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Pervin Malhotra, tribuneís career expert answers all your career queries.

Saving for higher studies
S.C. Dhall
sk any Indian what is his top priority ó the response would be childrenís education. According to a recent survey conducted by one of foreign banks ó when it comes to savings, the top priority for Indians is the education of their children.

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Pervin Malhotra, tribuneís career expert answers all your career queries.

 want to know the prospects of IGNOUís Bachelor of Library Information Sc

Q I have completed 10+2 (vocational) and now want to opt for Film Direction. What does it need to succeed in this field? Do I need to do a course to enter the field?

Hemant Khurana

A: Creativity and the ability to think in perspective are the two key attributes required of a Director. Equally important, is an in-depth knowledge of the medium honed to perfection not only in terms of handling the crew and equipment but also in the deft handling of the script, music and setting. The responsibilities include managing and co-ordinating the unit and shooting schedules.

You can also at the route television. It is relatively easier to break into and can serve as a springboard to Bollywood. Another entry point could be Advertisement Film Making. With the entry of ad-menĖturned film directors like Tarsem Singh (The Cell), Rakesh Mehra (Aks) or John Matthew Mathen (Sarfarosh), more and more ad film makers have successfully forayed into mainstream film direction. Also, if you are serious about a career in this industry, youíve got to be in one of the major film and TV centres in the country, preferably Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi.

Filmmaking is a complex art and science that involves huge amounts of money, logistics and technical expertise, it is best learnt at a good film school. With formal training, you would start off as an Assistant Director.

Many good institutes like the FTII, Pune, FTITN, Chennai, Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Calcutta or university departments like MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi or the one at Jadavpur University offer degree, diploma and certificate courses in various aspects of film direction. However, most of them are postgraduate level courses except the University of Mysore, which offers a 2-yr Diploma in Film Direction for 10+2 students.

For a complete list of institutes you may refer to "CARINGís Guide to Careers in Television & Broadcasting" published by Vision Books, Delhi. pervin malhotra, tribuneís career expert answers all your career queries.

Q I have completed BCom. I want to know the eligibility and prospects of IGNOUís Bachelor of Library Information Sc course.

Satish Manchanda

A Students with a Bachelorís Degree (50% agg)/Bachelorís Degree with Diploma in Library Information Science/Bachelorís Degree with 2 yrs of work experience in a Library & Information Centre/BE/BPharm/LLB etc are eligible for this course.

After your BLISc, you have a wide choice of options to choose from.

As a librarian, you will find openings in government and public libraries, universities and other academic institutions, cultural institutions, information centres, museums and galleries, photo and film libraries, besides companies and organisations with large information-handling requirements. With computerisation playing a key role in information management, there is scope for diversifying into hi-tech areas like systems analysis, research assistance, database operations and management, printing and publishing, documentation, corporate and even freelance consulting, or information marketing.

Q I want to join my Family Business after graduation. My father would like to send me to our regional office in Mumbai. I feel I must do a professional course so that I can manage and expand the business in a better way. Are there any good courses in or around Mumbai I could I opt for?

Sirish Kashyap

A Increasingly, some of the good B-schools have begun to offer management courses which are designed to address the specific needs of individuals belonging to business families who will assume leadership positions in their family businesses. Some of the better ones you could look at are:

S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai offers an 18-month MBA programme that includes classroom teaching, use of state-of-the-art interactive study materials from world class institutions, fieldwork, projects and a training component in the final phase. Graduation is a must for entry and you should belong to a family that owns a manufacturing, service or trading enterprise. Website: .

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai offers two programmes in Family Business Management. a) 2-year full-time programme; b) 1-year weekend programme. Eligibility: a) degree in any discipline and sponsorship by the candidateís family business; b) Degree/Post-HSC Diploma. For details, see website: .

Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development, Pune offers a Postgraduate Diploma in (Own) Family Business Mgt (2-yr FT) at its Nashik Campus. Eligibility: Graduates sponsored by the business family. Website:

Q I have a B Tech (Civil) degree and a diploma in Auto CAD 2000. I want to switch over to software programming. Please guide.

Nitin Saffaya

A As you are looking forward to a switch you must first of all assess what are the markets looking for in the professionals. The JAVA craze has cooled down considerably and the in thing is C#. Since it is the latest programming platform there arenít many professionals available in the market, but you need basic knowledge in C and C++ to pursue this language which is still in its Beta version. XML is the other hot thing going.

Certifications from Oracle, Sun, Microsoft, Cisco and Sybase Certified Professional are the other options. The testing fee for OCP, SCNA, MCSE, CCNA, etc ranges between Rs 1000/- to 13,500/- for high-end certifications. Preparatory courses are offered by vendor-authorized training centers. The online tests are typically conducted at authorized Prometric Testing Centers.

