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Monday, September 10, 2001


1.He started a Web site for his wifeís Pez dispenser collection and created eBay, the great lady of online auctions. Who is he?

2.He founded America Online in 1985, and created the gateway to the Internet for most Americans. Identify him.

3.He has written many books, must reading for anyone hoping to understand the next wave of human culture as it moves online and he was a key participant in the online community, the WELL. Who is he?

4.He invented the computer mouse in 1963 and thanks to him, we can click our way around the Web today. Name him.

5.He is best known as the man who decided to use the @ symbol. Who is he?

6.They published the first digital magazine in 1996, Wired, and brought about a new way of thinking - raising the issue of technology infiltrating every aspect of society. Who are they?

7.Who co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit organisation thatís dedicated to preserving the rights of "digital citizens."?

8.Who created the Internetís address system and for 30 years played a pivotal role in the technical management and administration of the Internet as director of the Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

9.eBay actually stands for what?

10.Who upheld the rights to digital free expression and led the online Free Speech campaign, following Clintonís signing of the CDA?

The following are the answers to Compuquiz 46

1. 50,000. More than 50,000 computer viruses have been created and up to 400 are active at any one time. Over 10 new viruses are released every day.

2. BackDoor-G

3. Papa

4. Russian New Year. It appeared in January 1999 but made no victims

5. Pokey. It works in a similar way to the Love Bug virus. It appears as an e-mail with the title Pikachu Pokemon and the message Pikachu is your friend.

6. Strunkenwhite. After the authors of a classic guide to good writing.

7. Timofon

8. Life Stages

9. Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl

10. Liberty Crack

The winners of Compuquiz 46 are:

1. Chander Mohan Bhatia,Jalandhar City

2. SatinderPal Singh,Chandigarh

3. Shyamji Verma,Ballabgarh


Compuquiz rules

1.The readers who submit correct answers will be awarded the following cash prizes by The Tribune: First prize Rs 1,000, second prize Rs 750, third prize Rs 500.

2. All entries must be accompanied with a clipping of this quiz.

3. Entries should be sent to Quizmaster, Log in....Tribune, The Tribune, Sector 29-C, Chandigarh latest by September 17, 2001.

4. In case of more than one correct entry, prizes will be decided by a draw of lots. The decision of the Quizmaster in this regard will be final.

5. The answers and result of Compuquiz-48 will be published in the issue of September 24, 2001.

6. Entries should be sent on plain paper preferably typed in double space or handwritten legibly in block letters.

7. All entries must carry the sender's name, complete address and contact number.