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Are they real murderers?
If yes, why’s the police story unbelievable?
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 19
The city police claims that it has solved the case where a youth, Dinesh Kumar, was robbed and shot dead outside a branch of the Bank of Baroda near Dholewal Chowk here in July. However, the district police is secretly probing whether the three youths who were arrested in the case are the actual murderers or not?

A senior police official, on the condition of anonymity, said such a probe was indeed on, but nothing was clear at present. He said a formal reinvestigation into the case would soon begin because it seemed that the police had implicated some “innocent” persons in the case.

He said the persons who had been implicated had criminal records, but it was unfair to charge them with murder without a sufficient evidence. The conviction rate in such cases was low because there never was a proper evidence. The official said the motive of implicating these youths might be to obtain promotions or show the case as solved in records.

An “unofficial” inquiry is on in the case for the past few days, following Dinesh’s family’s meeting with some senior police officials. The family had reportedly told the officials that the investigation was improper and the three accused had been falsely implicated in the case. The police had arrested these youths in connection with some other case in July and claimed after their interrogation that with their arrest, the Dinesh murder case had also been solved. The alleged kingpin of the gang, Gulshan, is has, however, absconded.

In July, there was a widespread panic in the city after robberies outside three local banks. The police faced the music, as two scooter-borne youths continued to rob residents of the city in broad daylight. Later, some persons with criminal records were arrested and charged with several robberies and the murder of an influential person. Their link to the Dinesh murder case was announced later.

According to the police sources, some relatives of Dinesh followed the progress in the case. It surprised the family that, while forensic reports showed that the shot that had killed Dinesh had been fired from a pistol, the police had seized only a revolver from the accused. The revolver had initially been shown as the murder weapon, but, later, the investigating team had admitted that a pistol, the actual murder weapon, was yet to be traced.

The police sources said some policemen had also met and interrogated the accused in the local jail. The accused confessed to their involvement in the other crimes that they had been charged with, but denied their connection with Dinesh’s murder. A police official, on the condition of anonymity, said the accused had told the interrogators that whether they confessed to a couple of murders or three murders, the punishment would not be much different.

Sources said there seemed to be an element of truth in the allegation because the actual weapon was yet to be seized. They said they found is unbelievable that the accused would tell the police about the cash and weapons, but still deny their involvement in the case.


BDO, ASI summoned for contempt of court
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 19
A district court has summoned a Block Development Officer (BDO), an ASI of the Jagraon police, a Head Constable and two office-bearers of Bhaini Arora village panchayat in a case of contempt of court filed by a resident of the village.

The complainant, Darshan Singh, alleged that these persons openly helped another villager Gulwant Singh in constructing a wall in a street outside the complainant’s house in violation of a court order that had restrained any person to do any such activity on the disputed site.

Supporting his allegations with photographs of some of these accused, the complainant claimed that these officials, along with the police, came to the village on October 4 and forcibly constructed a wall in the street as a result of which the only access to their house was blocked. He and his family members were allegedly pushed and threatened with dire consequences if they attempted to intervene.

Admitting his plea, a district judge has issued notices and summons to a Block Development Officer, In Charge, Latala police post, Ashok Kumar, panchayat secretary Hoshiar Singh, panchayat officer Gurjant Singh, Sarpanch Bhaur Singh and Head Constable Manjit Singh. Some of these notices have been served.

Darshan Singh told Ludhiana Tribune that he was having a dispute with his neighbour Gulwant Singh and a case in this regard was pending in the court. However, Gulwant Singh reportedly harassed and threatened him due to his reported influence with the police and other officials. Darshan Singh also claimed that after forcibly constructing the wall, the police officials visited his house a number of times to intimidate him.

Darshan Singh also claimed that he had gone to senior officials in the civil and police administration but no one gave him a hearing. He even complained to the SSP, Jagraon, but the lower staff did not allow him to meet the SSP.


NCC cadets third in all-India gliding
A Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 19
Cadets of 4 Punjab Air Squadron, Ludhiana, have won third position in the All-India Gliding Competition held recently at Hisar. Five air wing cadets Mukti, Shaleja, Shaista, Gagandeep Singh, Gagan Avasthi, all students of Khalsa College, participated in five-day competitions held recently.

