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Postal staff cautioned against anthrax attack
Safety norms sought from Switzerland
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
With the threat of biological warfare, especially attacking a target with anthrax disease sent through letters, the Department of Posts, Punjab, can only advise postal employees in Punjab and Chandigarh to take precautions as it waits for guidelines from the Universal Postal Union, Switzerland, as well as expertise provided by the government to meet with any such threat in the country.

Local sources claimed that while India was one of the main targets of some terrorist outfits active in the world who have launched biological warfare, the country and the Department of Posts has no means, equipment and expertise to deal with any such incident.

Mr A.S.I.S. Paul, Chief Post Master General, Punjab Circle, when contacted said the department was awaiting guidelines from the Universal Postal Union, Switzerland, of which India is one of the 189 members. “The Union is studying the anthrax attack and would inform us about measures that can avoid such attacks. But we have guided our staff to take extra caution in handling the letters received from abroad,” said Mr Paul.

He also disclosed that he had talked to his seniors at the Delhi head office after reports of biological warfare. He said that the department was thinking on these lines and some kind of security plan was likely to be taken up.

Conveying a message to his employees and the public, he said that they required to be cautious and not open any anonymous or suspicious letters. However, no such case has yet been reported in the country.

Meanwhile, experts at Punjab Agricultural University told Ludhiana Tribune that Anthrax was a disease that attacked cattle, goats and sheep and was transmitted to humans through inhalation and skin.

According to Dr D.R. Sharma, Head, Department of Preventive Medicine, College of Veterinary Science, the disease was reported in Himachal Pradesh and Southern parts of the country but was unheard of in the northern region. He said that although there were no reports of the disease, “we should be prepared to face it”. Education of the public through the media was important at this juncture.

He said that it was a bacterial disease caused by Bacillus Anthracis. The bacteria, when present inside the body was in the form of bacillus and assumed the form of a spore on the body of an animal. The spores were very resistant and were sensitive to penicillin.

The disease, when it attacked humans, was called ‘Woolsorter’s disease’ as it usually infected the persons handling wool, hides or the dead bodies of animals affected by the disease.

Dr Sharma said that the disease was fatal and was characterised by malignant carbuncles on the skin, high fever, respiratory infections and intestinal infections. He said the disease could be fatal and cause death due to these infections. It can also lead to bleeding from all body openings’ and the blood oozing out does not coagulate.



Hindi films boringly repetitive, says
Naseeruddin Shah
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, October 16
“I believe that more one rehearses, the better one gets. I enjoy the process of rehearsing than acting. Actors who say that over-rehearsing kills creativity are lazy; there is no substitute for extensive rehearsals for achieving perfection. Rehearsal improve the quality of a play,” said Naseeruddin Shah, who was here to perform in the play, ‘Ismat Apa Ke Naam’, in Guru Nanak Bhavan today.

In morning, Naseer, his wife, Ratna, and daughter, Heeba, were checking the sound and light arrangements and were adjusting the set. Naseer’s modesty and readiness to answer all questions shows how great he is.

He said, “I am passionate about theatre as there is more scope for showing creativity in theatre than Hindi films of today. I have worked under Peter Brooks in England, who has polished my talent. The other theatre personalities who have influenced me are Alkazi, Pandit Satya Dev Dubey and Professor Roshan Taneja.”

When asked how did he internalise the character and forgot Naseeruddin while performing, he said, “A good actor is he who is like a blank sheet of paper, with no personality of his own or a malleable personality. This is what makes and actor true to the character that he is playing. Every human being has a many talents. When an actor plays a doctor, a beggar or robber, he discovers some shades of the character in his own personality and realises that he has to use this potential to enlarge and allow aspects of a new personality in his performance. For this, a lot of discipline and hard work is needed.”

He said Mumbai film industry had become actor centered, where actors with a specific personality gave repetitive performances. In all films of such actors, only one personality surfaces and that is of the actor and not the character. Kamal Hassan is one actor who has been able to avoid this trap, but I do not think there is any versatile actor in Hindi films. The actors are so conscious of their personality that they do not allow the character to overshadow their original personalities. Naseer finds only Tabbu to be an actress of potential.

