Friday, October 12, 2001, Chandigarh, India


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Exporters still await state export policy
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 11
The hosiery, cycle and cycle parts manufacturers from the city, who export goods worth about Rs 1500 crore annually, have been waiting for the announcement of a state export policy since the installation of present government, but without any results.

Though the exports from the city have registered a decent growth during this period, but the state government has not provided any support, allege exporters.

Mr S.C. Ralhan, chairman, Engineering Export Promotion Council ( Northern Region), admits that the export of cycle and cycle parts, and machine tools have no doubt increased during past few years, but due to duty drawback restrictions announced by the Centre government, and world-wide recession, the exports may fall this year. Further the state government has not given any attention towards exports.

He said,‘‘ We have been asking from the state government for the past few years to refund the octroi and sales tax duty, prevalent in number of states under the state export policy, but nothing has been done in this regard despite assurances by the CM.’’

The insiders agree that a number of textile and engineering units have invested in modernisation and expansion to boost the exports, but the problem of erratic power supply, high transport costs, lack of any significant cooperation by the state industry department have badly affected the units. The export of textile goods have reached about Rs 800 crore and of cycle and cycle parts’ about Rs 750 crore during 2000-01 from Ludhiana.

Says Mr Onkar Singh Pahwa, a cycle manufacturer, ‘‘We have been demanding from the state government to provide us with a facility to dump industrial waste, and to run a train through the Punjab Warehousing Corporation to cut the transport costs of exports from the region, but the government is not ready to listen to us at all’’. It has not done anything concrete to boost the industry during its current term, he adds.

The Excise and Taxation Department officials admit that the tax collections have undoubtedly increased during the past few years, but the number of units have almost remained stable. The Ludhiana I Excise district, which mostly comprises big units, including the Hindustan Liver, Hero, Atlas, Coca Cola, ACC and others, have witnessed a massive increase in tax collections. The total sales tax, including CST in this district have increased from Rs 123 crore in 1995-96 to Rs 252 crore in 2000-01. In fact, the share of Ludhiana district in total sales tax collections in the state was Rs 517 crore out of Rs 2760 crore during last year.

However, the industrialists say the state government is more interested in tax collections than the long-term industrialisation of the region. They say that more than Rs 500 crore are pending towards the state government under the capital subsidy scheme for the past many years. Further, the uniform sales tax policy has also eroded the state’s ability to attract new investors in this border state. The sky-rocketing property prices here will also limit the further progress of the region.

According to the District Industry Centre officials out of about 42,000 units in the city, more than 5,000 are sick or have closed down, though no official data is available in this regard. The number of new units set up during the past year is less than 200, they add. 


Victim becomes accused, thanks to police
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 11
The Humbrah police has allegedly registered a case of attempt to murder against the very person on whom a murder attempt was made.

According to Nacchatar Singh, sarpanch of Bhatta Dura village falling under the Humbrah police station, following a dispute over the control of 30 acre of panchayat land, his house was attacked allegedly by Balwinder Singh and others on September 19, 2000. However, he managed to foil the attack and the assailants had to flee.

After about one month of the incident, while he was harvesting paddy, he was again attacked by the same persons and was fired upon from a close range. He received a gunshot and was operated upon and treated at a hospital. Although the police had registered a case under Section 307 of the IPC, but it did not take any further action. Only one person, Balwinder Singh, was arrested.

However, very soon the police allegedly arrived at some understanding with the accused and registered a counter FIR against Nacchatar Singh. He said, he had got bail from a court to evade police harassment.

According to Nacchatar Singh some persons wanted to grab 30 acre of the panchayat land. Being the village sarpanch, he resisted the move and got it allotted in the name of three persons for cultivation on an annual contract of Rs 29,600. Since then the rival group nourished enmity against him. The district administration had reportedly sought legal opinion and had found that the land belonged to the village panchayat.

In another case presented at the sangat darshan, Mr Charanjit Singh and his wife, Ms Kulwinder Kaur, alleged that they were being denied compensation by a property dealer after his four-storey house collapsed and fell over their house in Bawa Shrichand Colony in Kundia Kallan here, resulting in serious injuries to both of them. The incident occurred on July 23. Mr Charanjit alleged since he had been seriously injured with major damage caused to his ribs, he could not work and hence was unable to feed his family. The DC while assuring all help to the couple ordered that the details of the case should be gathered within two weeks.


