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Monday, August 6, 2001

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It seemed that we were in the midst of yet another virulent e-attack as millions of computer users booted up their machines apprehensively fearing the "Code Red" virus. However, a patch had been made available in advance to safeguard vulnerable operating systems. Though the damage was minimised, it has cost billions of dollars to combat it so far. Log in Tribune gives you the basics of the virus and its impact.

No Net slowdown despite attack
by Deborah Zabarenko
Code Red Bugs, viruses & worms plague IT world
by Bernhard Warner
India escapes early damage The cost is $1.2 billion, so far
by Elinor Mills Abreu
Don’t give me Red
by Inderjeet Singh Sodhi
ELCOME to www.worm.com ! Hacked by Chinese!" This has been a common visual on more than 3,25,000 Computers running IIS as their Web server software. Cause — a new worm. Welcome to the world of the Code-Red — a worm spreading like wild fire across the globe. And it all happened in about 24 hours.

  Real work is much more than theory
by Damodar Agrawal
OR quite some time now, there has been a mushroom growth of computer schools claiming to make a student a computer wizard. Along with these, there has been an unprecedented extension of the IT departments in the universities. This was the result of an euphoria about computers being the panacea of all ills.

SOL launches Indian chapter
CHOOLS Online (SOL), a US-based philanthropic organisation, with support from Nortel Networks, launched its Indian chapter last week. SOL is a non-profit public benefit organisation in the USA with a goal to bring the Internet to every school in the world. Since 1996, it has been active in as many as 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North and South America.

CFA for e-business
by Sumesh Raizada
INCE ages, people all over the world are engaged in trade and exchange of goods or money. Records of business transactions are regularly maintained for analysis of investment, financial planning, legal or taxation purposes, etc. Earlier, the task was undertaken by accountants and munshis. 

Paediatrician turns geek
by Frederick Noronha
NDIAN mobile phone users now have an easier time downloading e-mail thanks to WAPpop, which is spurring hundreds of downloads each day after an upgrade last month.

India the best for call centres
by Peeyush Agnihotri

F a call centre cannot be established in India, it cannot be established in any part of the world,’ says Roopinder Singh Sangha from Global Ring, a Los Angeles-based call centre company.

DOS has command interpreter
by Sarabjeet Singh Kanwal
ISK Operating System (DOS), made by Microsoft is a powerful operating system, especially in case when you are in a process of installing other operating system on your system. DOS is included in syllabus of most of the university courses; often the beginners find confusion with some simple concepts and commands of it.

Win ’98 can recognise 9 monitors

by Chiranjeev Pal Singh
ONFIGURE more than one video output for your Windows 98 PC Windows 98’s built-in support for multiple monitors allows you to connect more than one monitor to your system and stretch your desktop from one monitor to another.

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