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Monday, October 22, 2001

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Net access — cheaper, not better

by Peeyush Agnihotri
AN NRI caught in a traffic snarl-up in Delhi once commented: "Roads and Net connectivity are both the same in India —choked and irritating." This statement seems to contradict the official statistics. There are more than 120 private ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in India at present, around 2 million Net subscribers and 6 million users. The networking market has grown significantly by 63 per cent and most of the major cities of India have been dug up at several places by those who promise broadband.


Use your own logo instead of default one
by Vipul Verma
ITH the continuous advancement in technologies, the acronym PC has become more of a powerful computer rather than a personal computer. The power of the PC has become such an important issue for the PC users that normally they prefer to either upgrade or buy a new computer every now and then.

Fujitsu talks with IBM for tie-up
by Edmund Klamann
UJITSU Ltd, Japan's largest computer company, said it was in wide-ranging talks with International Business Machines Corp on possible cooperation in such areas as software and computer servers.

MOUS, a self-paced learning course
by Sumesh Raizada
OMPUTERS and the wide spectrum of information technology are one of the biggest source of employment and career in the world. More and more persons are getting attracted towards the lucrative careers in the world of information technology. Today, careers related to information technology can be found in every industry in some form or the other.

Build your own Website
by Mahesh Paramjit Kumar and Vinay Garg
HE Internet is buzzword of the town. Today the Net is flooded with millions of Web pages. As one surfs through the ‘net’, one often thinks: "Can I have my own Website?" The answer is "yes", as not only firms and companies but even individuals can have their own sites. An individual can express his views and opinions in his Web page, whereas for businesses, Website is like an electronic brochure used to generate goodwill and carry online sales.

The cat is out of the bag
APAN'S biggest toymaker pioneered the world’s first virtual pet, the Tamagotchi, and the nation’s most famous electronics maker rolled out the number-one robot dog, Aibo. Now one of its biggest makers of automated factory systems, Omron Corp, has weighed in with a robot cat: NeCoRo.

On Hardware
Smart fellows with smart cards in e-wallets
by Vandana Paul
OU must be aware of e-commerce, e-business, e-shopping and e-banking. Ever heard about an e-wallet? Well, this is one of the latest things to hit the Information Technology market and the consumer world. E-wallets are so called because they carry smart card in them. Smart card is identical to an ATM card, debit card and credit card.

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