Extortion racket exposed
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 11
The often-exposed corruption racket in the local Municipal Corporation over charging a ‘hafta’ or ‘mahina’ from rehri-owners and shopkeepers in the city is back in the limelight following the busting of the racket by the Ludhiana Vigilance Bureau here today evening.

With the arrest of Inspector Fakir Chand of the Teh-Bazaari wing of the MC here today while he was accepting Rs 900 as ‘illegal’ fee for putting up three fruit-rehris in Chotti Haibowal, the Vigilance Bureau today claimed to have finally tasted success in the exposure of the racket going on in the MC since a long time.

Vigilance sources said several heads in the MC are likely to roll in the near future following the interrogation of the accused. Sources said the vigilance was trying for the past several months to expose the racket but had failed as the plan of raids had been leaked.

Giving details about the arrest, Mr R.P.S. Bajwa, SP (Vigilance), said Balwant Singh, a resident of Chotti Haibowal, complained to the bureau that an Inspector of the MC was charging a monthly sum from the rehri owners to allow them to do business on road sides. Officially, the MC also charges fee from the rehri owners , who are issued a receipt for the purpose. However, while the MC fee is nominal, the illegal extortion runs into hundreds and even thousands of rupees depending upon the place where the rehri is parked.

Mr Bajwa said the complainant had been paying Rs 300 per rehri to Fakir Chand. On his complaint, the bureau had laid up a trap today afternoon and he was arrested red-handed while accepting Rs 900 as illegal fee from three rehris. 


Breach in Mukerian hydel channel
K. S. Chawla

Ludhiana, October 11
The state has been plunged into power crises following a breach in the Mukerian hydel channel as a result of which all four units of the power house have become out of order. The breach in the Mukerian Hydel Channel occurred on the evening of October 9.

The four units of the channel, which get water supply from Pong Dam through Shah Nahar barrage, generate about 50 lakh units (207 MW) of power supply.

During the month of September the four units of the Mukerian hydel project generated normal supply and the operational capacity remained 97 per cent. Even during the current month, the four units were generating 40 to 45 lakh units of power daily and suddenly on the evening of October 9 the hydel channel developed a breach.

The Mukerian hydel channel has dual control — as the first 2-3 km stretch of the channel is under the control of the state irrigation department and the remaining portion of the channel is with the Punjab State Electricity Board. The authorities have not yet been able to ascertain the exact cause of the breach that developed near the syphon crossing.

According to reports, the channel will have to be depleted in order to start the maintenance work. The authorities estimate that the Mukerian hydel channel will not be operational for 4-5 weeks and the state power grid will suffer a loss of at least 40 lakh units worth about Rs 1 crore daily.

The water released from the Pong Dam is now being diverted to the Beas because of the closure of the channel. The only face saving is that the Ranjit Sagar Dam is now generating about 60 lakh units of power daily and its two units are functioning.

The authorities of the Ranjit Sagar Dam have succeeded in commissioning the derrick floating crane and now the process of depletion of water from the reservoir has started.

The present level of water in the reservoir of the Ranjit Sagar Dam is 517.8 meters and this has to be brought down to 497 meters by December to start work on irrigation tunnel. The concrete work on the tunnel will be undertaken from January to May and this has to be completed before the onset of the monsoon. Meanwhile, the urban and residential areas of the state are being subjected to three to four hours power cut daily to meet the situation.

The thermal plants are functioning normally except that one each of Bathinda and Ropar plants have been shut down for annual maintenance.


No need of any anti-terrorism law, say residents
Kamal Kishore Shankar

Ludhiana, October 11
Local residents do not approve the formulation of any anti-terrorism law by the Union Government as they think that the existing legislations are sufficient for trial of any accused charge-sheeted for the offences relating to terrorism. They are of the view that there are many ways to maintain law and order in any emergency in any peaceful or disturbed area.

The Union Government has initiated a move to formulate anti-terrorism law after abolishing the controversial TADA in 1995. The anti-terrorism law would be brought as an ordinance in Parliament rather than as a Bill, keeping in view the growing acts of terrorism in the country.

