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Monday, August 13
, 2001
The world of  dot.com

Ai! Is this how a robot works?

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence or in short ‘Ai’, brings robots to our minds as the first thing. Ai is the technique of making intelligent device through computer programs that enables it to think, analyse, remember, communicate and select the best alternative to solve the problems. In today’s world, Ai plays a crucial role and helps persons to work smarter, not harder. The following sites may broadly explain you about Ai :


This site is maintained by SRI International. Its Artificial Intelligence Centre (AIC) is one of the world's major research centre on Ai. Its objective is to understand the computational principles underlying intelligence in man and machines and to develop the machine to solve the problems as the humans do. This site will provide you brief introduction and basics of the Ai. It also includes the number and type of research undertaken by this centre.


This site is maintained by Stanford University, USA, and the section regarding Ai is dedicated to John McCarthy, one of the sole contributor of Ai. This site is specially designed for a layman and provides the basic information, frequently asked questions, applications and branches of Ai.


MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, USA, is one of the topmost lab in the world that is totally dedicated to Ai. Its goal is to understand the nature of intelligence and to engineer system that exhibits intelligence.

This site provides all information related to Ai. Its research section tells about the projects undertaken and the projects in the pipeline (example Project oxygen). Lab operation section will give you conference facility in each branch of Ai. Academic section provides admission information and the courses offered. Job section gives all information related to the job concerned in which a person is interested in.


This is an informative site and provides full information related Ai. This site has many sections. The "Introduction" part, gives elaborate information regarding Ai, "History" part tells you about the birth of Ai. The "Approaches" part explains about the methods of creating Ai machines, explains the working of neurons (information carrier in brain) and about brain circuits. Application part tells How, When and Where to use Ai techniques. This page also provide some examples of applications of Ai which are used in medical industry, production plants, in warfare, telecommunications, architecture, fraud detection etc.

— Kanwaljeet Singh