A team from Nasik stood first and another team from Delhi stood second in this competition. The glider flown in this competition was Super Blanik. This is an advanced glider with retraceable under carriage.

This contest was organised by the Haryana Gliding Association to promote the sport of gliding which is dying with the course of time in the country.

According to Capt H S Sohal, chief gliding instructor, this kind of competition was organised for the first time. It would a be regular feature from now. These gliding events would be organised regularly to promote flying activities.

Cadets participated in the maximum duration launch and spot landing activities during the competition. Duration launch was an individual activity. The overall flying ability of the pilot was adjudged in this activity from the duration of time for which he was able to float the glider in the air. A good pilot could decrease the rate of descent by performing a perfect take off , correct turning and gaining reasonable height.

Cadet W/o Mukti Bhuyan of Ludhiana contested in the duration launch competition.

According to Captain Sohal, Mukti has already done 110 sorties on the glider and she has also done her solo flying also.

Four cadets contested for spot landing contest. In this gliding activity the landing abilities of the teams of pilot were adjudged in this event. An area of 10 feet wide and 20 feet long was marked on the ground and the pilots had to land the glider in the specified area. The one who landed at the centre of the marked area was rewarded the maximum points.

Cadets said that this kind of competitions gave them a platform to show their skills. They were thankful to Col P S Bedi, Group Commander Ludhiana group and Sqn Ldr P P Singh, commanding officer, 4 Punjab Air Sqn, for encouraging them to participate in this function. Cadets said that though they got the information of the competition only four days before the event, the support of NCC officers made it possible for them to participate in this event.

Captain Sohal said that till now NCC cadets were learning gliding on the Ardhra glider but now the Air Sqn had also bought the Micro lights. He said that in November a team of pilots and the technical staff was going to Bangalore to get training. The flying of Micro Lights would be started here at Sahnewal from the second or the third week of December.


PSEB panel warns against proposed power Bill
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana October 19
The Punjab State Electricity Board Engineers (PSEBEA) Association has warned all sections of society, particularly farmers and industrialists, against a proposed enactment of Electricity Bill 2001. According to a press release issued here today, Mr M.S. Bajawa, president, PSEBEA, said that the enactment of the Bill would result in substantial increase in tariff for all sections of consumers.

Mr Bajawa said that if various sections of society did not anticipate the likely impact of enactment of the Electricity Bill 2001 then the infrastructure development in the past 50 years would go haywire. In that case the private licensees would take over and would be free to sell power at unaffordable rates to consumers without considering the purchasing power of the common man in the country.

The association strongly urged the state government to take up the matter with the Union Government to exclude the Bill from the agenda of Parliament during this winter session and to reconsider all pros and cons the Bill. The Constitution of India envisaged power as a concurrent subject and the Electricity supply Act, 1948 provided a greater opportunity to the states to generate, transmit and distribute electricity as per requirement of the state.

Mr Bajawa said that the Bill had failed to identify its real objective. He stated that the enactment of the Bill would lead to a total control by the multi-national companies (MNC) on the present power infrastructure in the country. There would be no ceiling on the profit of power industry as we had seen in the case of Enron in Maharashtra, he added.

The members of the association said that reforms and privatisation in power sector in our country did not have any place as an domestic and industrial consumers could not afford to purchase power at the rates of it supplied by the companies like Enron. They suggested that the strengthening of state electricity board with suitable budgetary provision and support in the Budget was the only answer in the present socio-economic scenario of our country.

The association also appealed to all section of consumers to join hands to ensure that power being the backbone of overall economic development did not pass in the hands of private power producers and traders due to the current move of the Union Government. 


Woman threatened, husband hurt by political activist
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 19
A self-styled political activist, who had earned notoriety for impersonating as mandal president of the BJP, and councillor of ward no 66 in the city, has been booked by city police for threatening a housewife after she refused to join flesh trade and for causing injuries to her husband, who had objected to the conduct of the accused.

The police has registered a case under Sections 354/341/323/506, IPC, against Bharat Bhushan, a resident of Shiv Puri locality in the old city, on the basis of a complaint lodged by Mrs Usha Rani (24), wife of Ranjit Singh, a driver with a private concern, and residents of Santokh Nagar, New Shiv Puri.