Under this new legislation, some of the controversial clauses would be replaced by new ones to make it a better one. In this Act, a confession before a Superintendent of Police (SP) or officer above the rank of SP, followed by a confession before a Judge would be admissible in court while under the TADA, a confession before the police officer was admissible in court.

The second important feature of the act would be that the prosecutor would have to prove a prima facie within six months or normal bail rules would apply. But under TADA, the bail was not allowed until the prosecutor said so or the Judge was sure that there was no case against the arrested person. In addition to these modifications, to prevent the misuse of new anti-terrorism law, all cases would be screened by a state-level committee.

A senior advocate and chairperson, International Human Rights Organisation, Mr D.S. Gill, while condemning this move of the Union Government said that any such legislation would not be appropriate for innocent citizens in any democratic set-up. He observed that making such legislation would be in strict violation of the human rights. Earlier, many innocents had suffered due to implementation of TADA.

Another advocate, Mr H.S. Narang, also strongly opposed this move of the Union Government for again empowering the cops to act more freely against anyone. He was of the view that though this anti-terrorism law would be an improved version of TADA but still the clause would be objectionable under which a confession before a senior police officer would be admissible by the court. He said that during the terrorism period, this had given a chance to the cops to manipulate the statement of accused.

A retired professor, Mr Y.D. Tangri, was also not in favour of such legislation. He said that the legislation could prove counter-productive for the ruling party. He said that the government should convene an all-party meeting and only after consensus the legislation should be passed. ‘‘But I personally feel that the existing legislation are sufficient to combat with terrorism and there in no need of such a law ,’’ he adds.

A businessman, Mr Anil Soni, was also opposed to the formulation of anti-terrorism law. He said that this would be a legislation more of less like the already lapsed TADA. He said that after implementation of this law, the police could detain any person on the basis of doubt and without any substantial proofs and witnesses. In this way, the cops would be again empowered to take severe action against anyone which would not be a good sign for the prevailing democracy in the country.

A senior citizen, Mr Amrit Lal Aggarwal, was of the view that this act would not be fit for the citizens of the democratic country like India. He said that we had witnessed a war-like situation in Punjab during the period of militancy during which many innocent people were crushed by the cops under the shadow of TADA. He said that now there was no need of any anti-terrorism law, if we improved the implementation of already existing laws and efficiency of our cops. He observed that there was a need to teach the cops a systematic method of investigating a case rather formulating new legislation.


Bearing the Cross of ‘bonded’ life
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, October 11
The word “freedom” does not exist in the dictionary of Bhagwan Singh, a 35-year-old man belonging to the Scheduled Castes of Kheri Gaudian village in Patiala district. He has been doing all sorts of jobs for the family of Arjun Singh since 1981, when his father had taken a loan of Rs 5,000 for his sister’s marriage. Till recently, he worked at the fields of Sher Singh and Ranjit Singh, sons of Arjun Singh. He also took their animals for grazing. Now, he lies dejected at Civil Hospital, Phillaur, where he was admitted by Ms Prabhjot Kaur, who works for People’s Vigilance Committee for Bonded, Child and Migrant Labour, an NGO based at Phillaur.

Narrating his tale, Bhagwan Singh said, “I was beaten mercilessly with sticks on my legs and soles by Sher Singh and Ranjit Singh, and their henchmen about a month ago. My only crime was that I did not present myself at their service at 3 am as I was not feeling well that day. Following the beating, I found myself unable to stand. But the two ruthless brothers forced me to work after getting injections administered to me. Fed-up with this wretched life, one day, I left home with the intention of committing suicide. But a fellow labourer took me to the committee’s office.”

Criticising his masters vehemently, Bhagwan Singh said, “I have always been at their beck and call from 3 am to 11 pm, with just four hours of sleep. All this for Rs 50 or Rs 100 once in a while, and a small quantity of grain occasionally. How can I feed my four small children with such meagre resources?”

Cursing his fate, he said, “I have got misery in inheritance from my father and forefathers, who all worked as bonded labourers. Arjun Singh has taken the thumb impressions of all our family members on a stamp paper stating five per cent monthly interest on the money lent by him. Besides interest, Rs 100 is added to the principal amount every time I take an off for some other work. Now, Arjun Singh’s sons don’t allow me to work anywhere else unless I pay them Rs 63,000 in return for a total of Rs 5,700 taken on loan by my father.”

