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Monday, August 13, 2001
MP3 beat

Western classical


This is an educational site developed by composer, musician, and writer Don Robertson in 1997. Don Robertson is the founder of Positive Music Movement. According to him, positive music is one that has beneficial qualities and is emotionally and spiritually uplifting, perhaps even healing. The site also explains music-related topics like "the effects of music, the science of sound, positive and negative music, or musical scales." In the mp3 free download section of the site you will find a collection of various kinds of traditional Gospel music. Gospel music is a kind of distinctively American religious music that is associated with evangelism and is based on the melodies of folk music blended with elements of spirituals and jazz. Apart from Gospel music, pop, folk, country, jazz, renaissance sacred music and more is available in the site. Popular music from the 1940s and early 1950s is also available. A selective collection of classical music from India and China is also there. A good site for those with essential knowledge of classical music.



A popular site among classical-song lovers. The site has a very contemporary design concept and latest technology and the download speed for songs is comparatively faster than other sites. A collection of all kinds of music-pop, rock, urban, classical, global, jazz, country, folk and reggae-is there. Classical songs are further divided into orchestra, vocal, experimental, choral, instrumental and contemporary. One has to fill a small form of four fields before downloading a song for the first time. We can also see an alphabetical list of categories of songs by clicking an "A to Z" link on the index page. Apart from the mp3 format, many songs are available in other formats.

Amit Puri