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Monday, September 10, 2001
The world of  dot.com

What do you mean?

EVERYTHING is available to Netizens online. So, the next time if a word troubles you, just open one of the sites described below to know that what you write is what you really mean.


As the name suggests, the site helps you find the meaning of a word of English language. The Look up option is available for this purpose and this option also helps in searching the thesaurus of the word. The translator option helps in translating the plain text from one language to another. For example, English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and vice-versa. Ask Doctor Dictionary option helps in asking a question about words, grammar or language. Other sections available are community, fun and games, writing resources, cool tools, and bookstore. Rogetís thesaurus helps in finding the antonyms and synonyms. If you subscribe to the word of the day e-mail service you will get a word per day in your e-mail. The wireless option helps in accessing the site through mobile phone.


The site provides various language dictionaries like English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Hindi and more. The quick lookup section helps in searching the word in dictionary and thesaurus. The speciality dictionary section provides the dictionaries on various topics like law, business, medicine, finance, sports and more. Other options available are multi-lingual dictionaries, language identifiers. The grammar section helps in learning the rules of the language or new language. The game room section contains various games like crossword, puzzles, encryptions etc. You can also find the synonyms, antonyms, phrases, pronunciation, etc. In the library section various article are available. Translator option helps in translating the text from one language to another. FAQ option is available for userís queries. You can also subscribe to the word of the day e-mail service.


This site uses British English Dictionary for searching words. The look up option is available to search the word in the dictionary, which contains various categories like Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Cambridge Learnerís Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary of American English, Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms, Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs. The new search option helps in searching a new word in the dictionary. Make a comment option helps the user to give his views and suggestion about the site. The various other options available are pronunciation, codes etc. The top 20 options show the top 20 words searched most frequently.


The site provides innovative and evolving language reference source that combines the functions of dictionary and a thesaurus and have powerful search capabilities. There are two search options available ó simple and advanced. You can also subscribe to the word of the week in your e-mail. The user can also discuss and share their views with others. The other options are also there like feedback, newsletter, frequently asked questions etc. The foundry section contains puzzles and quiz. The resources section provides information about grammar and usage, dictionary and thesaurus.



óLaxmi Kant Verma