On being contacted, Raj Kumar, an upper-caste Sarpanch of Kheri Gaudian, endorsed Bhagwan Singh’s statements. “It is true that his family is exploited by that of Arjun Singh. But we are unable to do much as ours is a jat-dominated village, and these land-owners also have the backing of the police. However, the panchayat managed to get Bhagwan Singh’s brother freed from the clutches of Sher Singh and Ranjit Singh when he almost died after consuming poison,” he said.

However, Sher Singh denied the allegations levelled against him and his family when he was contacted on phone. “Bhagwan Singh stopped working for us a long time ago. And we did not beat him at all. I, myself, met with an accident some time ago, and have not fully recovered as yet. As far as money is concerned, Bhagwan Singh’s family has taken a loan of Rs 47,000 in total from us, out of which Rs 20,000 has been returned so far. We just want our remaining amount of Rs 27,000 back with no interest.”

While the doctors of the Civil Hospital, Phillaur, say that Bhagwan Singh may be discharged within a few days as his X-Ray report has come out to be normal. But he is still complaining of extreme pain in his legs and soles, and finds himself unable to walk. The People’s Vigilance Committee has filed a case with the National Human Rights Commission in this regard.


SHO ‘distorts’ inquiry report in property case
D. B. Chopra

Ludhiana, October 11
A city SHO has reportedly distorted an inquiry report ignoring all investigation norms and passed judgmental remarks on a sub-judice property dispute case. For reasons best known to the investigating officer concerned, all claims and statements made by the complainant in this particular case have been totally ignored.

Mr Ravi Kumar, who runs a hosiery in Lallu Mal street here, had filed a suit for permanent injunction in a city court in June 1997 which was decided in his favour in December last year.

The court in its orders observed that ‘‘in these circumstances, application filed by the applicant is allowed restraining the respondents from interfering in possession of the applicant and from dispossessing him forcibly from the shop in dispute till disposal of the suit’’.

But while the litigation was on, Mr Kumar was informed that a tunnel was being dug up under the foundations of his shop from the rear of the shop. The matter was at once reported to the police by Mr Kumar. And according to the report submitted by an ASI, when he reached the site a labourer was busy with spade and an iron rod digging out earth from under the shop. A tunnel of sorts, measuring seven feet by two feet, had been dug up. The labourer working there, on questioning, said that the owner had asked him to dig such kind of a ditch as would cause the building to collapse. The ASI also observed that the ditch appeared to have been dug with the intention of damaging the building.

But despite the court order for permanent injunction, the present shop owners continued to devise means by which the old three-storeyed building could collapse and cause damage to the shop as well. In July last , when Mr Kumar approached the police station of division number four, his complaint against the owner did not find any takers. So he approached the DIG, Ludhiana range, Mr Suresh Arora, on July 16 with his complaint. The application was marked for an inquiry to the SHO concerned but he did not proceed with the inquiry according to established norms of investigation.

Mr. Ravi Kumar had complained that when he was away to Badri Nath and Kedar Nath, the shop owners, taking advantage of the rainy season, ‘caused’ the roof of the old building to collapse on the roof of his shop and that the debris of the same was still lying on his shop’s roof. Moreover, the shop owners, in order to harass him further, dug up some big cracks in the back wall of the shop to facilitate the entry of rain water into his shop. In fact, as a result of the seepage from the damaged wall, hosiery goods kept in the shelf along the wall were also damaged and he suffered financial losses on that count.

Mr Ravi Kumar stated further in his complaint that the shop owners were also threatening him in view of which he apprehended danger to life and property.

But the investigating officer, Mr. Gurpreet Singh, SI, who has since been shifted to the Press Information Centre, ignored the statements of five persons, including the complainant, Mr Ravi Kumar, and just went ahead with the ‘ritual’ of filing his conclusion of the investigation.

In the very beginning of his ‘conclusion’, which he filed on September 29 last, he said that Mr Ravi Kumar, after his father’s death in 1993, had occupied the shop illegally and started doing business. And this too, when he himself stated further that Ravi Kumar had obtained a permanent injunction.