Most of the good software companies recruit fresh engineers straight off the campus and train them as per their needs. However, with the dotcom bust, the US slowdown and now the impending war, software may not be the real hot thing it was till a year ago. So you really need to think. Twice.

Other than software programming, with your existing set of qualifications you could even look at the area of Design & Development. You can enter this field by pursuing relevant design courses. Since many infrastructural projects are in the pipeline, Civil Engineers should be in demand. Besides, your additional computing skills will give you an edge over your competitors.

Q Are the BGL (Bachelor of General Laws) and LLB the same? If I complete BGL, will I be eligible to practise as a lawyer?

Ashish Khurana

A BGL and LLB courses differ in their scope and duration. While BGL is a 2-year course, LLB takes 3 years. Eligibility for both BGL and LLB is a Bachelorís degree though you can also pursue LLB straight after Class XII by doing an integrated 5-year course offered by several universities.

According to the Bar Council of India, you cannot practise in a court of law after BGL or BAL (Bachelor of Academic Laws), though you can join a solicitorís firm or give legal advice. Besides, your degree will be an asset in various jobs which require knowledge of law such as in Company Secretaryship, personnel management, industrial relations, consulting, etc.


Saving for higher studies
S.C. Dhall

Ask any Indian what is his top priority ó the response would be childrenís education. According to a recent survey conducted by one of foreign banks ó when it comes to savings, the top priority for Indians is the education of their children.

Interestingly, only India out of the 11 countries covered in the survey listed childrenís education as its top concern. In other words, saving for childrenís education does not seem to be such a pressing concern in other countries as in India.

While 31 per cent of respondents in Mexico said they were primarily saving for their childís college education, the figure was 27 per cent for Indonesia, 17 per cent for Singapore, 14 per cent for Italy and 10 per cent for the USA.

After the education of their children, Indians primarily save for emergencies and 29 per cent responded in this segment. This was followed by saving for retirement. 17 per cent of the respondents said they were primarily saving for retirement, while 4 per cent respondents that they were saving for the purchase of their first home and another 4 per cent said they were saving for home improvements. One per cent were saving for vacation, major purchases etc.

It is true that the cost of education is increasing by the day and becoming out of reach of the poor/low middle class families. Despite the fact that the government and banks are extending loans up to Rs 15 lakh for higher education, poor children are not getting these facilities. These facilities are usually given to economically well-to-do families.

Ten years hence, the cost of education will hit the roof. The calculation is simple: if your child is a year old when the cost of a professional degree is Rs 3 lakh, the same de will cost at least Rs 13 lakhs when he is 17. Add to this, the steady renoval of subsidies on education. So far in India, higher education is highly subsidies, but this is being withdrawn gradually by the government. One will have to fend for oneself, not only to pay the usual fees and donations, but also to meet related expenses such as buying books, computers, study aids, coaching and in some cases board and lodging.

It is important for parents to keep aside money and invest in suitable savings scheme well in time to meet their childrenís education needs.

The most preferred avenues for investment are gold, bank fixed deposits, company fixed deposits, bonds, equities, mutual funds, LIC, UTI. Keeping in view the number of scams people prefer to put their savings in banks. They are ready to take low interests as they think that their principal amount will be at least safe.

Today there are a number of products aimed at children and designed for them. Be it asset management company, bank or insurance product, childrenís schemes are in. You have to invest according to your financial goals, risk taking abilities, expected returns and intended investment period.

The first product for children was the Rajlakshmi Scheme introduced by the UTI in nineties, but had to be shelved last year due to market fluctuations. The Tata Young Citizens Fund was another. It is not able to spread its wings because it lacks adequate marketing network.

The LIC also has a couple of schemes. While picking up savings schemes to secure your childís future, choose an equity based fund for a longer period but for a short term, a debt-based fund that promises an assured return.


Admission deadline

Armed Forces (Navy)

Nov 30 Indian Navy, Directorate of Manpower Planning & Recruitment, R & R Section, Room No. 204, ĎCí Wing Sena Bhawan, New Delhi 110011.

Recruitment of male Commissioned Officers in Executive Branch (SSC 07 yrs) for

General Service
Hydro Cadre

Elig: Bachelorís Degree with Phy & Math (1st Div)/BE (Elect & Electron)/MSc with Phy & Math (55% agg). Age: Below 25 yrs.

Appln F: Send application in prescribed format along-with attested certificates of birth, education & two self-addressed stamped envelopes by ordinary mail super-scribing "Application for General Service or Hydro Cadre" (as the case may be) to the above address.

Details: See National Dailies and Employment News.


