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Monday, August 13, 2001

The anti-virus brigade

WITH 81 million users, you really don't have to push your product hard-especially if it's something that protects your vital machines from the big bad world of viruses-and Anil Zuitshi doesn't do so.

The channel account manager, Network Associates Inc, SAARC, lets his numbers do the talking, an estimated five lakh nodes in India. "With the spread in the usage of the Internet now, viruses today spread faster and the effect is much more devastating. According to a report, globally the loss was at 12 billion US dollars.

Isn't the software security industry often accused of crying wolf too many times?

"I don't agree with that, the actual picture is gloomier. We have the best team of 250 people who create software to defend against the viruses, and their response time is two hours. When SirCam came out, they created an antidote which scanned, detected and stopped the outbreak." He was talking about the Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team (AVERT). Active on six continents, their mission is to identify new viruses and deploy new cures.


McAfee is perhaps the best-known software of NAI. Technically call McAfee Active Virus Defence, it comprises VirusScan, NetShield, WebShield and GroupShield and is built around a centralised management console. It provides anti-virus protection at the desktop, file server, groupware server and Internet gateway. McAfee's advanced desktop technologies include several top sellers, including VirusScan, Nuts and Bolts, Guard Dog and First Aid.

McAfee.com updates and allows management of PCs over the Web, offering personalised PC management. Other significant software packages include Pretty Good Privacy Products (PGP) that help companies worldwide secure their e-business operations through firewall, encryption, intrusion detection, risk assessment, and VPN technologies.

Sniffer Technologies offers a complete set of portable and distributed software tools that monitor, troubleshoot report on, and proactively manage network performance.

Magic Total Service Desk is a practical business application that promotes information sharing, facilitates workflow, improves service delivery, helps reduce total cost of ownership, and supports long-term planning.