Saturday, August 11, 2001
R H Y M E  T I M E


It was a moonless Saturday night,

On the streets, there wasn’t any light.

I was making sure that the path was right.

But just then I got a huge fright.

I saw a human being,

As ugly as ugly could be.

What a scare he gave me,

I knew I had company.

My legs would not move, I could not run,

Deep in my heart, I thought I was done.


I thought today my death is sure,

But somewhere I thought I had to endure.

I knew there wasn’t use of my might,

That huge man I could not fight.

Deep and still deep my heart sank,

It was not the time for some silly prank.

It was a very lonely place,

No other soul I could trace.

I looked around and saw tall trees,

Lashing at their leaves was a strong breeze.

That man and I were still standing there,

Even though I didn’t know one, I said my prayer.

The time in my watch was ten past,

The wind at that place was growing fast.

In the vast sky there was no moon.

I knew something was going to happen soon.

Suddenly everything vanished from there,

Just the things of my room everywhere.

I now know, it was just a nightmare,

A dream that would raise anybody’s hair.

These dreams come again and again,

I try to figure them out but in vain.

I think it is just insane.

It was a lonely night and a lonely lane.


— Harpreet Singh Ghuman, Class IX,
Shivalik Public School, Sector 41-B, Chandigarh.


Life is a mirage

Humans are born, they enter this world........

And when they come they’re all alone,

But as the first day of their life unfurls,

All the simplicity of living is gone.

Why so many threads to tie one to life?

Why is there all around so much war and strife

Why this obsessive desire to never ever let go?

And keep on living in spite of no direction in which to go?

Because we came all alone and we shall surely leave that way

So why have so much greed while we’re here to stay

Remember when the time comes for us to be on our way

The only things that we can keep are the ones we gave

For life is a mirage; a picture never true,

No one shall pass this way again, neither me nor you.

— Sunandini Joshi, Class XI,
D.A.V. School, Ludhiana