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Monday, August 20, 2001

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Clean up the debrisClean up the debris

As programs and HDD sizes continue to grow, the generation of junk too has been going up proportionately. An average userís system with a 20 GB HDD could easily generate up to 10 to 15 MB of junk in about three months, says Raman Mohan.

  Transmutation of personal computer
by John Arlidge
HEY called themselves the Dirty Dozen. No one outside their secret society knew their real names. Twenty years ago, they met for the last time. What they did that day changed the lives of everyone, everywhere, forever.

Repair motherboard, replace CD ROM drive
by Naveen S.Garewal
ONE are the days when a burnt out computer motherboard or a faulty CD ROM or any other computer component for that matter were junked. Once, out of warranty, computer components had to be virtually scrapped. But with the computers becoming ubiquitous, repair of computer components and peripherals too has become commonplace.

Create shortcut for URL
by Vipul Verma
HE Tips and Tricks is one of the most important part of computer learning, since it helps in exploring the hidden secrets of Windows, thus it makes working on computer simple and convenient. Besides this, it also helps in keeping pace with the fast-changing computer technology.

Oracle for financial miracle
by Sumesh Raizada
HE world of computers has undergone a drastic revolution since the beginning of electronic age. Now, these are not merely a tool for computing complex data or arithmetical figures but have numerous other utilities too. Earlier computers had application in advanced research, education, media, manufacturing or telecommunication.

Gurmukhi support for Office XP
SERS of the latest version of Microsoft Office program, XP, will be able to use Indian languages, including Gurumukhi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Sanskrit, Marathi, Konkani and Gujarati. The software has been enabled in these languages as a result of which the entire experience, including the menus, is in the specified language.

Fastest computer
US government laboratory unveiled the most powerful computer in the world last week, programmed to simulate the explosion of a nuclear bomb. ASCI White, a $-110 million computer squeezed into enough refrigerator-sized units to fill a couple of basketball courts, was officially unveiled by scientists aiming to simulate nuclear tests the government has promised not to carry out for real.

Net access to expand
SIA-PACIFIC countries will expand the region's high-speed, low-cost Internet access network to remote areas of the sphere next year, a Japanese official told Reuters.

Key elements on motherboard
by Jasjot Singh Narula
HEN a buyer moves out in the market to purchase a personal computer, his thrust is on the processor speed, higher RAM and maximum storage capacity. The buyer often lets the vendor choose the motherboard, who more often than not, gives to the client what suits his own business interest.

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