According to the complainant, Bharat Bhushan, a close relative, was persistently putting pressure on her during his frequent visits to their place to enter into wedlock with a local industrialist, who was prepared to pay Rs 4 lakh for this arrangement. She was told that the money, extorted from the victim, would be shared and that the marriage would be purely ‘‘temporary’’.

On refusal of the woman to toe his line despite her being unemployed and her husband also earning a pittance, Bharat Bhushan allegedly started pestering her to enter flesh trade. ‘‘The accused told me that he had close contacts with the owner of a local hotel and I could earn anything like Rs 2000 per night and lead a good life’’. The accused also came in a drunken state to her house several times and made attempts to outrage her modesty, the women charged in a sworn affidavit, which formed a part of the FIR registered by the Sadar police.

Mrs Usha further alleged that the accused was nursing a grudge against her and Ranjit Singh, who objected to his visits to the house and his advances toward his wife.

Bharat Bhushan after threatening the couple with ‘‘getting them killed’’ on several occasions, attacked her husband with a sharp-edged weapon on the evening of October 15, causing multiple injuries. The couple was further threatened with dire consequences if they dared approach the police, the complainant added.

The case has been marked for further investigation to SHO, Police Station, Salem Tabri on orders of the SSP. 


Varsity can’t pay employees’ PF
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 19
More than 5,000 employees of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) are worried because the university has not been able to deposit their employees’ provident fund (EPF) for the past six months. The amount runs in crores of rupees.

The PAU is required to deposit Rs 2 crore every month under the EPF head. The amount is deducted from the employees’ salaries and deposited in their accounts, but on paper only. There has been no physical transaction of the money since April.

Sources said the university was even finding it difficult to pay the employees their carry-home salaries. They also said the university was losing the monthly interest on the amount deposited in the banks, but it would have to pay this interest amount to the employees. This way, the university will suffer a double loss.

The PAU had faced a similar situation in 1999 as well. Its financial condition had raised a row as the university was even considering selling some of its land to bail itself out of the situation. However, it is still unclear whether the university actually sold the land or not. News reports had said the university had owed Rs 20 crores to its employees and raised the money after selling some of its assets. The university had denied that any such deal had been made.

Some of the employees, on the condition of anonymity, said all employees were contributing about 50 percent of their salaries towards the EPF, thinking that their money was safe with the university. They said their faith in the university had been shaken now.

The Comptroller of the PAU, Mr S.K. Bhatia, said there was no need for employees to panic. He said it was the university’s duty to pay them their post-retirement benefits.

He said the situation would soon improve as the PAU had started receiving funds from various agencies, following which, the EPF would soon be deposited. He said the PAU had been receiving a Rs 6 crore grant every month since April under the salary head, while it needed about Rs 9 crore every month.

Mr Bhatia said the employees were getting their carry-home salaries without any delay. According to him, the reason for the delay in depositing is that the Delhi High Court has asked for a utilisation certificate for the year 2000-2001, while the university has prepared this certificate for the year 1998-1999. The PAU Comptroller also said the delay in submitting a the certificate that gave the details of the funds released and utilised every year, had stopped the flow of grants from agencies like the ICAR.

According to him, the university authorities have urged the state government to release a Rs 17.50 crore grant. “The university hopes that the grant shall soon be released, as the university officials are supposed to meet government officials next week,” he said.


Robbery at Sahnewal, two of family injured
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, October 19
A group of armed robbers struck at Sahnewal town and Kanech village last night and decamped with gold and cash. The robbers are said to have injured two members of a family when they tried to resist them.

The first incident reportedly took place at Kanech village at the house of Bagga Singh at 1 a.m. The burglars knocked hard at the gate and succeeded in entering the house after breaking the front door. The robbers, armed with iron rods and sharp weapons, broke into the room of Gurjit Kaur, mother of Bagga Singh, where two daughters of Bagga Singh — Satnam Kaur (10) and Gurpreet Kaur (18) — were also sleeping .