And as regards the cracks created in the 18-inch-wide walls at the back of his shop to which Mr Ravi Kumar had no access, the investigating officer stated that the gaps had been filled in by the complainant himself which was not possible. The plot behind the shop was also in the possession of the shop owners.

Earlier at one stage of investigations, the Deputy Superintendent of Police concerned had passed verbal instructions to get the debris on the roof removed and the gaps in the wall filled with the help of a ‘common mason’.

In fact, the cracks had only been covered by placing bricks in front. A visit to the spot was enough to make it clear.

As regards his remarks about the building having been constructed with the help of Nanakshahi bricks, the investigating officer failed to mention the big-sized bricks used in the building and the RCC roof on the shop which was in possession of the complainant.

The ‘conclusion’ further stated that the dispute was a civil one and did not need any intervention by the police.

And to top it all, the SHO closed his conclusion with the remark that the applicant was submitting false applications.

Meanwhile, debris lying on the shop continued to be there and the cracks made in the wall at the rear of the shop also remained as these were before the filing of the application.


Student beaten up
A Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 11
In a bizarre incident that took place in the Government High School Jabadi, a Class X student was mercilessly beaten up by four teachers for allegedly taunting one of them over her appearance.

According to Jaspreet Kaur, daughter of Mr Sunder Singh, she was beaten up so badly that it became difficult for her to return home. “They kept on thrashing, dragging and kicking me, when I pleaded for mercy”, she said, in a state of shock at the Deputy Commissioner’s office, where she had come to plead her case.

Her parents alleged inaction on the part of Sarabha Nagar police. Later, they appeared in sangat darshan to plead their case. After hearing the case, the DC asked the DSP, Sarabha Nagar, to conduct an inquiry.


Katani Kalan gets solar streetlights
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, October 11
Energy, one of the main basic inputs for an accelerated economic development, as such, finds an important place in the agenda of the countries world ever, especially in the developing countries. Bulk of energy comes from fossil fuel stations but the oil crises led to consideration for harnessing renewable sources like small hydro, solar, wind and co-generation to supplement the energy generation. These were stated by Mr S.K. Sandhu, Deputy Commissioner, while addressing a gathering at Katani Kalan village, after inaugurating streetlights run by solar energy.

Mr Sandhu said the Punjab Government had declared the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) as a nodal agency for the generation of electricity from non-conventional energy sources. In the entire district, 200 solar lights had already been installed in different villages, with 40 solar streetlights being put up at Katani Kalan village at a cost of Rs 12 lakh. These lights were pollution free, generated power from the natural source of energy, with no running cost. He urged the panchayat to own up the responsibility to maintain the streetlights by collecting nominal funds from the village population.

The DC further said in the district 12 MW electricity was being produced by mini-hydel projects at various places. He appealed to the villagers to come forward for the development of the state by rising above small issues and petty differences in the villages. “There is a need to make the quality of life better to meet the challenges coming in the daily life”. He asked the youth to remain away from the intoxicants and work for the prosperity for their villages.

Mr Sandhu made an appeal to the panches and sarpanches to own responsibility and be accountable as everybody tended to shirk from responsibilities towards society and the country.

Lala Lajpat Rai, MP, said: “Each one of us have to work for the development and prosperity of the state and the nation”. He remarked that for the better quality of life in villages, these modern streetlights had been installed and Katani Kalan village would be made solar energy model village.

He further informed that the Rural Development Department had been asked to conduct a survey and submit a report with detail, identifying such common places where more solar- lights could be installed. Among others who addressed the function were Mr A.K. Sinha, ADC (D), Mr Jasbir Singh Mangat, president, Ex-Serviceman Association, and Mr Anupam Nanda.


Kidnapping case: police inaction resented
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 11
There is resentment among residents of Manohar Nagar over the inaction of the police in a case of kidnapping of a youth by five miscreants.

As many as 100 persons approached the Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K Sandhu, today and alleged that the police had not taken any action and had also distorted the records by not mentioning proper facts in the First Information Report.

According to Sonu, who works as a sweeper in the Christian Medical College and Hospital here, he was kidnapped by a group of five youths. He identified them as Rinku, alias Chhajoo, Gola, Sawan and Kaka, all belonging to Ghati Mohalla, falling in the Division Number 3 police station.

