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Monday, August 20, 2001
Kids chat

Personal tutor for pre-schoolers

HELLO friends and welcome to our weekly chat.

Cliparti: Hey Windy, why do you seem so low today?

Windy: Oh, nothing much!

Fluppy: I know what he is hiding. Shall I tell her, Windy?

Windy: Tell her what? I am not hiding anything. What can be there to hide?

Fluppy: Something for which you got a good scolding today.

Windy: God! You have been spying on my house? How dare you do that?


Excuse me. I have not been spying. It was simply that my ball went to your courtyard and as I was going to fetch it, I could hear loud noises. I presumed it was you crying. By the way was it really you?

Windy: Shut up. I never cry. Only kiddos like you cry.

Fluppy: Anyhow out of curiosity I peeped into your house and saw you getting scolding and spanking.

Windy: Now, this is a limit. I did not get any spanking. You can even ask my mom.

Fluppy: So you agree you did get a scolding!

Cliparti: Hey, it is really bad on your part to peep into otherís houses.

Fluppy: You donít understand, Cliparti. I wasnít expecting that. I thought maybe some robbers are holding up on him. All that commotion could be anything you see. He could be asking for some help.

Windy: Just see what he has to say. He was expecting some robbers at my place! What a nerve! Is that what friends are for?

Cliparti: Fluppy, you must apologise.

Fluppy: Okay, I apologise.

Windy: I donít accept it.

Cliparti: Hey, just cool it. Fluppy wonít do it again.

Windy: Do what again?

Cliparti: Peep into your house, what else?

Fluppy: Yes, even if your house is on fire.

Windy: God, does this guy have one good thing to say?

Cliparti: Okay, forget it. You didnít tell me why you were getting this scolding.

Windy: First of all it was not scolding. My mother was just a little angry with me. Actually it is my fault. I am supposed to give some of my time to my younger brother. I have to help him with some essential learning skills so that would help him in future.

Cliparti: And poor you, short of time.

Windy: Somewhat, yes. But that is not an excuse. Actually, that is not the real problem. Basically, I donít know how to help him. It has been so long since I passed through the pre-school. Moreover, our times were so different. Times have changed.

Fluppy: I can help you there. It hasnít been long since I went to pre-school.

My mother had really taught me some good and useful things.

Windy: Thank you, but I donít think I would want to take your help.

Cliparti: Cool it Windy. He has apologised, hasnít he?

Windy: But, still.

Cliparti: No buts and no still. What were you telling, Fluppy?

Fluppy: There is this wonderful site as "my personal tutor". It is a good way to prepare young child for learning success with all essential skills for pre-school through 2nd grade. In fact, I would say it is the only comprehensive grade based learning solution with Tutor Assist Technology. It would identify the childís specific learning needs and offers instruction where and when it is needed most.

Cliparti: That is really interesting.

Fluppy: Whatís more, each of this personal tutor is filled with engaging activities, playful characters and animated songs to keep the child playing and learning for hours.

Windy: Now this something that my little brother will never do!

Fluppy: What?

Windy: Learning for hours.

Fluppy: You wait and watch!

Windy: If this is true you have really solved my problem, Fluppy. But hey, you havenít yet told me the address!

Fluppy: Should I really tell? Okay, let me do this favour. It is at www.microsoft.com/kids/mpt.

Windy: Thanks!

Fluppy: Thatís what friends are for!

Windy: Is that so?

Cliparti: Yahoo! Friends again! Now, Windy it is your turn to tell Fluppy of some really good site.

Windy: Sure, why not? It is called Aplusmath.com!

Fluppy: You mean Appumath.com? Is it something of Appu games?

Windy: No, darling. It is very much Aplus pronounced as A+. And for your information it has little to do with games but more of math. This is to develop your math skills interactively.

Fluppy: But my dear Windy. I would like to remind you that Cliparti asked you to suggest some really good site in return of my favour.

Windy: That is precisely what I am doing. This is indeed a good site. It has some real good homework help, worksheets, puzzles and flashcards.

Fluppy: I can understand, Windy. Thanks anyway!

Windy: Mention not, after all thatís what friends are for!

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy