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Monday, October 1, 2001


1. Who is called the patron Saint of the Internet?

2. What is the English version of the Vatican’s Website called?

3 .Name the multifaith and independent Website whose editorial staff is comprised of some of the nation’s most accomplished and respected journalists in the fields of religion, spirituality and morality.

4. Bishop John Shelby Spong retired from his position as the Episcopal Bishop of Newark and is now writing for a high-brow sex-zine, called what?

5. The Website which angered the Catholic Church earlier last year was called what?

6. Which organisation registered the domain «god.com»?

7. Jesus.com is Website dedicated to?

8. Which Web charges $ 20 a year to have its computers provide personalised prayers in any of seven major religions?

9. If you search AltaVista for Religion, then Sex which search results in the most answers?

10. Name the Website that offers prayer services over WAP-enabled phones.

Answers to Compuquiz 49

1. Computer Rage.

2. Isolated and lonely.

3. Improved communication with friends and families

4. Cybersex compulsive

5. True.

6. $ 35 million a year

7. In the run-up to a full moon

8. True

9. 75 per cent

10. 27 per cent

The winners of Compuquiz 49 are:

1. Sanjeev Sharma, Shimla

2. Chander Mohan Bhatia, Jalandhar

3. Harjit Kaur, Ludhiana


Compuquiz rules

1.The readers who submit correct answers will be awarded the following cash prizes by The Tribune: First prize Rs 1,000, second prize Rs 750, third prize Rs 500.

2. All entries must be accompanied with a clipping of this quiz.

3. Entries should be sent to Quizmaster, Log in....Tribune, The Tribune, Sector 29-C, Chandigarh latest by October 8, 2001.

4. In case of more than one correct entry, prizes will be decided by a draw of lots. The decision of the Quizmaster in this regard will be final.

5. The answers and result of Compuquiz-51 will be published in the issue of October 15, 2001.

6. Entries should be sent on plain paper preferably typed in double space or handwritten legibly in block letters.

7. All entries must carry the sender's name, complete address and contact number.