Moreover, cinema has become too commercialised and churns out ludicrous and unbelievable films that flop as expected. However, no one improves and subjects and mistakes get repeated in every next film, with no storyline or screenplay. The crew keeps improvising as the movie progresses.

“In the West, films are made at a stretch and actors can put on weight or lose it as per the demand of the role, for they do not have to work for any other film. However, an Indian hero works in 5-6 films at one go and sacrifices continuity. Our regional films are better than Hindi films, but Bollywood looks down on these and prefers to ape popular western musicals of the 1950s. Even these copies are not well-made, which is a pity. We keep producing such bad movies and claim that the audience likes these.”

Ratna Shah said, “I, too, enjoy rehearsals. Though I have to narrate a story in this play, yet I have rehearsed my part for six months in India. Then, Heeba and I went to Paris where Naseeruddin was directing plays and we rehearsed with him; and he is an excellent director who helps his actors give their best. I have learnt a lot from him.”

Heeba, who is acting on stage for the first time after her stint in the National School of Drama, said, “I am always nervous before a performance, but once the play gets going, I become confident. My father is an admirable teacher as well.”

Naseeruddin Shah said, in the 20 years of his marriage to Ratna, the couple had spent a lot of time working together. They share the same interests. Mostly, those who marry outside their religion, face cultural clashes. “We celebrate Id, Christmas and Divali with same fervour and enjoy ourselves, so, we have never had any cultural clashes,” he said.



City to have covered vehicles for garbage disposal
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, October 16
In pursuance of the directions of the Supreme Court, the Municipal Corporation has made provisions to provide covered vehicles for transportation of garbage and other waste material. The civic body has got 15 tippers, equipped with hydraulically controlled top covers, at a cost of Rs 9.40 lakh for this purpose.

The finance and contract committee (F&CC) of the MC which met here last evening under the chairmanship of the city Mayor, Mr Apinder Singh Grewal, accorded its assent to the expenditure, incurred for providing covered vehicles being used by the sanitation wing.

Others present at the meeting were Mr S.K. Sharma, Additional Commissioner, Mr Prem Chand, Mr Harjinder Singh, Mr O.A.K. Sondhi, all Zonal Commissioners, Mr Jagdish Prasad Loomba, Senior Deputy Mayor, Ms Santosh Aneja, Deputy Mayor, and Mr Jai Parkash, councillor.

Taking up a shortest ever agenda, comprising 14 items, the F&CC approved housing loans worth Rs 12.25 lakh for the MC employees. A sum of Rs 9.90 lakh was sanctioned for payment to the Punjab State Electricity Board for obtaining a temporary power connection to Guru Nanak Stadium for the coming National Games next month. A payment of Rs 1.41 lakh as consultancy fee to the architect for overseeing the renovation of the stadium and multipurpose hall was also okayed at the meeting.

Tenders received for various works related to development and maintenance of parks, providing streetlights and sewerage were approved and decks cleared for issuance of work orders. These included Rs 9.14 lakh for a park in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar Housing Colony, Rs 18.33 lakh for renovation of park near Cheema Chowk, Rs 4.03 lakh for providing 150 watt sodium vapour lamps from IMA House to Lodhi Club Road and Rs 6.04 lakh for casting of RCC slabs and fixing of man holes on open drain from Kidwai Nagar to Issa Nagar puli.

The F&CC also gave its nod to the proposal for payment of an architects fee equal to 2.5 per cent of the total cost of the project for construction of the new MC headquarters in Sarabha Nagar. The work has been entrusted to a local architect, who had won the Rs 2 lakh as first prize in the All-India Architectural Design Competition organised by the MC.



Cable operator beat up 5 of family
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Five members of a South Indian family were allegedly beaten up by a cable operator and his henchmen in the Focal Point area on the night of October 13. Although an FIR was registered the next day, no action has been taken against the accused. They alleged that the cable operator of Sood Cable, Focal Point, was still threatening them for having “dared to inform” the police.

According to an FIR registered in Focal Point police station, Mr James, who works in a factory in the Focal Point, he had already got his cable line disconnected and also informed the cable operator. However, the cable operator allegedly demanded money from him after accusing him of having clandestinely taken the cable connection. When Mr James refused to pay the money he was threatened.

