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Monday, September 10, 2001
Music Beat

Vengaboys on the Net

KIM, Roy, Denice, Yorick and Cheekah make the hottest group Vengaboys. They have performed over 190 times in 32 different countries worldwide in the past year. Now they are coming next week to perform at Chandigarh, India. Official site of Vengaboys is www.vengaboys.com


There is music download category on the index page, which is further divided into music charts, MP3 archive, MP3 search, music genres, and MP3 requests. MP3 archive section has alphabetical collection of songs. This site offers us a large collection of songs to choose from. Every song under MP3 archive section is displayed with description of its category, artist, song name, size and contributors name. There are around 45 songs sung by Vengaboys that we can download. Boom boom, forever as one, kiss, cheekah bow bow, almost all songs are there in the list. All songs are not available in MP3 format but site guides how to convert the songs into MP 3 format.



On the index page, we can see the list of 20 latest songs added along with the file size. We can also search the database of the site. There are many other categories made to ease the search of song. Search of songs sung by Vengaboys gives us an option of 57 songs. Download page gives the description about the file size and number of times the song is downloaded from the site.


Collection of songs in this site is categorised into archive, latest downloads, latest additions, most wanted singers and new albums. Archive of this site has a collection of almost 52,000 songs. As the songs are alphabetically arranged, it is easy to find the favourite song. We can see the file size along with artist and song name.

Amit Puri