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Monday, October 22, 2001
Kids chat

Destination is Kulu this time

HAPPY days are here again! There is festivity all around and the holidays are on. What are you doing during this festival season? Join Fluppy, Cliparti and Windy for exploring more ideas to enjoy this most eagerly awaited holiday season.

Windy: Hi guys and gals! Are you having fun during these holidays?

Cliparti: Yeah Windy. Our friends must be having a great time as after long spell of studies and exams we finally have a small break.

Windy: What have you decided for this holiday break, Cliparti?

Cliparti: Well! There are no big plans as I will not be going out for the holiday and would visit local fairs and Puja during this season. What's up in your sleeves Fluppy?

Fluppy: I have big plans for this holiday season as we are going to Kulu to take part in Dashera festival.

Windy: Oh no!

Cliparti: What happened Windy?

Windy: Hey Fluppy! If you will be off for a holiday, who will play the role of one of the monkeys in Hanuman Ji's sena during Ram Lila?


Grrr! What a joke?

Cliparti: Ok guys, no more leg pulling. Let's enrich Fluppy's and our other friend's knowledge about the holidays and festivals.

Windy: Do, you know something about Dashera festivals of Kulu Fluppy?

Fluppy: Not much, I only know that Dashera is being celebrated in a great way in Kulu.

Cliparti: Kulu Dashera is one of the most popular Dashera festival celebrated in the world and is a 10 day-long celebration by the Gods - Lord Raghunath, Hadimba Devi, Jamlu etc. The gods, with their processions and bands, arrive on the first day at a picturesque meadow by the river Beas. And for 10 days, an infectious gaiety holds sway over the little town of Kulu. The Gaddi shepherds come down from the hills with their music. There is dancing, singing and performances which extend well into the nights. On the ninth day, the gods assemble for a 'Devta Darbar', a court of gods. On the 10th day, with the symbolic destruction of Ravana, Dashera at Kulu comes to a glorious end.

Windy: Wow! That's great.

Cliparti: Have you ever been to Kulu Dashera festival.

Windy: No, But after listening to your description of the festival I am feeling like going there.

Fluppy: If you wish to be there, then you will have to make haste, as you are already late. The booking for the festivals starts much earlier.

Cliparti: You can search a lot of sites on tourism in Himachal Pradesh to know more about the festivals, destinations, hotels, travel etc. One such site is www2.1uptravel.com/states/himachalpradesh, whereas another site is www.caravantraveltalk.com/kullu-manali.htm on Kulu and Manali.

Windy: That's good. I will talk to my dad about it.

Fluppy: Do talk to me also, once you have decided your program.

Windy: Why?

Fluppy: Just to make sure that we do not bump into each other in the same train and hotel.

Cliparti: Oh not again Fluppy.

Fluppy: Just kidding! I only intended to suggest the various options to Windy. As Kulu is not the only option to participate in Dashera festival, as the Dashera festival of Mysore is also very famous.

Cliparti: That's great information from Fluppy.

Fluppy: I found this site http://travel.indiamart.com/places/cities/mysore on the city and festivals of this royal city and learnt about the Dashera festivals on this site. It's a complete site for all the information on the city, travel, hotels, restaurants, places of tourist interest, festivals and celebration and lot of other interesting stuff.

Cliparti: Hey guys you did not tell anything for me and our other friends like me, who are not going out on the holiday.

Windy: Cliparti, you can have a lot of fun on the Internet too. Like you can log on to www.pitara.com and browse it for a lot of interesting stuff related to kids. Some of the interesting features of this site include, poetry, stories, books, crafts, news, games, magazines, activities, quiz etc. I hope you will have a lot of fun being there on this site.

Fluppy: I also know of a site with lots of fun and entertainment. It is http://chess.about.com/library/blschool.htm. This site is all about playing chess and gives you good insight about the game and also briefs you on the rules and other instructions on being a good chess player.

Windy: That's a great idea, as you can become another grand master during this holiday.

Cliparti: So folks! Enjoy your holidays and have a great time.

 ó Ira Verma

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