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Monday, July 23, 2001
Kids chat

Read about sly fox and other e-comic characters

HELLO friends and welcome to our weekly kids chat.

Cliparti: Ni hao, Zdravstvuite and Hola!

Windy: Hey, hey what was that?

Cliparti: That was plain and simple hello, hello and hello.

Fluppy: I havenít heard that before.

Cliparti: That is because you donít know Chinese, Russian or Spanish.

Windy: But neither do you, at least that is what I thought!

Cliparti: Ha ha, you are right. I donít know any of these languages.

Fluppy: But you just spoke them, didnít you?


: Yes I did. That was because I have learnt a few words in not only these but many other languages. You wonít believe me if I told you I know how to say hello in more than 30 different languages.

Fluppy: Wow! That sure sounds impressive.

Cliparti: Yes it is. Even you can learn it and find links to resources about the languages, the cultures on the Web. This is a wonderful site that has dictionaries, encyclopedias, biographies and homework help for quick reference. Further it covers religion, history, geography and culture of the world and lots of stuff on health, nutrition, body fitness, exercise and safety. You will find books, music, art, science, mathís and other fun stuff. Not to miss are the special IPL features like learning HTML, Orca search, poison prevention and other interesting things.

Fluppy: How can you find things like books, maths, science, HTML interesting? I really donít know what has happened to your sense of, say, interest!

Cliparti: Oh, really! If this is uninteresting then may I ask what according to you is interesting?

Fluppy: Well, something like, hmm..., okay, have you heard of Squiglyís playhouse?

Windy: I should have known!

Cliparti: Can you think of anything apart from games that can be interesting?

Fluppy: You got me wrong again. This is not just game; it has crafts, jokes to keep you rolling on the floor. Then it has brainteasers to keep your mind working, a place to colour and a collection of postcards to send to your dear ones. All this and more at www.squiglyplayhouse.com/index.htm Now this is what I would call an interesting site.

Windy: These are what I would call kiddo sites. Anyhow I can suggest you host of your so-called "interesting" sites.

Fluppy: Then please suggest some. With the start of session at school, I really need something interesting to go on.

Windy: I donít think school is that boring!

Fluppy: You wonít understand.

Windy: Okay, as you say. Log on to www.slylockfox.com and you will meet somebody exactly like you.

Fluppy: What do you mean? Am I sly?

Windy: Na, na I mean somebody as funny as you.

Fluppy: Fine. That is acceptable!

Windy: So I was talking about this sly fox. You can read about him and many other cartoon characters in the e comics. You can also learn how to draw or enter a contest or join the kid talk.

Cliparti: Comics sure are relaxing, especially when you canít go out to play and are already bored with the toys you have. www.goldenbooks.com/spongebob/index.html has some real cool books for you. You can colour and play your way through spongebobís underwater world. Spongebob and Patrick hope to catch aliens during their space mission. Discover what they really caught. All you have to do is rub each page with a coin. Find tattoos, stickers and mini books all with sponge bob square pants. You will also find some free games, downloads and stories here. Now isnít that an interesting site, Fluppy?

Fluppy: Yes, sort of.

Windy: He is saying that half- heartedly. It is only games, games and games that amuse him.

Cliparti: Yes, I can see that. I am sure you will like this site. It is called funranch. As the name suggests this site is full of fun. It has a unique collection of interactive games and guess what, these games are not just for kids but appropriate for the whole family to play and enjoy. Games like where you always landed up looking under the sofa for pieces can be easily played with opponents of your choice. It could be your friend, family member or the computer itself. Then you can stretch your cowboy brain with musical gadget and see how many notes you can remember in a row. Or you can take turns building fences, yes, something of the kind of old "dots" game. And many more games to amuse you are all on the net at www.funranch.com. I hope now at least this is an interesting site as per your dictionary.

Fluppy: Yes, this sure is.

Cliparti: Thank God!

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy