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Monday, October 22, 2001
Downloads of the week


In the present day world of fast life, it is often difficult to keep track of all your daily engagements and appointments. Here one feels the need of having a personal secretary to take care of all schedules and appointments. However in the practical life it may be difficult for you, but in the world of computers, it is simple and affordable too. All you need to do is download ABIX from www.loginor.qc.ca. ABIX is a personal organiser that is full of features that you may require during day-to-day operations. It can be a powerful business tool also as it combines several tools into a single, database-powered application. You can use this program for home as well as office purposes as you can schedule and plan your day for all your activities including meetings, appointments, anniversaries, parties or even your medical schedule including reminding you of taking your medicine at a particular time. This program has a built-in calendar, where you can set your agenda along with description of events. You can also maintain a list of things to do list for each and every task and event you are working on. This software is simple to use and is yet very powerful. It comprises of a simple text-editing tool where you can compose text or memos, letters or even e-mails. It also has edit great feature in the form of card file where you can create, edit and organise all the simple text based information in the form of notes. This particular application could be of great in home-based applications like maintaining list of grocery, travel scheduled, recipes, medical prescription etc. moreover this software also has a built in address book, which is also quite feature rich and can hold various information ranging from address, telephone number, e-mail, Web site address, cell numbers etc. Another feature of this address book is that you can categorise the various contacts as per your classification and can thus segregate business contacts from personal contacts. This address book can also be utilised for maintaining that list of contacts as a default program as you can link your modem dialer with this program the dial your contacts very easily. The uses of this multi-utility software does not end here as you can use it for maintaining budgets, tracking your revenues and expenses, listing your shopping and also line your finances accordingly. Thus overall itís a great software and a must have for all the busy people.



It is a matter-of-fact that management of data and files is one of the most important tasks for a computer user. Normally during the normal course of working, a wide number of files are being created which over a period of time clutter your computer. Since these files are every important, so it is not possible to and delete them or store it elsewhere. So the big problem remains to handle the data and files in a most efficiently, which saves not just the precious hard disk space but also keep your system clean. However the solution of this program is very simple and the best way to organise your files and data is to keep them in Zipped form. Now in order to ZIP your data, there is a good utility called CuteZip. CuteZip is a magnificent product from the makers of hugely popular file transfer utility cuteFTP. It is a an excellent file archiving utility, which features one of the most well designed GUIs in the utility category besides having all the normally features of a standard zipping utility. This program is though meant for and handling ZIP format, but it also offers full support for CAB, GZIP, PAK as well as extraction support for ACE, ARJ and RAR. Thus it is one of the most powerful zipping utilities available for the Windows users. However the best feature of this power-packed program is a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use operations that does not require any special skills and information to use this software. It fully supports the normal Windows features like drag-and-drop, right click features etc. for easy manageability of the files. Moreover this software also supports preview function for easy viewing or the archived files. Overall this is a good software for easy maintenance and managing the files and data and can be downloaded from www.cuteftp.com.

Performance Diet

Health is wealth is an old saying but has a powerful meaning to convey to everybody. If one has to single out one most important thing in life then it would be health for majority of people. However despite being so important it is also often ignored due to tremendous work pressure and other complexities of life. However it is in your interest to take care of your health and be healthy always. Your computer can also play a major role in keeping you healthy. All you have to do is download the software Performance Diet from www.health-runr.com . This is an excellent software designed to track the performance of your diet and your exercise program that are two most important and critical elements of fitness. Using this software you can keep track of your diet and exercise schedules and can also monitor your progress for achieving the desired goals. This program can be customised with your personal data and thus can help in setting targets and goals are perfect and healthy life. It basically covers all the aspects of the being healthy including daily exercise and corresponding food intake. Thus on a regular basis you can monitor the progress of your health against the standard set as per your personal data.