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Sunday, October 21, 2001
Movie Magic

Set to give films her best shot
Madhur Mittal

AFTER being crowned "Miss Asia-Pacific-2000", there really hasnít been much time that this stunner could spare for herself. Global travel, VIP appearances at world happenings, endorsement rush and special shoots for international glossy mags.....Itís only recently that this fair dame has started to go for it ó the way she wants it.

Life is all smiles for Diya Mirza
Life is all smiles for Diya Mirza

And her attitude is rather different (and defiant) from most of the other beauty queens and all those hordes of wannabes, yíknow. Like, Ms Mirza doesnít believe in waiting around for that so-called "break of a lifetime" (sic) and playing toey-toey all by herself while she lands it. No sir. "Now that Iím full and firmly into films, I want to expose myself to the cinegoers," she says with a somewhat impatient toss of her (streaked) hair. "After all, the basic idea is to let film buffs see what youíre capable of doing, right? Thatís why Iíve happily signed movies like, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Om Jai Jagdish, Main Hoon Mohabbat, Dil Ki Baatein, Aaja Mere Yaar, etc. They may not sound so stupendous as far as the set-ups are concerned... but, believe me, each one of these movies is going to do my talent and screen popularity a whole lot of good........"

Okay, Diya, if thatís the way you want it, so be it. Just always keep smiling that (devastating) smile of yours.


Ash in the red?

Looks as if everything isnít exactly va-va-voom so far as Aishwarya Rai is Ďconcernedí, if youíll please pardon the pun. Her career isnít doing as good as it should, to begin with. This is being attributed to her astronomical price hike, complemented by the fact that her latest starrers have done poorly and that "the Coke star" (as she is being increasingly referred to nowadays!) needs to come up with a big hit on the big screen.... sooooon!

Whatís more, thereís this buzz going around that Ash is in the red ó financially, too! Now, I for one, simply refuse to believe a word of it. But there are these people (in the know?) who claim to have the inside info about the actress having pumped unbelievabe sums of the crispies into real estate as well as the stock market ó both of which have taken a drubbing in Mumbai and elsewhere in India during 2001.

So, where does that leave Ms Rai, huh? Very obviously, at the end of the limb, I daresay.

Software Shetty!

I tell you, this guy is always up to something new, something far, far removed from his basic profession ó acting. Yeah, itís Sunil Shetty Iím talking about once more! Look, he has already tried out diversifying into educational videos for kids; body building and counselling spa; landscaping 5-star resorts; (half-hearted) attempt at film production/direction, etc. And now Iím told that heís all set to set up a software company!

Like, whatís his problem, anyway...? Hasnít he already made oodles of money by doing movies, ad films, promotional campaigns for bit products, stage shows abroad... the whole works?! Now whatís lacking/ missing in his life, for Christís sake? And, do you know what the clout clincher happens to be in his case? Sunil has not been able to make even a single enterprise take off in a big way, imagine!

I do think Shetty could try his hand at writing a book, as well... particularly one which has a title like "How To Be Over Ambitious & Lose Money. Fast"!

Yoo hoo, Chandrachur

Trust me, the scenario in Bollywood is going absolutely, amazingly haywire, at a mind-boggling speed that would leave President Bushís latest, transcontinental missiles gasping for breath!

You see, thereís no breathing (leave alone acting) space left in tinsel town. And yet, the newco-mers just keep on coming and coming. In the process, inevitably, edging out many of the actors/actresses who were only now beginning to find a place in the (filmi) sun for themselves.

Remember Chandrachur Singh? That (eminently) talented professor-turned-actor who created such a sensation with Maachis and Kya Kehna, to name but two sterling, punchy performances from the droopy-eyed emoter? Well, today, heís virtually struggling to land fresh assignments and retain the tag of a filmstar! Thatís because teenaged upstarts are going the whole hog to usurp what-ever handful of stardust they can wrest Ďní wangle... by hook and mostly by crook!

Hey, if this obnoxious trend continues in Hindi cinema for much longer, weíve all seen the last of the good, desi phillums. Trust me.