Saturday, September 1, 2001  

Ad-ding to gender inequality

ILLUSTRATION BY GAURAV SOOD One does not need to be inordinately perceptive in dissecting the ‘text’ of women’s (re)presentation in popular TV advertisements. Anu Celly expresses concern about the sexism inherent in these ads which is manifested in countless instances of women’s commodification.

Drama of dance costumes
Janaki Bhatt
NDIAN dance recitals have always been viewed from the narrow perspective of correctness of footwork, grace, agility, expressions and stylistic interpretation, faithful to one ‘classical form’ or the other. That it can also be an exuberant celebration of colour and sound is invariably lost in such clinical analyses.


A colourful picture of courage
Ramesh K. Dhiman
HE gaddis of Himachal Pradesh, a nomadic tribe of shepherds have zealously guarded their rich cultural heritage over the years. The life of trials and tribulations that these sentinels of the hills lead in an inhospitable terrain and harsh conditions is an enduring saga of their struggle.