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Sunday, July 29, 2001
Dream theme

Dreaming of metals
Vinaya Katoch Manhas

The value of gold shall a goldsmith know and that of iron an ironsmith Unknown

METALS are not a very common symbol in dreams , but sometimes they assume significance, confusing the dreamer about their importance. We shall in this column try to interpret the significance of such symbols.

As per Indian thought, to see copper in your dream predicts misfortune while travelling. The person is advised not to undertake any form of journey after seeing such a dream. Iron, on the other hand, predicts success in your endeavour. After such a dream, one can be sure of success, but hard work shall be the prerequisite. Though we give so much importance to precious metals in our daily lives, in dreams gold and silver are not thought to be very lucky. A dream of gold foretells several sorts of difficulties, sickness and loss of wealth. Dreams of silver, on their part, bring failure in matters of the heart. Lead predicts a major calamity falling on a near relative or a good friend.

As per western thought, seeing gold in dreams shall bring forth unusual success in all that you undertake. On the other hand, seeing iron in dreams is an ill omen. Old rusty iron signifies poverty and disappointment. Red hot iron predicts failure due to misapplied energy. Seeing lead in your dream foretells slow progress in any engagement. Melting lead foretells that by impatience you shall bring forth failure upon yourself and others. Dreaming of mercury predicts unhappy changes through the constant oppression of enemies. Seeing silver in dreams is a warning against depending too much on money for real happiness and contentment. It shall bring forth worries and leave unsatisfied desires.


Psychoanalytically, metals in our dreams represent the restrictions of the real world. They also represent basic abilities and attributes besides hardness of feelings and emotional rigidity. Take iron, for instance. In a dream it usually represents strength and determination. It can also signify the rigidity of our emotions and beliefs. Lead is a base metal so its appearance in a dream can indicate that the time is ripe for transformations and transmutations. We need to initiate changes, after such a dream, to give a better quality to our lives. Gold in our dreams represents the best and most valuable aspect of our selves. Psychoanalytically, it stands less for material wealth than for the spiritual assets that one has. Silver is taken to represent the qualities of the moon. It means that something or someone is available but is at the same time somewhat remote.

Take this dream of a 37-year-old man. He had a dream that he goes to work but finds his clothes all crumpled. So he goes to an ironsmith and asks him to make a clothes iron for him. The smith heats the rod, hits it several times and has a clothes iron ready for him. He presses his clothes with the help of that iron and proceeds to his workplace.

On interpretation of this dream, we can decipher that the person has certain rigid ideas about himself which are not very complimentary. Going to the ironsmith and seeing him beat the hot iron is a rigorous attempt on his part to change his attitude and views about himself. The making of the clothes iron and pressing out his clothes portrays success in his attempts. That is, in his own mind, he is more presentable now. It could also be interpreted as the existence of a particular problem which is finally resolved.

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