On the night of October 13, when James and his wife along with their three children were sitting in their home and watching television, the cable operator along with four other persons descended on his house and started abusing and threatening him. When he objected, his wife and the children were allegedly dragged out of his house and beaten up on the road in the presence of several neighbouring residents. The terror-struck family cried for help.

The police allegedly did not register an FIR when James complained. However, after several hundred people of the area staged a dharna outside the police station, an FIR (357 dated October 14) was registered against the accused. Although three days have already passed no action has been taken against the accused. James alleged, they were continuously threatening him for having registered a case against them.



Doctors stage protest against intimidation
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
About 100 doctors here today staged a demonstration in front of the Mini-Secretariat and blocked traffic for some time. They lifted the dharna only after an assurance was given to them by the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mr S R Kaler that their case would be considered on merit and no harassment would be allowed to any doctor. The doctors protesting against the alleged intimidation by the relatives of a patient, who was referred to the Christian Medical College and Hospital from a private hospital. The patient died in the CMC on Monday night.

The relatives of the patient had alleged negligence on part of the doctors of the private nursing home. They also staged a demonstration outside the hospital demanding action against doctors for their alleged negligence. However, the doctors said that they had decided to operate upon the patient only after they had seen the investigation report of another diagnostic centre. After operation they found that the intestine of the patient had burst, which led to complication. They instantly referred the patient to the CMC, where he died after some time.

Earlier angry relatives of the patient staged a demonstration in front of the hospital located in Shivpuri. They were demanding action against the doctors whom they blamed for the death. They lifted the dharna only after an assurance was given to them that a case would be registered against the doctors. A case was later registered against the doctors under Section 304-A of the IPC.

This led to resentment among the doctors who decided to stage a dharna in front of the Mini-Secretariat under the banner of the local chapter of the Indian Medical Association (IMA). The IMA president, Dr Gursharan Singh, pointed out that this was the third case of intimidation of doctors by mobs.

He said, there was neither any negligence nor any carelessness shown by the doctors. Giving details, he said on Sunday evening, 53-year-old Prem Singh was admitted to Trehan Hospital in Shivpuri Area for a complaint of appendicitis. An ultrasound scanning had already been done on him. However, when the patient was operated, his intestine was found to have already burst.

Dr Gursharan alleged that the relatives of the patient had appreciated their case and the atmosphere was vitiated by some vested interests and self-styled politicians. He claimed that these people did not let the relatives to perform the last rites of the patient before the “doctor was taught a lesson”. The IMA president alleged that they were also trying to blackmail Dr Dinesh Trehan asking him to pay a compensation of Rs 2 lakh.

He said that the ADC had assured them that all those people who had indulged in hooliganism outside the private hospital would be brought to book and case registered against them.



Jailbirds escape, officials trapped
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Four officials of the local Central Jail have been suspended for negligence of duty that helped an undertrial escape from the prison yesterday. The district police is yet to hold any police personnel responsible for the negligence that led to the escape of another undertrial from the District Courts yesterday.

The undertrials who have escaped are Maneshwar and Kallu Singh. Kallu Singh, who has been charged with violation of the Arms Act, was brought to the Central Jail only yesterday morning, but was found missing in the evening. The Jail Superintendent, Mr G.S. Sidhu, said he had found four officials responsible for the prisoner’s escape.

He said the services of the Assistant Jail Superintendent, Amrik Singh, the Head Warden, Dev Raj, and the Wardens, Gurinder Singh and Devinder Singh, had been suspended and security in the jail had been beefed up. An inquiry had been ordered into the security lapses.

The second incident of escape took place in the District Courts complex yesterday, where Maneshwar ‘Raju’, charged with theft, was brought for the hearing of his case. He was found missing at the time of the evening counting.



Badal govt adopting double standards
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 16
Ludhiana district delegate conference of the Marxist Communist Party of India (MCPI) was organised at Shehzad village in which about 100 delegates and observers from all over the district took part. The conference started with flag hoisting by Mr Kuldip Singh, secretary of the state unit of the party. After paying floral tributes at the martyrs’ column, the delegates elected a presidium of Mr Krishan Kumar Kaushal, Doraha, Mr Kirpal Singh Hans, Mr Ram Dass Chadha, Mr Kuldip Singh and Mr Jagjit Singh Lyallpuri to conduct the proceedings.

