Saturday, October 27, 2001  


Finding Lasting Happiness   The vedic mix  IMAGING BY GAURAV SOOD
Sai R. Vaidyanathan
gives us the recipe of happiness concocted by vedic philosophers.

THE desire of every human is to somehow achieve happiness and every form of philosophy and religion endeavours to provide this recipe in some form or the other to its adherents. Vedic philosophy begins with the understanding that the happiness (and sorrow) of this material world is impermanent (maya) as it is dependent on material dynamics which keep changing.

  Rare relics of the Raj
by Manpreet Singh
OLID, sleek and crowned the blood-red letter-boxes of the British era still stand elegantly in some places in the erstwhile summer capital of the Raj, Shimla, and its surrounding hills. They have held ground for over a century and withstood the ravages of time.

Romancing nature with the lens
by Aditi Tandon
HE snowline slowly recedes and streams burst forth bringing with them gifts of water and silt from the surrounding white-capped mountains. Villagers pack away their weaving looms and turn to flowering apple orchards, while the fields remain tinged with the green of early crops. Herdsmen drive flocks of sheep and goats, with attendant dogs and pack horses up to the higher slopes....