Saturday, August 4, 2001
W O R D  P O W E R


1. a) Baron a nobleman.

The Barons were summoned by the king.

b) Barren not fertile.

This barren land can be used for the construction of houses.

2. a) Analyst one who analyses.

Mr Blake, a military analyst, has forecast a war between the two countries.

b) Annalist a writer of annals (annals are a record of events maintained year by year or historical records.)

Martha is an annalist.

3. a) Descent a way down such as a slope, journey down.

The helicopter began its descent towards the open fields.

b) Dissent a disagreement.

Earlier any religious dissent was considered sinful.


4. a) Bole the main stem of a tree or a trunk.

He stuck the axe into the bole.

b) Bowl a basin.

She mixed the ingredients in a bowl.

5. a) Eruption a breaking forth.

A major volcanic eruption has devastated this area.

b) Irruption an invasion.

The irruption by the troops frightened the villagers.

6. a) Cask a container shaped like a barrel.

A cask of wine was found in his cupboard.

b) Casque A helmet or a piece of armour for the head.

If his casque had not fallen while fighting, he would not have been so seriously injured.

7. a) Incite to stir up.

He plans to incite the workers against the management.

b) Insight clear perception, deep understanding of something.

Hari is a person of insight and his decision is bound to be beneficial to all.


Match the words in column A with their synonyms in column B:


1. Confusion a. pleasing

2. Congenial b. request

3. Chase c. low

4. Base d. pursue

5. Behest e. radiance

6. Lustre f. command

7. Mandate g. neat

8. Spruce h. tumult


Looking back

Amphitheatre was a roofless building erected by the Romans for the purpose of gladiatorial combats. The building was elliptical in shape. The central open space was the Arena and was the scene of various contests. Running round this were various vaults in which wild animals were confined, and above these rose the gallery, with tiers of seats, and radiating gangways, which permitted easy access to all parts. The lower tiers were reserved for the senators and the judges. Almost every important Roman colony bears the indication of an amphitheatre.


Anger begins in folly and ends in repentance.

Score card

1 h, 2 a, 3 d, 4 c, 5 b, 6 e, 7 f, 8 g.

Illa Vij