Mr Jagjit Singh Lyallpuri, national general secretary of MCPI, in his inaugural address, talked about the international and national situation in the context of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in the USA and observed that the present serious economic-political situation was the result of imperialist and neo-colonialist policies being pursued by the USA and its allies over the past 50 years.

He criticised the BJP-led NDA alliance government on its Kashmir policy.

Mr Lyallpuri criticised the SAD-BJP government for adopting double standards on the issue of WTO. On the one hand, it was continued to be an ally of the NDA government led by BJP, which was pursuing the policies of the WTO, and on the other hand it intended challenging the WTO agreement in Supreme Court. He urged the Badal government to quit the NDA alliance and stop implementing WTO agenda if it was sincere to the people of Punjab.

Mr Lakhwinder Singh Boani, district secretary, placed the report of the past four years’ activities of the organisation on which a large number of delegates expressed their views. With suggestions and additions, the report was passed unanimously. Mr Kirpal Singh Hans, a freedom fighter, also addressed the session.

Addressing the session, Mr Kuldip Singh cautioned the delegates against the nefarious motives of certain political forces in Punjab, who were out to divide the communities and people of Punjab due to their own vested interests and narrow electoral gains.

The resolution calling for an end to unemployment, rising prices, corruption and social evils, solution of Punjab problem, raising of minimum wages of industrial workers, remunerative price of crops to the farmers, expressing concern over in power crises in state were adopted. A special resolution was passed demanding immediate repair of the Pakhowal road going to village of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha.

In the end, a 13 member-district committee was elected, which includes Mr Bhajan Singh, Mr K.K. Kaushal, Mr Kirpal Singh Hans, Mr Gurdev Singh Sarabha, Mr Kuldip Singh, Mr Lakhwinder Singh Boani, Mr Manjit Singh, Mr Ram Dass Chadha, Mr Bal Kishan, Mr Kamal Krishan, Mr Major Singh Dolani and Mr Surinder Singh.



Patwaris seek time-bound promotions
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
About 200 patwaris from the region held a dharna in the Mini-Secretariat here today to protest against the state government’s indifferent attitude regarding their time-bound promotions and other demands. The dharna was organised as part of the state-wide protest in support of the agitating patwaris of Amritsar district and their own demands.

Addressing the protesting patwaris, Mr Balwir Singh Thareke, general secretary, the Revenue Patwar Union, Punjab, said, “Their struggle would continue till the acceptance of their demands, which included time-bound promotions after eight 16, 24 and 32 years of service, provide receipts to them for the contributions made to the GPF and GIS fund, prepare roaster registers, to give preference at the time of recruitment to the wards of the diseased patwaris and other facilities including gratuity.”

He lamented that the Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar was not providing the due facilities to the patwaris, including casual leave. The union leaders announced that they would be forced to approach the Punjab and Haryana High Court against the Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar, and the Tehsildar’s decision not to sanction the leave of their colleagues.

The speakers condemned the government’s policy of transferring the union leaders to weaken their movement and warned the state government to accept their genuine demands, otherwise they would be forced to intensify the agitation.

Among others, Mr Satinder Pal Singh, district president, Revenue Patwaris Union, Mr Paramjit Singh, senior vice-president, and Mr Avtar Singh, president of the Kanungos Association, also addressed the meeting.



Struggling for life, funds
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 16
Hardev Chand (29), a resident of Mandikalan village of Bathinda district, is struggling to live. He is suffering from infective endocarditis that has damaged an aortic valve. He is admitted to Hero DMC Heart Institute.

Hardev Chand
Hardev Chand

According to doctors his condition is serious and he requires a prolonged hospital stay.

But unfortunately, even his family does not know whether he will be able to survive or not because they are unable to bear the cost of his treatment at the hospital.

Around four months ago, Hardev Chand suddenly complained of fever and breathlessness while cultivating land for his landlord in his native village.

‘‘At first, we thought that it to be some minor problem, but when his condition started deteriorating, we took him to Rajindra Hospital at Patiala, where he stayed for almost 15 days’’, said one of his younger brother, while talking to Ludhiana Tribune today.

