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Monday, September 10, 2001

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Make learning click 
With certain balances and checks, parents and academicians can safely presume that the benefits of computers far outweigh the potential risks of introducing them to young children, says Kuljit Bains as he provides an answer to the common issue parents face. ILLUSTRATION BY SANDEEP JOSHI


Prefer separate colour cartridges
Vipul Verma
RINTERS today are the basic computer accessory and also a great tool in the hands of computer users. However, this is also one of the most ignored computer accessory. Its care should begin right since the time you buy it.

Computer plays major role in OR
by Sumesh Raizada
good career in management is everybody’s dream. To fulfill this dream, students pursue several courses of different duration and disciplines. However, there are many courses and careers, which begin after the basic education in management or in specialised fields. Career in operations research is one of those careers, which though starts at graduation or pre-management studies and matures at post-management studies.

Motorola achieves breakthrough
OTOROLA, Inc., a global leader in embedded electronic solutions with $ 37.6-billion of annual sales, announced that Motorola Labs scientists have successfully combined the best properties of workhorse silicon technology with the speed and optical capabilities of high-performance compound semiconductors that are known as III-V materials.

India’s first cyber police station
NDIA'S first police station to exclusively handle cyber crimes such as computer hacking, data damage and Internet fraud will start work in Bangalore from September 15, the police said last week.

FBI denies anti-Muslim bias
byMarcus Kabel
N 80-strong US terrorism task force raided the Texas-based host of Arabic Web sites, including that of the Arab world’s leading independent news channel, prompting charges of an ‘anti-Muslim witch hunt.’

Selling music for a song
byVandana Paul
HERE are rhythms in a flowing river, in the thundering clouds, in a child’s whispers. Probably from cradle to coffin…every tick of the clock brings a musical moment in life. Physical products like cassettes and CDs have been hot favourites. But, MP3s swept the music market in 1990s. MP3 is an abbreviation of the term "MPEG-1 layer-3."

New Aibo for affluent families
IBO, Sony’s robo-pet dog, has been joined by Latte and Macaron, the latest additions to Sony Electronic’s Aibo LM series of robotic pets.The new toys are the latest evolution of Sony’s original Aibo, which created a sensation and sold out in 20 minutes in Tokyo when it first went on sale at $4,381 apiece in 1999.

IT Bookshelf
Computer primer for Punjab Board students
Review by Roopinder Singh
OW that every school child is required to study computers, it would be only logical to have a text book that covers prescribed syllabus. The book under review has been specifically written for the Punjab School Education Board Class XI syllabus.

Music Beat
Vengaboys on the Net

Kids Chat
Games and chatroom at crazybone.com

Cyber kids
Create a masterpiece

Encryption broken

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