Saturday, October 27, 2001
W O R D  P O W E R

(kon-kur) — to express agreement

Synonyms — assent, consent.

Antonyms — dissent, differ, protest.

— I fully concur with their decision to protest.

Spruce (sproos) — tidy and clean in appearance.

Synonyms — neat, trim, well-groomed

Antonyms — disarrayed, messy, untidy, dishevelled.

— He is spruce and smart and that is what makes him stand apart from the rest.

Guile (gail) — clever and deceitful behaviour.

Synonyms — deception, wiliness.

Antonyms — sincerity, honesty, candor.

— He managed to take his business partner’s share by guile.


(in’dus-trius) — hardworking.

Synonyms — persevering, diligent.

Antonyms — indifferent, lethargic, indolent.

— Indians are known to be industrious and creative.

Urbane (ur’bane) — having or showing refined manners.

Synonyms — civil, considerate, courteous.

Antonyms — rude, uncouth, uncivil.

— Her urbane manners have made her very popular among her colleagues.

Torpid (tor’ pid) — not active

Synonyms — sluggish, dull

Antonym — alert, diligent

— She hasn’t recovered from her illness and I often find her lying around in a torpid state.


Match the following

A                                   B

1. Corn criba           a. list of names

2. Hawser               b. building for storing corn

3. Roster                c. the platform that a speaker gives his speech from.

4. Rostrum              d. an establish- ment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

5. Tavern               e. a place where dead bodies are kept till they are claimed.

6. Morgue               f. a heavy rope or cable for towing or securing a ship.

Looking back

Burke means to murder, especially by throttling. It comes from Burke, a murderer in Edinburgh. He was an Irish man who committed the crime in order to sell the bodies of his victims for dissection. He was hanged in 1829.


The best manner of avenging ourselves is by not resembling him who has injured us. — Jane Porter

Score card

1b, 2f, 3a, 4c, 5d, 6e.

— Illa Vij