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Monday, September 24, 2001

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Branding the market

Branding the market

The PC market in India is attaining maturity. Consumers are more aware and can make informed buying decisions, says Peeyush Agnihotri.

THE Indian PC market is becoming a complex, and intense, war-zone. Branded PC manufacturers have trained their guns on PC assemblers, who rely heavily on the grey market, and have penetrated the home-users segment, hitherto known to be the assemblers' bastion.


Teaching kiosks are creating ripple effect
Uneducated, under-privileged kids call hour-glass of the pointer a dumroo
by Swapna Majumdar
EARNING without going to school? Education without classrooms and teachers? This seemingly far-fetched approach to learning has been launched by the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) in a slum cluster in New Delhi and has also met with great success.

Disable graphics for quick browsing
by Vipul Verma
ORMALLY, PC users use the default settings of the computer and do not configure it to optimise the performance of the PC. However optimising the performance by customising it to your needs helps you deriving more from computer. This is especially true in case of the Internet, as the default setting of your modem does not allow you get the maximum from your Internet connection.

ADP to the rescue of HR manager
by Sumesh Raizada
OST of us who are working in one organisation or the other may be aware of the procedures that are involved in salary disbursement and methods that are being employed for maintaining personal record in an organisation. These functions are performed usually by the HR or personnel department of the company in coordination with the accounts section. 

After Code Red, Nimda gives nightmares
by Bernhard Warner
fast-spreading computer worm has corrupted corporate computer networks and personal computers in an outbreak that could be more widespread and damaging than the Code Red infections, computer security experts said.

QuarkXPress 5.0 Beta version available
UARK Inc. announced that the beta version of the QuarkXPress 5.0 software is available for download and public beta testing. Anyone interested in testing the software can download a copy from www.quark.com/products/xpress/beta Quark Inc. (www.quark.com) is a leading developer of tools and technologies for media-independent publishing.

Probed for applauding
Frenchman who allegedly set up an Internet site applauding the deadly attacks on US landmarks and urging Muslims to fight a holy war is being investigated for encouraging suicide acts, judicial sources said last week.

Inkjet printers for home users
by Jasjot Singh Narula
RINTED things always fascinate the humans either in the form of photograph, text or graphics. The journey of reproducing text on paper through machine started with the typewriter. With the advent of computer, printers came into being which gave a new dimension to the printing technology.

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