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Monday, October 15, 2001

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From the ashes a fire shall be woken...      IMAGING BY GAURAV SOOD Even as dot.coms are going bust, the number of inspirational sites on the Net continue to swell. At present there are an estimated 100 such sites that inspire the dejected, says Raman Mohan

HEARTBROKEN by rejections in several interviews, Ravinder, a bright young jobless engineer, wrote to his grandpa about his predicament.


Office XP for digital album
by Vipul Verma
HAT you never thought possible earlier is now a reality with the help of computers. The world of computers is amazing as the kind of applications that you can perform could be far beyond your imagination. Moreover, with further introduction of the new and latest technologies, the vistas have widened further.

Computer cartography to develop maps
by Sumesh Raizada
IVE centuries ago, Columbus discovered America, a region that later on turned out to be the most advanced and prosperous in the world. This ‘accidental’ discovery became possible through geographical aids like maps and compass. Ever since the formation of the civilised world consisting of regions with varying terrain like mountains, rivers and deserts, human beings always remained inquisitive about the world around them.

Taking a cue from human DNA
by S.S. Verma
LL electronic computers make use of binary code — 1’s and 0’s, or on’s and off’s on the circuits of a computer chip, forming the basis for every calculation a computer performs, from simple addition to the solution of the most complex differential equations.

Press Alt to use virtual keys
by Sarabjeet Singh Kanwal
INDOWS provide a lot of utilities that we remain unaware of just because there is no one to tell us on how to get started on these. We become aware of most of the utilities and short cuts either through hit-and-trial or just by 'accident'. Here are a few tips that may make Windows a better experience.

USA reviews nuclear sites
HE US government's nuclear watchdog, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), said last week it was vetting its Website with an eye to power plant security following the September 11 attacks.

Getting on users’ nerves
by Sudhir Kumar
LD rusty typewriters may have been replaced by sleek and gleaming computers, allowing your fingers to fly across the keyboard at a phenomenal speed of 240 strokes a minute. But you may be courting a serious neurological disorder in the process, besides impairing your vision, warn doctors.

Troubleshooter helps orphans
by Kevin Flynn
IVE years ago David Tagliani was on call, night and day in Seattle as Microsoft’s leading troubleshooter. He was also a physical and emotional wreck.

On Hardware
LCDs require lower power
by Jasjot Singh Narula
HE journey of monitors started with lumbering monochrome monitors and is still moving with a formidable technology of CRT monitors. For decades the bulky, square-shaped CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors ruled the market because they provided quality and were economically cheap. But now the monitor industry has got a new lease of life.

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