Saturday, August 18, 2001  

Illustration by the writer

Why does man, considered to be the most intelligent creature on this earth, indulge in inhuman acts of violence, arson and genocide as witnessed in Kashmir, and caste-related violence in other regions? Why does this so-called rational being behave so irrationally? It is generally believed that most people are by nature kind and noble and they behave like animals only when they are corrupted by those with a vested interest, like political leaders. This viewpoint is naive and simplistic, says Kuldip Dhiman

The show must go on!
by Vikrant Bhasin
TíS champagne time for the oldest and most vibrant theatre movement in the subcontinent. The Indian Peopleís Theatre Association (IPTA) moves into the 60th year of its formation amid renewed speculation of its relevance and prospects for survival.