Hearing the sounds outside, one of the girls tried to make a telephone call to the sarpanch of the village but in vain. The miscreants entered the room, breaking the door. One of them hit Gurpreet Kaur and Gurjit Kaur with the iron rod and injured the two. The two became unconscious. In the meantime, the shouts of victims spread around the village and the burglars ran away with the gold ear-rings of the girl and her sister-in-law, Swinder Kaur.

In another incident on the same night, burglars decamped with gold and cash from a house in Sahnewal town. Major Singh, the owner of the house, said in a scared tone that about six-seven persons, possessing iron rods and sharp weapons, entered their house at 3 a.m., on the plea that they were policemen and had come for inquiry. They stayed in the house for an hour and we did not react in terror. They fled with Rs 10,000 and some gold. Before leaving they locked them in a room.

A case has been registered under Sections 458,148 and 149 of the IPC at the Sahnewal police station. When contacted, Mr Shiv Kumar, ASP, Sahnewal, said that the two houses were burgled by the same people. Most likely they were from Punjab as they spoke Punjabi language. “We are hunting the miscreants and soon they shall be caught,” he added.

Meanwhile, the incidents have created a sense of fear and terror among the residents of the area.


Central Jail Superintendent issues denial
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 19
In response to the ‘Ludhiana Tribune’ news report, ‘Drug trade even better in jail’, published yesterday, Mr Gursharan Singh Sidhu, Superintendent of the Central Jail here, has sent a rejoinder to the newspaper.

He says, “This news item is baseless, malicious and miles away from reality. This report seems to be based on misinformation and your reporter seems to have believed whatever he was told. He did not care to verify things from the undersigned. The reporter admits that the jail staff discourages smuggling of drugs by relatives and friends of undertrials and convicts, but, then, it is blamed that they are doing so for the fear of losing their profits and not checking smuggling, implying that they are hand in glove with smugglers. We are condemned either way. All good work done by the jail administration in the past six months has been rendered useless with the publication of this baseless and malicious report. We have organised yoga camps, medical ‘manthan’, de-addiction camps and are planning many more projects for the welfare of jail inmates, but that never makes any news.”

“This false report has damaged the reputation of our institution. I have never come across an inmate who was beaten to pulp because of a slight trace of turmeric on him. The newspaper should, therefore, publish this denial immediately, so that, the jail administration is not maligned unduly,” he adds. However, in spite of the official denial, this correspondent stands by his story.


YC activists join SHSYAD
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 19
The Sarb Hind Shiromani Youth Akali Dal (SHSYAD) unit here received a big boost when a Youth Congress functionary, Kishan Singh Saini, and his supporters announced that he had quit YC to join SHSYAD. At a party meeting, held in Simlapuri locality last evening, the Akali Dal legislator, Mr Bikramjit Singh Khalsa, welcomed the new entrants to the party and offered siropas to them.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr Khalsa lambasted the SAD-BJP government for its failure on all fronts, which had caused widespread frustration and resentment among the masses. “The people in Punjab are disillusioned with the government and are just waiting for an opportunity to throw out the SAD-BJP coalition,” he added.

Mr Sukhwinderpal Singh Garcha, secretary general of the party, said the fifth anniversary of veteran Akali Dal leader Basant Singh Khalsa would be observed on October 20 at Mullanpur.

According to Mr Garcha, former Jathedar of Akal Takht, Bhai Ranjit Singh, convener of the Panthic Morcha, Baba Sarbjot Singh Bedi, Sarb Hind Shiromani Akali Dal Chief, Mr Gurcharan Singh Tohra, and the Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) President, Mr Simranjit Singh Mann, among others will attend the function and pay tributes to Basant Singh Khalsa.

Mr Sohan Singh Goga, President, and Mr Manjit Singh Simlapuri, general secretary of district unit of the SHSYAD, also addressed the meeting.


Fernendes’ comeback opposed
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 19
Many Congress activists sat on a dharna in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Mini Secretariat here yesterday in a protest against reinduction of Mr George Fernandes as Union Defence Minister. The protest was jointly organised by urban and rural units of the District Congress Committee (DCC).

Addressing the gathering, the DCC (Urban) President, Mr Surinder Dawar, alleged that the NDA government in the Centre had made a mockery of the democratic system by inclusion of Mr Fernandes in the Cabinet, before the submission of report by the inquiry commission set up to probe the disclosures made by Tehelka Dotcom in connection with defence deals.