Hardev’s five years old son is also a paralytic and is unable to move.

Mr A.K. Bhandari, general secretary, public cause, an organisation, which got him admitted to Hero DMC said,‘‘The cost of treatment will be around Rs 3 lakh, and the family is unable to bear the expenses.

They have already spent Rs 40,000 on his treatment and various tests at Patiala. Hardev needs to be hospitalised for over a month to be fully cured as the valve replacement can only be done once his infection is controlled’’.

The fate of his family largely depends on him as he is the only bread earner in the family. Besides his wife and two sons, his parents and two younger brothers also stay with him.

One of his brothers said,‘‘The money spent on the treatment was collected from family and friends. But even they are now unable to provide any further monetary help’’.

Dr V.M. Kohli, Chief Cardiac Surgeon, Hero DMC Heart Institute, said that patient’s condition was serious and he needed immediate treatment.



Sepoy cremated with honours
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 16
The mortal remains of Sepoy Harpreet Singh of Bair Khurd village were consigned to the flames on Sunday at his village itself. The bhog ceremony shall take place next Tuesday.

Harpreet Singh of Rashtriya Rifles was killed in an encounter with the terrorists in the Sopori district of Srinagar on October 11 this year after killing four of the Pakistani Army.

Harpreet Singh (22) and had joined the Army two and a half years ago. His body was cremated with full military honours and among those who laid wreaths on the body were Mr Jaskaran Singh, SDM, Payal, Mr Sadhu Singh Ghudani, MLA, the SP (Operations), Mr Ram Singh, DSP Balraj Singh Sidhu, the Tehsildar, Mr Gian Singh, and the Naib Tehsildar, Mr Tarsem Chand. Senior officials of the regiment and the Deputy Director, Sainik Welfare, were also present. An ex-gratia grant of Rs 2 lakh, a plot and job to one dependent were announced for the bereaved family.



Bihar girl wins ‘bunte bunte’ contest
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 16
Ms Abilasha Kumari of Patna has won the first prize in the Ist Mini Mega Bunte Bunte Kismat Chamke Phirse Contest, the results of which were declared by Vardhman Spinning and General Mills Limited. A total of 2,509 prizes were declared during the contest.

The contest was launched on August 15 this year by Ms Renuka Shahane, a well-known TV personality. Over 1,72,000 knitters had participated in the contest last year.

According to Mr V.K. Goyal, Chief Executive, Vardhman Spinning and General Mills Limited, “The contest is a step towards building consumer loyalty and generating awareness about the authentic Vardhman knitting yarn.

We have initiated a number of steps towards the promotion of hand-knitting in the country. We are also organising a contest in over 500 schools this year for students. Over 100 cities across Punjab, Haryana, UP, Uttranchal, HP, J and K and Delhi are being targeted for Aao Bunein Contest. The Mega Contest is scheduled to be held on November 30, 2001.”



Fashion parades seem to have become fashion of the day. With the coming of many international players in consumer products, the number of fashion shows and parades has also increased, rather at a rapid rate. All the companies, irrespective of the product they are launching in the market, organise fashion shows to attract people — whether these are cars or refrigerators, clothes or anything else. Currently, a fashion show of a different sort is in progress at Hotel Majestic Park Plaza. The show has been thematically named as ‘Bridal Show’. At display is the bridalware not just the brides but bridegrooms as well. Everything needed for the make up of a groom or a bride is at the display. Be it jewellery or attractive dresses. One of the organisers of the show remarked jokingly; “You need to get just a boy and a girl and we finish the job (of marriage)”.

Encroachers’ paradise

The city has become an encroachers’ paradise, thanks to an indifferent administration and the clout of the encroachment mafia. The Municipal Corporation has failed to get the congested roads and markets of the city cleared of encroachments, particularly various roads that lead to the CMC Hospital.

Various rehriwallahs in a particular area enjoy the patronage of the area councillor and officials of the Teh Bazari Department of the civic body. This patronage is given to them in return for a fixed sum per day or per month as the case may be. But what if law-makers also come to aid of the encroachers in violation of all norms and decorum ? More and more people all over the city would be encouraged to encroach upon public land in the name of religion.

