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Monday, October 22, 2001
Cyber Kids

Learn nuances of French

Hey Kids! Lets begin our journey of Cyber world and ejasjotsixplore what we have for you this week.

Holidays are on and the fun and frolic is everywhere around. If you are not planning to move out this holiday season, then why not have a different kind of fun. Learn French during holidays and surprise you friends with your new skills. Log on to site http://french.about.com/library/begin/bl_begin.htm and learn

1) Alphabet- Learn the French alphabet all at once or a letter at a time.

2) Grammar - Everything about French grammar: articles, adjectives, prepositions etc.

3) Pronunciation- Detailed explanation of French pronunciation, with a detailed look at each letter and dozens of letter combinations, including plenty of sound files.

4) Verbs - Lots of Lessons, quizzes, and tons of information to help you understand French verbs.

5) Vocabulary - Huge resource on French vocabulary lessons on everything from introductions to travel vocab, each with pronunciation.

Besides the above-mentioned basic skills there are a lot of other things to learn like language skills, reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills etc. So, make French your third our fourth language and impress your friends and teachers.

If you find crafts more interesting, then the World Wide Web could be the largest resource of ideas to you. The Internet is full of craft related activity from different, countries and cultures. All you have to do is search them as per your interest and experiment it at your home in your free time. One such site, which has some interesting craft idea is www.iloveyoukid.com. On this site you can find some interesting crafts ideas and also a lot of other fun related activities.

Another such site with a lot of activity and craft related idea is www.iknowthat.com/Welcome/Welcome.htm. This site is a great site for kids of all ages and has stuff related to learning subjects to other activities.

Another wonderful site for Kids craft is www.dltk-kids.com. This is truly a huge resource of practical ideas on Kids Crafts. You can finds craft ideas laid out in special categories like Animal Craft, Bible Craft, Holiday Craft, miscellaneous crafts, printable greeting cards etc.

On the whole you can have a lot of fun even while being at home during these holidays. So, enjoy your holiday and have fun. IV