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Monday, October 22, 2001
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Get rid of cigarette, the death stick

A group of terrorist attacked and killed thousands of innocent persons in the USA. Millions of persons are killed each year around the world, albeit slowly, by a well-known plant called Tobacco. A common Hindi dictum is that even snakes fear to tread in tobacco cultivation. WHO warns of more than 10 crore tobacco-related deaths around the world in next 20 years. India itself accounts for 10 lakh tobacco-related deaths each year. Here are some Websites, which provide you more information about its ill effects and ways to quit this habit.


The site provides you information about where you presently stand in process to quit smoking. A nine-inning game plan is there to help you kick off the habit. If you win the game, tobacco loses. A Quit date wizard helps you set a date when you can quit. Then you will get a customised quitting calendar to keep track on your progress. A pharmaceutical guide provides a nicotine replacement therapy. Methods to control depression that occurs while quitting are also provided. You will find a public forum where you can share your experience, benefit from others' experience and ask questions. On the forum, those who have quit also celebrate their birthday - the day when they had quit and got new birth. Some helpful spiritual messages are also pasted. Join the chat rooms to talk to others. Names of some related books are also provided.


This Web page gives links to picture galleries, which show photographs of different body parts affected by tobacco. These pictures are so terrifying that if a young guy sees any of them, he will never dare to touch the death stick called cigarette. You can clearly find tar spots on the section of lungs. Other links go to pages that show chemical composition of tobacco enlisting all poisons contained in it. You will then find ways to keep your child away from it. Also provided are some horrifying stories of those who wrote them from the bed on which they died. A quit meter helps you track every aspect of your quit. Watch your time build up and find out how much life and money you've saved by not smoking.


This is the Website of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The site provides you information of health hazards of tobacco. It provides five keys to quit smoking that includes medication and skills to tackle the difficult situation that you may face while trying to quit. You can download the "I QUIT!" Booklet presented free of cost. Reports on preventing the use of tobacco among young persons and effect on women are also provided. "Smoke screeners" is an educational program that helps teach media literacy skills to young persons, empowering them to make informed decisions about smoking and chewing tobacco by improving their ability to critically analyse the messages they receive about tobacco use in movies and on television.

  Sarabjeet Singh Kanwal