Saturday, September 8, 2001  

The cost of chaos

Chandigarh has the highest per capita ownership of vehicles in the country. It also has the highest percentage of female drivers. Both these facts mean that Chandigarh may well be on its way to becoming a congested and polluted city like its neighbours Ludhiana and Delhi. Is CNG the solution to all our traffic woes or is a more far-sighted approach needed? Taru Bahl weaves her way past blocked arguments on safe vehicular fuels and honking clean air lobbyists to analyse ways to tackle snarl-ups on our roads.

Queen of hills loses grip... the wake of landslips
by S.P. Sharma
HIMLA, the queen of hills, is sinking at several places due to indiscriminate digging of hill slopes for construction of multi-storey buildings and also because of weathering of rocks.

This clan helped preserve Indian literature
by S. D. Sharma
THOROUGH study of literature reveals that Bhat is the Sanskritised form of Bhatta ó a respectful term for a Brahaman and probably connected with Bharti i.e., bearer or master. H.A. Rose (1883) opines that the Punjabi form of the word is Bhatt, but is commonly pronounced as Bhat in hilly areas and foothills.

  • FASHION: Most feminine of jewels
    by Shona Adhikari