Nov 30 Territorial Army, Army HQ, ĎLí Block, New Delhi-110 001

Recruitment of Officers (Infantry)

Elig: Indian, employed male graduates medically fit/Ex-Service Officers.

Appln F: Ex-Service Officers: send Rs 10/- by IPO favouring "ADG, TA, Army Headquarters" to Addl. Directorate General at above address. Civilians: Send Rs 10/- by IPO favouring "TA Group Commander" to Resp regional Commander, TA Group HQ, along-with self-addressed, stamped (Rs 12/-) envelope (28 x 12 cm) and bio-data.

Details: See Employment News 22-28 Sep.


Nov 23 Assam Engineering College, Guwahati -781013 (Assam).


Elig: Bachelorís Degree with Maths in 10+2. Age: below 26 yrs.

Selectn: Test (02 Dec) at campus.

Appln F: Send Rs 300/- by IPO favouring "Principal, Assam Engg College, Guwahati", to the above address along with self-addressed, stamped (Rs 4/-) envelope (25 cm x 12 cm). At counter: Rs 300/- (cash).

Details: See Employment News 22-28 Sep.

Distance Education

Oct 27 Kakatiya University, School of Distance Learning and Continuining Education, Warangal 506001 (AP).

Ph: 6521007

Certificate Courses: (a) Lib Sc/Cosmetics, (b) MS Office/DTP, (c) C & CH/RDBMS (Oracle & Developer 2000), (d) Java & Internet

UG Courses: (e) BA (Eco/Pol Sc/Pub Ad/His/Socio/Tourism & Travel Mgt/HRM/Advt & Sales Mgt/Comp Appln), (f) BCom/BCom (Computer), (g) BBM/BA/BSc (Maths), (h) BSc (Environ Sc)

PG Courses: (i) MA (Eco/Pol/Pub Admn /Socio/ Hist/ Eng, Tel, Hindi, Sanskrit Lit), (j) MCom/MA/MSc (Maths), (k) MSc (IT), (l) LLM (Spl: Constitution, Labour, Commercial Law), (m) MSc (Environ Sc), (n) BGL, (o) BCJ,

(p) BLISc

PG Diploma Courses: (q) Comp Appln/Mgt of Inf Syst/Comp Programming/E-comm & Web Technologies/Personnel Mgt & Ind Rel/Business Mgt/Distance Education/Consumer Protection Laws/Law & Public Service/Human Rights, (r) Office Automation/CompProgramming, (s) Pre Degree Courses

Elig: (a, b, g, h & r): 10+2; (c, d, m , n, o, p & q): Bachelorís Degree; (e & f): 10+2 or 18 yrs with no educational qual but a pass in eligibility test; (i, j, k & l): Bachelors Degree/Relevant; (s): 16 yrs with no educational qual but a pass in eligibility test.

Appln F: Send Rs 150/- and Rs 300/- by DD.


Oct 03 Jaipuria Institute of Management Gomtinagar, Lucknow (UP).

Ph: (0522) 394296,97


PG Diploma in Insurance & Risk Management (1-yr, FT & 18 mths, PT)

Elig: Bachelorís Degree.

Selectn: GD & Interview (04 & 05 Oct) at campus.

Appln F: Send Rs 450/- by DD favouring "Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow" to the above address or download from website. At counter: Rs 400/- (cash).

Details: See Employment News 22-28 Sep.


Oct 03 Sanskriti Institute of Technology, Sector 1, Indrayani Nagar, Pune-Nashik Highway, Bhosari, Pune 411039 (Mah).

Ph: 7122391/92/94

Bachelorís Degree (4-yr): (1) Information Technology, (2) Computer Engineering, (3) Electronics & Telecomm and (4) Bio-Tech.

Autonomous Study Programme: (5) MBA (2-yr), (6) MCA (3-yr), (7) Master in Mgt Sc (1-yr), (8) Diploma in Business Mgt (1-yr), (9) BBA (3-yr)(10) BCA (3-yr) and (11) Diploma in Hospitality Mgt (2-yr)

Elig: (1, 2, 3): 10+2 (PCM with Eng); (4): 10+2 (PCB with Eng); (5, 6, 7, 8): Bachelorís Degree (45% agg); (9,10, 11): 10+2.

Selectn: Entrance Test.

Appln F: Send Rs 550/- by DD favouring "Sanskriti Institute of Technology" for Engg courses and "Sanskriti Institute of Management & Leadership" for Management courses, payable at Pune to the Institute Office and at the Foundation Office, 31-32, Wonderland, 7 MG Road, Pune 411001 resp. At counter: Rs 500/- (cash).

Details: See Employment News 22-28 Sep.


Oct 15 Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, B-21, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi 110016.

