surrounding the planet, disaster strikes you. Now you are person at the helm of affairs, all eyes are set upon you and you have to steer your way out to mission. Hey! Doesn’t it sound something like "These are the voyages of our Starship Enterprise…" – the Star Trek theme. If you love adventure, then this could turn out to be ultimate in adventure as it is something, which you might not have even dreamt of. — IV