Unwanted coincidence

This year Divali and Children’s Day are falling the same day and most of the children do not seem to be happy with it. The kids feel that they would not be able to rejoice the children’s day parties as schools would be closed on account of Divali. School children will probably be missing dance parties, cultural programmes and lunches hosted by school staff. Some children said that they were requesting their authorities to hold children’s day celebrations in advance so that they do not have to go without amusement this year.

Lucky dips

Every ladies club finds sponsors that give them gifts for promotional purposes. The ladies go out all the way to get as many sponsors as possible to be one up on the previous team. During the function they have to suitably please the sponsors. So they stop the programme often and ask the sponsors to pick up a chit and the person holding the coupon gets the prize. At a recent function of a ladies club celebrating ‘the night of spouses’, the tambola tickets were exorbitantly priced at Rs150 and had a gift coupon. It was compulsory to buy the ticket. The gifts were sponsored so the ladies did not have to spend any money and, moreover, the prizes were free. But the move backfired in a way as calling the sponsors and taking out the numbers and calling them aloud and waiting for the prize winners to come and collect prizes was time consuming and boring. With the result many bored members left and a number of people were left to claim the prizes and enjoy dancing Spare the audience the torture.

— Sentinel



One booked in fraud case
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 16
The division number 1 police yesterday registered a case under sections 420,467,468 and 471 of the IPC on the basis of an application submitted by Mr Charanjit Singh , son of Mr Narinder Singh, owner of Indian Auto, Ludhiana, against Sanjay Malhotra alias Sanjeev Kumar, a resident of Iqbal Ganj Chowk.

The complainant had alleged that the accused had committed fraud by presenting him a cheque amounting to Rs 50,000, which was dishonoured by the bank concerned.

Eve-teasers held

The division number 2 police on Monday arrested Munish Kumar, son of Mr Chander Pal, a resident of Atam Nagar, Ludhiana, and booked him under Section 294 of the IPC.

The accused was teasing girls near the Vishwakarma chowk at the time of his arrest.

The division number 4 police also arrested Mohammad Ali, son of Satin Ali, a resident of New Sabzi mandi, while he was teasing girls near the Sita Mata mandir near Daresi Grounds.

The arrested youth has been booked under Section 294 of the IPC. In another case Satwinder Singh, alias Mithu, son of Mr. Karam Singh, resident of Jammu Colony, Abdullapur Basti, was arrested while he was indulging in eve-teasing near Sham Singh Nagar on Monday. He was booked under Sections 294 and 509 of the IPC.

Beating case

The police has registered a case on the complaint of a woman resident of Bandian mohalla against a husband and wife duo of the same locality. According to an FIR registered on Monday by Ms Jeevan Lata, daughter of Mr Sat Parkash, Parminder Singh, alias Jaj, and his wife , who also live in the same mohalla, forcibly entered her house and beat her up because of some old family dispute

Dowry case

The police on Monday booked a dowry case under Sections 406,498-A, 315 and 34 of the IPC on the basis of an application submitted by Nidhi, daughter of Mr Arjinder Kumar, a resident of Civil Lines, Ludhiana, against her husband Munish Sood, father-in-law, Ravinder Nath, and mother-in-law, Vicky Sood.

The complainant had alleged that her in-laws subjected her to mental and physical harassment due to insufficient dowry.



ASI beaten up
Our correspondent

Jagraon, October 16
ASI Sukhdev Singh, in charge of Bhundri police post, was injured seriously in an attack by some sellers of poppy husk near Mandi Swaddi Kalan.

According to sources, the ASI, along with at least six policemen, had gone to arrest the accused on getting information that about 12 persons, armed with lethal weapons, were selling poppy husk. But when he was attacked by them, he too fired shots from his service revolver. Though some of the accused were wounded, they escaped.

The injured police officer has been admitted to the Civil Hospital.



Liquor seized
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 16
Mr Karnail Singh, ASI of Doraha police chowki, recovered 23 bottles of illicit liquor from Jagdev Singh of Ghudani Kalan village when he was going on his scooter.

The man was arrested and a case registered against him under Sections 61,1 and 14 of the Excise Act, yesterday.


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