Ph: 6857908, 6966563


Certi Course in Spanish & Portuguese Languages (5-mth, eve)

Elig: 10+2

Selectn: Interview Oct 31-Nov 02 at campus

Appln F: Send application on A-4 paper with full name, address, telephone/fax no, certificates of educational qual, passport size photograph mentioning choice of language to the above address.


Dec 07 GIDC Rofel Institute of Management Studies (GRIMS), P. Box No. 125, Plot No. 14/5, GIDC, Vapi 396195 (Guj).

Ph: (0260) 434444/436544


Diploma Programme in Management Studies (2-yr, FT)

Elig: Bachelorís Degree.

Selectn: Test (CAT 09 Dec).

Appln F: Send Rs 400/- by DD favouring "GRIMS, Vapi" to Programme Coordinator (PGDMS) at the above address or download from website.

Dec 08 Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Shastri Sadan, Venkateshwara Mandir Marg, Sector-III, R K Puram, New Delhi-110022.

Ph: 6191081, 6172407


PG Programme in Management (2-yr, FT)

Elig: Bachelorís Degree.

Selectn: CAT (09 Dec).

Appln F: Send Rs 925/- by DD favouring "Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management" payable at New Delhi to The Admission Coordinator at the above address. At counter: Rs 850/- (cash).

Details: See Website.

Dec 15 XLRI, Jamshedpur.


(1) PG Programme in Mgt and PM & IR (2-yr, FT)

(2) Fellow Programme in Management

(3) Executive PG Programme (3-yr, PT)

Elig: (1): Bachelorís Degree; (2): Masterís Degree (55% agg)/BE/BTech (60% agg) with 3 yrs wk ex; (3): Bachelorís Degree with 2 yrs wk ex.

Appln F: For details see website.

Dec 15 Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar 751013 (Oris).


(1) PG Diploma in Management (2-yr, FT)

(2) PG Diploma in Rural Management (2-yr, FT)

(3) PG Programme in Management (3-yr, PT)

Elig: (1 & 2): Bachelorís Degree (50% agg); (3): Bachelorís/Masterís Degree (50% agg) with 5 yrs wk ex and above 25 yrs.

Selectn: (1, 2): XAT (06 Jan); (3): GD & Interview.

Appln Form: Send Rs 700/- and Rs 800/- by DD favouring "Xavier Institute of Management", drawn on SBI, RRL Br (Code: 7499), Bhubaneswar for (1, 2) and (3) respectively along with 2 self-addressed stickers to the Admissions Office to the above address. At counter: Rs 700/- & Rs 800/- (cash) resp.


Oct 13 Department of Botany, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 221005 (UP).


Junior Research Fellowships for DST- Sponsored Research Project

Elig: MASc Botany/Life Sc/Microbiology/Biotech (55% agg). NET/GATE exam or wk ex in Cyanobacterial res prefd. Age: below 28 yrs.

Details: See Employment News (22-28 Sep).




 Name the operation launched under the aegis of the UN and led by the USA to counter terrorism in Afghanistan.

2. Name the ex-king of Afghanistan who was overthrown in 1973.

3. Which two countries recently severed their ties with the Taliban?

4. Name the chief of the Taliban.

5. Name the US civil rights activist who has offered to mediate in the present Afghan crisis to prevent deaths of innocent civilians.

6. Expand SIMI.

7. What is the capital of Uzbekistan?

8. Which university was recently declared Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) following a promulgation by the President?

9. Name the first-time legislator who was recently appointed the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

10. Where are the headquarters of OPEC situated?

11. Which country will stage the 2002 World League Volleyball finals?

12. In which country is the Kwangju World Cup stadium being built?

13. Which country recently postponed the second West Asian games in the wake of terrorist attacks in the USA?

14. Who has been appointed the Director of the National Cricket Academy?

15. Where will be the prestigious Champions Trophy field hockey tournament held this year?


School address .........................................................................

Winners of quiz 140. The first prize by draw of lots goes to Charu Uppal, VII-B, St Joseph's Convent School, Cantt Road, Jalandhar- 144005.

Second: Ankur Pathania, XII, Govt Boys Senior Secondary School, Chamba (HP)-176310. Third: Neelam Verma, XI (non-medical), Govt Senior Secondary School, Dharampur(HP)-173209.

Answers to quiz 140: 1973, Pentagon, 1941, Kuala Lumpur, Al-Quaida, New Zealand, Mira Nair, Compaq, Laisenia Qarase, Puszta, National Aluminium Company, Sun temple at Konark, Lleyton Hewitt, Venus Williams, 1884.

Cash awards of Rs 400, 300 and 200 are given to the first, second and third prize winners, respectively. These are sent at the school address.

ó Tarun Sharma