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Monday, August 13, 2001
IT Bookshelf

Find out before you buy

Personal Computer (PC): What is a PC, How to Buy and Use One
By Divakara K. Udupa, Quality Media.com Private Limited.
Pages 223. Rs 225.

AT a time when computers and related gadgets get obsolete faster than you can turn the pages of a book, this is an attempt at providing you a handbook that encompasses all aspects of a personal computer a beginner would like to learn about.

As the title suggests, the book covers everything from buying to using and, also, upgrading when the PC begins to get obsolete.


To be forewarned, they say, is to be forearmed. The book tells you what the essential components of a PC are and what they do. Things like RAM, BUS, port, or cache, are made a little comprehendible. So, when go out to buy, you know what to look for. It also tells what the pitfalls are in buying, as the vendor is most likely to see that his profits are maximised, whether you lose or gain. Details of a PC and tips on buying one constitute the first two parts of the book.

The third part deals with the intricacies of making your PC run once you have it. Everything about setting it up and the Internet connection is put in a straight manner. The most essential software that anyone getting on with computers would need are dealt with so that you may get on without asking for help from anyone. Beginning with the basic structure of Windows, utilities like E-mail, chatting, word-processing, etc., are all explained. Also touched upon are the basic peripherals that a common user would need. As any computer veteran would testify, PCs can be pesky and pop up "can't do" messages that make can befuddle a beginner. The book gives tips on handling most such encounters.

If you need a cost-effective book on getting to know your PC, this is fine enough.