Saturday, September 29, 2001
M A I L  B O X

Attack on America

THIS refers to the photo feature on air-borne attack by terrorists on September 11 on America (September 15). This attack bears some striking resemblance with the attack on Pearl Harbor. First in both cases Americans were caught unaware. Secondly, there was virtual failure of American intelligence in both situations. Third, there was a suicide mission in both attacks. Finally, in both attacks thousands lost their lives.

P.L. SETHI, Patiala


The attack on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon has horrified people all across the world and opened their eyes to the menace of terrorism.

India has been facing terrorism from across the border for the past many years. We have repeatedly urged the USA and other countries to take note of the terrorist organisations stationed in Pakistan and Afganistan, supported by the ISI of Pakistan and the Taliban. USA and many other countries have been ambiguous and lukewarm in their stand on the issue of terrorism in this region. Now, hopefully, all countries will come together to fight terrorism.

O.P SHARMA, Faridabad

Heavenly abode

This refers to Kushwant Singh’s column "Leaving for the heavenly abode" (September 8). It is sad to learn that RGK died a couple of weeks ago, unhonoured and unsung. The writer has done well to remember RGK — an unassuming, quiet but devoted and dedicated writer who did not want a byline besides his initials. Such a tribe of journalists is fast disappearing. As Khushwant Singh’s number two he got his due share of credit for making The Illustrated Weekly a great success story and giving it a face-lift.