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Sunday, October 7, 2001
Movie Magic

Wah! whos promoting whom?
Madhur Mittal

THE name of the movie is Wah! Tera Kya Kehna (WTKK) and it happens to be the third film that Govinda is (happily) doing with director Manoj Agarwal. When this duo had come together in Pardesi Babu and Hadd Kar Di Aapne previously, the outcome was pretty interesting. And hilarious! So, any guesses what its likely to be like this time over, huh?

Actually, you can expect quite a few fireworks in WTKK... since Chi Chi has a double role.

And you must be only too aware of what all unexpected happenings can happen in a situation like that! On the one hand, our (funny) man has Raveena Tandon for punch as Hyderabadi qawwaals and, on the other hand, hes out to drive Preeti Jhangiani up the wall with his stammer n baby talk, hey! Dancing n prancing to the terrific tunes composed by Jatin-Lalit, this foursome is truly fearsome! Trust me.

Producer Sibte Hasan Rizvi is mighty satisfied with the way the film is shaping up. However, the one question being asked around is: "Whos promoting whom?" I mean, with both Govinda and Manoj having virtually formed a MAS (come on now, dont you know thats a Mutual Admiration Society), it sure is difficult to say for sure whether the hero is plugging the director or vice-versa, dig? Maybe, its both!


Et tu, Ashabai?

Look, its not just me, but hundreds n thousands of genuine admirers of Asha Bhosle whore having a damn tought time reconciling to the fact that she has decided to join the (money-loaded) bandwagon of the (abnominable) trend of film celebs endorsing commercial products... for a (real fat) price!

Yeah, Ashabai is now the official, promotional envoy for Indica V2 the new in customised luxury cars line from the Tatas along with "Mr Balle Balle" Daler Mehndi to keep her company! A huge bash was organised here in Mumbai last week to announce that the singing duo will be taking "The V2 Mega Musical" to most of the Indian metropolii... ostentatious live concerts, to New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and, of course, aamchi Mumbai!

According to S.Krishnan and Rajiv Dubey of Telco, "Our shows will be absolutely unique events never presented live on stage ever before. They will be amazing. And awesome!" So, all you admirers of great singers (and great cars?), do fasten your seat belts for the ride of a lifetime. Wow!

Fake rake!

There seems to be some heavy hassles in the pipeline for a particular, not-so-young but well-known actor of Bollywood. Reportedly, he has been caught red-handed while delivering a consignment of crisp 500 buck notes to a flourishing superstore owner. And so, whats wrong with that, eh? Well, nothing is right, if I may put it that way because the bundle consisted of crisp but very, very fake currency!

Sorry, I have no wish to name the star and put my lil neck in a big noose!

Particularly in view of the fact that even the cops are keeping it under wraps, till their investigations to nab "other filmland associates" are in progress. All I can let go for the moment is that this isnt the actors first brush with the law. He was in the eye of a criminal storm some years ago, but managed to go scot free (after having smuggled in diamonds, imagine!) to breathe free and come back to rake in moolah once again......

Showgirl Sonali!

Sonali Bendre: Waging a war against flimsy wear
Sonali Bendre: Waging a war against flimsy wear

I say, what on earth is Sonali Bendre up to, anyway, uh? Shes almost literally been going hoarse announcing that she is marrying "just about any day now" And yet, shes so very keen to give her career a boost that she has declared that her own, personal war against "the silly costumes Im made to wear in film after film. From now onwards, Im going to design all my screen outfits myself. " Watch out, folks!

Incidentally, that last bit of warning/caution holds the needle to the whole (glam) gamut that Sonali is planning she is going slinky n sexy with a vengeance and, as I understand it, is willing to go an unprecedented long way in exposing n revealing... if not all the way! Obviously, stung by the (uncomplimentary) sneers over her long, white chhammak challo gown for the song in Lajja, Ms Bendre is hot set to set the screen afire... and never mind the protestations of hubby-to-be Goldie Behl!

Well, in that case, I suggest smouldering Sonali take a few freakin houte couture tips by watching FTV on her cable connection. Who knows, it just might be the sort of stuff she wants to strut... and show!