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Sunday, July 29, 2001
Movie Magic

The three shades of love
Madhur Mittal

WHENEVER a big film is slated for release, it usually sends shivers down the spines of the other producers who have been planning to put their picture(s) on the screen first. And this is true of film-maker Rajiv Rai's new offering Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat, whose "imminent release" has been (deliberately or otherwise) getting postponed week after week since June. But it is now being readied for an August release worldwide. Finally, I hope!

Keerti Reddy with Arjun Rampal in Pyaar Ishq  Aur  Mohabbat
Keerti Reddy with Arjun Rampal in Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat

Since previews have been restricted to the production unit top brass alone, nobody really quite knows what the story 'n' script is likely to be. However, the one question that everyone is curiously asking is : "Who gets the girl?" Rather understandable because the film has one solo heroine... and three heroes! So, ravishing Keerti Reddy has to contend with Sunil Shetty, Aftaab Shivdasani and (devastating) newcomer, Arjun Rampal.

Well, Cupid's arrows are also targeted at Isha Korpikar and Monica Bedi, but Reddy happens to be the real prize, you see. The film promises to go all out interpreting the diversely different (and dicey) nuances of high romance, with Viju Shah's mind-blowing music captured digitally on Tips and the captivating choreography by Rekha Chinni Prakash amidst exotic foreign locales. And, do you know who takes the credit for the production ‘s designer? None other than Mrs Rajiv Rai—sensuous Sonam, the (ex) screen sizzle!


Amorous Amrita!

Looks to me that while Malaika Arora has happily settled down as the "beautiful bahu" of Salim Khan's khandaan , younger sis Amrita is busy unsettling her bevy of boyfriends! I mean, she simply refuses to stick to any guy for longer than 60 days—it's that bad, trust me!

Having ditched 'n' jilted a (large) number of would-be fiances, I'd thought her shacking up with singer-actor "KK" (Kamaal Khan) would be the end of Amrita's ‘amorous’ (mis)adventures. No such luck. News has come in that the two have split and that Ms Arora has now latched on to Fardeen! Had this report been about someone other than Amrita, I'd probably have shrugged it off like dandruff! But with her wily ways, I know I can believe it — at least for the next 60 days!

Producer Abhishek?

Do not, I repeat, do not grin this off as another short joke on the tall youngster! It's actually a fact that AB Jr is very seriously involved in producing a film of his own! Insiders are already insisting that he's completed more than half the script and is planning to launch the movie during the auspicious time of Divali. So, a film of Abhishek, by Abhishek and for Abhishek?

I tell you, this guy is just too much! He's full of ideas (even though some of them may sound looney!) and he knows how to go about getting things done, hey! Once this bit of hot news filters out into filmdom, Bollywood is going to see an unprecedented stampede of young actresses, heroines and wannabe starlets scampering over the walls of Bachchan's mansion... the gun-toting security guards notwithstanding! Look out, Abhi, here they come!

Play on, Preity

I knew it! I just knew it. The first time I saw Preity Zinta putting her arms around Suzanne Khan-Roshan, my filmi instincts told me that we'd soon hear of a new film starring Zinta and Suzanne's hubby, Hrithik. And so it has come to pass. They have been signed up for a "romantic, musical extravaganza", titled Koi Mil Gaya, to be written, produced and directed by 'big dad' Rakesh Roshan. Wow!

I'll let you readers know more about all kinds of developments (and believe you me, there are going to be galore!) in the next few weeks, so stay with your favourite column of Movie Magic, guys. Right?

Another one, Gulshan?

Some fellows have the most infinite capacity to 'repeat' themselves, and "ace villain" Gulshan Grover happens to be one of them. I'm told he's preparing for (yet) another marriage... with a gorgeous girl half his age!

So be it. After all, this lanky lad from the boondocks of Delhi (Trilok Nagar, to be precise) has already notched so many national and international "firsts" to his credit, that tying the nuptial knot for the third (or is it the fifth?) time will only add another feather in his already overcowded cap! Go for it, Gulu... and God help!