He charged the Prime Minister Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, with adopting double standards. “The hasty reinduction of Mr Fernandes, who was forced to quit in the wake of allegations against Ms Jaya Jaitly, President of the Samta Party, in the defence purchases, had exposed the real face of the BJP. The party submitted a memorandum to the President of India through the DC, calling for directions to the Prime Minister to immediately remove Mr Fernandes from the Cabinet.


Dharna by BSNL employees
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 19
A dharna was held here yesterday in front of the office of the General Manager Telecom on a call given by centre headquarters of the BSNL Employees Union.

Mr Balwinder Singh, district secretary of the union, in a press statement said that the dharna was held against the government’s policies of disinvestment and privatisation of the BSNL. He said the government had adopted dilly-dallying attitude and was not considering their genuine demands. The members also said that telephone factories of the BSNL should be modernised and not closed.

Mr H.D. Sharma, district president, in his address called upon the employees to unite against the policies of government. He said the verification of membership for the identification of majority union would take place in the first week of December.

Among those present on the occasion included Mr Sarabjit Singh, Mr Ramesh Lal, Mr Jaswant Singh, Mr Paramjit Singh, Mr Darshan Singh, Mr Shingara Singh, Mr Manjit Singh and Mr Ajaib Singh.


Impressive Manipuri performance
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 19
Gentle and smooth-flowing Manipuri dance was performed by Padamashri Rajkumar Singhajit Singh and his wife Charu Sija Mathur with their troupe at Atam Public School here this morning. They had come to perform under Virsat-2001, a part of Spic Macay.

Rajkumar explained to the students that Manipuri dance had evolved from temples. Unlike North, Manipur had priestess in charge of temples. The priestess was anointed at the age between 14 to 15. They could marry, have children but had to devote their life to the temple. The women enjoyed immense power.

He said though they worshiped all gods, their favourite deity was Lord Krishna. The first sequence was presented by Charu, dressed up as Krishna in all splendour.

Charu is adept in both balletic and solo works, having played lead roles in 35 Manipuri ballets. The Manipuri traditional dancer’s dress is very ornamental. It is called Potlai. She said the entire effort of the dancer is to make it appear that the dancer is performing effortlessly, but actually it is tough. Both performed Basant Raslila, one of many Raslillas. With gentle execution of steps and flowing movements of hand, they played holi. Flute player Jagan Nath Ghoshal with his magical playing of flute added beauty to the dance.

The next sequence was a piece taken from Mahabharata. Arjun, the great archer, falls in love with Chitrangda, a Manipuri girl. Arjun asks her to marry him, but she challenges him to beat her in dancing. Arjun accepts the challenge and he dances with Chitrangda.Back


Woman elopes
Our Correspondent

Khanna, October 19
Hari Chand, a resident of Guru Nanak Mohalla, has complained that his wife Uma (30), who is physically challenged, has eloped with one of her young male relatives along with her two children. 

According to the complainant, when he returned home from work on September 30, he did not find his wife and children. He alleged that though he had approached the police a number of times, no action had been taken yet.


IT companies target corporate sector
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 19
The recession may have badly hit the information technology sector, but the IT companies seem to be targeting the unexplored market of Ludhiana’s corporate sector at the CII fair which began here today. Many of companies have come up with innovative packages at a discounted rate for the industrial houses.

Mr Sumeer Walia, Manager, Business Development of Pugmarks Interweb, said, “We are specifically targeting hosiery and cycle export houses and automobile dealers. We provide them in-house software solutions to facilitate the manufacturing, customer care and accounting operations, which would cut their operational costs besides saving time. Our support services include system and network administration, back up security and sourcing of hardware and software.’’

Many other companies are trying to cash in on the fear created among the industry after the attacks on the WTC in the US.

The Spice Telecom, which launched mobile tambola and mobile DJ songs today, has also come up with number of corporate clients’ specific packages. After the entry of new players in the telecom, the company is offering free incoming calls to the corporate buyers on the company specific mobiles. Mr Swarn Bajaj, DGM of the company, disclosed that the company was offering value added services to the big customers without any security deposits. Interestingly, there was a good rush at the BSNL’s counter also, where pre-paid cards were available.