He disclosed that he was taken in a vehicle and kept in an under-construction house in the Ghati Mohalla for about six hours and was allegedly tortured as the five youth beat him mercilessly. They also tonsured his head and eyebrows and left deep scars on his head. He allegedly fell unconscious after the assault.

Subsequently, they took off his clothes and left him naked near Daresi. He begged for some clothes from people after he regained consciousness and reported the matter to his family members who approached the police.

However, instead of registering the FIR on the basis of Sonu's statements, the police allegedly drafted it on its own. Although six days have passed, the police has not taken any action in this regard, they said.

The Deputy Commissioner has set October 20 as the deadline for the police to submit the action taken report in this case.


Buy cards for a social cause too
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 11
Next time when you go to buy greeting cards for your dear ones keep in mind that your purchase can also help the orphans , aged and the handicapped. Your purchase can brighten up the lives of several needy and underprivileged.

Various organisations like the UNICEF, CRY, HELPAGE publish greeting cards for Divali and New Year and the money generated from the sale of these cards go to the needy people. But it is a pity that these cards are not even seen on the stands and show windows of many big shops in the city. The shopkeepers disclosed that since it was a no profit business most shopowners were not willing to waste there time on selling these cards.

Mr Harpreet Singh, a card shop owner in Ghumar Mandi, said sale of the cards is maximum during this season. Every one wants to give the best card to his relatives and friends. Card lovers spend hours to choose the cards for their loved ones some of them even visit two- three card shops to choose from the variety of cards available. ‘‘But as there are very few buyers for UNICEF and CRY cards it is not profitable to keep these cards in the shop’’, he added. Another stationary owner said these days everyone looks for funky and beautiful cards where as the greeting cards of these organisations are very simple.

Ms Ritu who is a regular buyer of these cards said these greeting cards were not easily available in the shops and added that the number of buyers for these cards can be increased if these are displayed alongwith other cards in the shops.

Some other people feel that it should be mandatory for the card shops to keep such cards. They said large outlets can easily spare a side of the display board specially for this social cause. Some of them suggested that the shopkeepers should make efforts to increase the sales of these cards.


Old couple accuse son of harassment
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 11
An elderly couple of Killa Raipur today accused their son of harassment and intimidation.

In a complaint to the Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K Sandhu, Mr Joginder Singh Grewal and Ms Gurdev Kaur alleged that one of their sons, Sukhminder Singh, who is working in the police department, had once dragged his father out of the house and had beaten him up.

They alleged that Sukhminder wanted to grab their property. ‘‘He threatens us of dire consequences, if we do not accept his demands of giving him the entire property’’, Gurdev Kaur alleged. She disclosed that Sukhminder had deserted them within a few days of his marriage. ‘‘When he had no place to live in, we provided him a portion of the house to live in and now he wants to grab our house and wants to throw us out’’, said a disappointed Joginder Singh.

Joginder Singh also showed some scars on his shoulder, which he said, had been caused when he was dragged out of the house by Sukhminder. They alleged that Sukhminder was enjoying ‘‘immunity’’ from law as he was a policeman.

The couple was assured of full justice and the case has been referred for further investigation.


PSEB employees hold rally
Our Correspondent

Amloh, October 11
The Employees Federation of the Punjab State Electricity Board organised a rally at Shamashpur, near here, yesterday.

Addressing the rally, Mr Gurmel Singh Mander, its president, and other leaders demanded the implementation of their demands that were accepted by the management at a meeting held on March 20. It was stated in a press note issued here today that the board had accepted the demand of two increments of its employees who have completed 23 years of service, reintroduction of eight per cent reservation, bonus on Divali and creation of new posts according to the workload.


Bid to abduct woman cop, police clueless
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 11
The Division No. 6 police staff continues to be clueless about the identity of two persons, who tried to abduct a woman Head Constable, near the police station on Tuesday evening. Even though the incident took place outside the police station and a large number of people including civilians and policemen were present at the place yet the kidnappers managed to escape scot free.

Interestingly, the police was not sure whether the kidnapping bid was due to personal enmity or professional enmity.

