Saturday, October 6, 2001
M A I L  B O X

Not living happily ever afterwards

THIS refers to Khushwant Singh’s "Not living happily ever afterwards", (September 22).

Often people enter married life hoping for unending happiness and in their disenchantment, they moan that it is hopelessly prosaic. Of course, marriage is not guaranteed to be only happy, but neither is it completely insipid or frustrating. It can be a joyful experience, if the partners are committed enough to make it so.

O.P. SHARMA, Faridabad

A Telugu saga

This refers to "A Telugu saga set in 19th century" by Khushwant Singh (September 22).

Man is polygamous by nature. Consequently every man in his heart of hearts covets others’ wives. Not one but almost every woman is the object of his desire.

However, it is a matter of common observation that husbands who are devoted to their wives and do not cast about for extramarital relations are more happy than those who, because of some defect in their personalities or out of a false sense of pride or just for the heck of, it try to seduce women other than their wives. Monogamy, in form as well as in spirit, is the key to conjugal bliss.


Cost of chaos

This refers to Taru Bahl’s write-up "The cost of chaos" (September 8). Many passengers often get stranded when buses run out of CNG. Petrol-driven three wheelers demand more fare than CNG-run three wheelers. Seeing the present situation it seems there is a long way to go before Delhi can convert entirely to CNG.