However, most of the attendants on these stalls admitted that they were also feeling a slow down in the business due to recession in the industry and trade. Mr Ravi Malik at the TechNova stall, felt that they were trying to zero in on the small-scale industries, which have not been explored so far. The company was offering papers, films, inkjet and laser labels. Regarding the response of the customers, he said there was a mixed response from the clients as it was the first day.Back


World will be single market’
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 19
“With the globalisation of trade and dismantling of trade barriers by the end of 2004, only those companies that have strong bases, quality consciousness and price competitiveness will survive,” said Mr D.S. Guru, Secretary of the Industry and Information and Public Relations Department of Punjab, at a gathering of the Knitwear Club here yesterday.

He said, with all countries opening up to free trade, the distinction between domestic and export market would no longer be valid and the world would become a single market. Social accountability, environment, quality, price competitiveness and effective consumer relationship would, then, determine competitiveness.

Mr Guru said Ludhiana had been identified as an important textile centre for various schemes of developing infrastructure and apparel parks. Under these schemes, 50 per cent of the project cost of setting up the apparel park would be given to the state government as grant and a 100 per cent grant would be given to set up the ETPs and training institutes to raise skilled workforce.

Mr Guru said a survey had been conducted here to determine whether the land at Ladhowal was suitable for the development of apparel park there. A state proposal in this regard would soon be sent to the Centre for approval. He said the state industrial policy for export was under development, which the state Cabinet would clear and forward to the Centre.

He stressed the need for upgrading technology in the textile sector and said the government was committed to bringing this change by providing the industry with subsidies for bringing in modern technology and manufacturing techniques. He said skilled manpower were the need of hour and there were centres in Ludhiana and SAS Nagar who were fulfilling this demand.

On the issue of industry’s demand for scrapping the condition of obtaining no-objection certificates from the Punjab Pollution Control Board, Mr Guru said the condition was applicable to all industries, except small units. He, however, said he would closely follow the exemptions granted to the textile industry by any other state.

Mr Vinod Thapar, President of the Federation of the Knitwear, Textile and Allied Industries, appreciated theproposal for setting up an apparel park here. He said he hoped that the scheme would be implemented soon.

Mr Narinder K. Miglani, Chief Coordinator of the federation, Mr Brahm Dutt Sharda and Mr Sanjeev Gupta also addressed the gathering.


Establish agro industries’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 19
The Department of Agriculture, Ludhiana, and IFFCO organised a special farmers training camp at Alamgir village, which was inaugurated by Dr Gurcharan Singh Rajajung, Chief Agricultural Officer, today.

Addressing a large gathering of farmers, Dr Rajajung said we needed to diversify our agriculture in order to sustain the rate of growth and at the same time, had to change our cultivation practices that were not only depleting our natural resources but were also harmful to the environment. Dr Rajajung also remarked that unless we improved the quality of our produce and lower the cost of production, we would not be able to compete with the world under the world trade regime and to meet this challenge farmers had to update the knowledge of agricultural technology. He also emphasised on dignity of labour and advised the farmers to shun the use of drugs.

Dr Rajajung urged the farmers that they should look into the much-neglected aspects of agro-processing and handling of harvesting. He remarked that by removing the excise duty on food processing, the Government of India was encouraging the farmers to establish small agro-processing units. If the hardworking, innovative and progressive farmers and enterprising industrialists joined hands, there could not be a better place than Punjab to establish the network of agro-processing industries, remarked Dr Rajajung.

Mr Iqbal Singh, Regional Manager of IFFCO, emphasised on the judicious use of fertilisers and pesticides in order to reducing cost and maintaining quality. In technical session, Dr R. P. S. Aulakh talked about the effects of global agreements on Agriculture, Dr H.P.S. Sidhu about varieties of rabi crops, Dr Baldev Singh about the prevention of plant diseases, Dr S.S. Buttar about soil testing, while Dr Dalar Singh talked about mix-cropping of mantha and wheat. Dr J. P. Singh, Assistant Project Officer, and Dr Partap Singh were also present at the occasion.

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