An official of the police station admitted that the police was clueless but was verifying the case from all possible angles. He said no hint about the identity of the kidnappers or their motive had been found so far.

According to an FIR registered, two unidentified persons tried to abduct Sunita Rani on Tuesday late evening. She was returning to the Division No. 6 police station after doing security duty at the Sahnewal Airport, when the two kidnappers pounced on her and tried to drag her to a waiting white Maruti car. The woman however managed to break free and ran towards the police station. The kidnappers again followed her and made another attempt but failed. The kidnappers then ran away and even though a number of policemen from the police station had come out but no one tried to follow them.

The woman suffered injuries in the process and was admitted for a few hours to the Civil hospital. Senior police officers also rushed to the place.


One injured in accident
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 11
The Salem Tabri police has registered a case under Sections 279, 338, 337 and 427, IPC, against the driver of a truck (PCR-4675), that hit a tractor yesterday near the Bhattian octroi post. Mr Mohinder Pal, manager of a gas company, complained to the police that as result of the accident the tractor was damaged and a worker was injured.

Cheating case
A case under Sections 467, 420, 406, 467, 463, 471 and 120-B, IPC, was registered on the complaint of Mr Sant Ram, a son of Mr Chanan Singh of Dholan village in Jagraon tehsil, against Jagtar Singh, Surinder Singh, both residents of Phagwara, Hans Raj and Tilak Raj, both residents of Chhawni Mohalla, Ludhiana. The complainant stated that after his daughter’s death, the accused sold her house in Bhora colony, Salem Tabri, after allegedly preparing fake documents. However, no arrest has been made so far.

Dowry case
The Salem Tabri police has registered a case under Sections 406 and 498-A, IPC, on the statement of Ms Resham Kaur, alias Reshmo, of Matewara village falling under the Koom Kalan police station against Bhajno (mother-in-law), Rano (sister-in-law), Soma (brother of her husband), and her husband, Om Parkash, son of Mr Ram Saroop. The accused allegedly harassed her and demanded more dowry and threatened her. No arrest has been made so far.

Case Registered
A case has been registered against Prithpal Singh, Ramanpal Singh and Dharampal Singh, all residents of Sarabha Nagar, under Sections 406, 420, 506 and 34, IPC, at the Division Number one police station on the basis of an application submitted by Mr Sandeep Singh, a son of Mr Hardial Singh. The complainant has alleged that the accused took Rs 2.81 lakh for sending him abroad but neither did they send him abroad nor return the payment.

Cyclist injured
A car (PB-10-2604) hit a cyclist near Durga Mata Mandir on Wednesday and ran away. The cyclist was badly injured. A case has been registered under Sections 279, 338 and 427, IPC, at the Division Number 5 police station on the statement of the cyclist, Mr Shiv Kumar, a resident of Deep Nagar.

Four held
In the campaign against gamblers, an amount of Rs 885 along with a pack of playing cards has been recovered from Paramjit Singh, a resident of BRS Nagar , Ramesh Kumar, a resident of Jawaher Nagar Camp, Baljinder Singh and Ravi Kumar, both from Midda Chowk. An FIR has been registered against the accused under Sections 13, 3 and 67 of the Gambling Act at the Division Number 5 police station.

Held for eve-teasing
Sanjay, a resident of Phullanwal village, has been arrested under Sections 294 and 509, IPC, at the Sarabha Nagar police station on charge of teasing a girl at Canal Bridge.

Liquor seized
Twenty-one bottles of liquor have been seized from Heera Lal, a resident of West Bengal from Jeevan Preet Nagar in Barewal, by CIA staff during special checking. A case has been registered against the accused under Sections 61, 1 and 14 of the Excise Act at the Sarabha Nagar police station.



Exhibition of bridal wear

The International Trade and Exhibition Group will organise an exhibition ‘Bride and Groom 2001’ here from October 13 to 15. It will not only provide an opportunity for the designers to exhibit their creations but also help consumers and traders to get everything connected to wedding at one place.

Ms Geetika Sharma, coordinator of the show, said the exhibition would include a wide range of groom wear, bridal wear, designer outfits, sarees, jewellery, watches etc.

The company will also organise a fashion show at the Lakshmi Ladies Club on October 12. (OC)

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