Saturday, October 6, 2001  

Can't we stop this?

No, we can’t stop this bloodshed, contends Ashwini Bhatnagar, till India takes terrorism by the horns and grapples it to the ground.

WE can’t. Not by the processes that we have known so far. Not by replicating the example of Punjab’s combat with terrorism, or through solutions that were found for some parts of the North- East. A single day, September 11, has altered everything. The terrorist is now in sharp focus and the weight of the non-Islamic world opinion is against it.


Forces unite to tackle ‘forced marriages’
Prabhjot Singh
young Punjabi girl, born and brought up in England, was sent to India by her parents after she declared that she wanted to marry an English man, her colleague — a constable in county police. Her parents neither opposed the proposal nor gave their assent to it, but quietly persuaded her to visit India for some time.

Kanjak no longer revered in the Land of Gods
by Rama Sharma
HE startling statistics of census 2001 — which declared that there were 897 girls per 1000 boys in Himachal Pradesh — should come as wake up call for people in the state as well as social scientists and welfare organisations.

The game of the glitterati
by Aradhika Sekhon
O watch polo is to witness an elemental excitement that is rarely seen in any other sport. Whatever the intricacies of the rules, a first-time spectator cannot but be thrilled at the sights and sounds of two teams engaged in intimate combat.

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