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Monday, August 20, 2001

Play Warzone and Froggie

COMPUTERS are fast becoming a great source of entertainment. The entertainment available through computer is wide that includes downloading and playing music to playing online games with computer and also with other persons. Out of the various entertainment options, online games are most popular these day and this is well reflected by the increasing number of persons playing and visiting online game sites. Some of the popular games sites include online games zone at www.members.tripod.com/~online_games. On this site you can find a lot of games spread in various categories like Action, Arcade, board, casino, cards, puzzle, sports, puzzle, trivia etc. All these categories have a large number of games listed. A number of these games are quite popular and suitable for all ages. Some of the popular games listed on this site are Artemis – a very good space shooter using most advanced applets, Asphyx Assault Fighter - Another good space shooter with 3D graphics and great play control, Domination – an amazing graphics for a java game, Warzone- a cool looking 3D war game where you drive a tank. Some of the examples of arcade games are Astro Asteroids – an asteroid with different graphics, Froggie – a version of the Atari game Frogger with nice 3D graphics, Missile Command 2 - a graphically enhanced version of this classic game. Some nice board games listed on this site are Blocks – a simple tetris clone, Checkers – you can play this game against the computer or another person, Chess – challenge your mental strength. Card and casino games include, 5x5 Poker – a popular grid based poker game, Blackjack – it’s an all time favourite and excellent version with nice graphics and sound, Video Poker – its an easy to play with payoff odds directly under the cards. On the whole, it’s a good site with games suiting everybody’s choice. IV