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Sunday, October 28, 2001

Move on saas-bahus, over to sisters now

SCHEMING mothers-in-law and innocent daughters-in-law seem to be going out of the frame. The popularity of the saas-bahu saga is on the wane, even as scriptwriters turn the wheel a full circle and go back to the theme of two sisters, one innocent and the other worldly.

Mujhe Dor Koi Khinche: All about family ties
Mujhe Dor Koi Khinche: All about family ties

Zee TV’s Mujhe Dor Koi Khinche every Friday at 8.30 p.m. is a family drama, packed with an extra dose of emotions. It revolves around two sisters and their somewhat complicated lives, which are inter-twined with each other. Elder sister Jhanavi is a demure, collected and simple girl while her younger one, Khushi is just the opposite — full of life and vigour.

The story takes serious turn when it becomes Khushi is diagnosed suffering from a multiple personality disorder (schizophrenia). Jhanavi vows to get her back to normal and becomes overprotective towards her. As a supreme sacrifice, she decides not to marry till the younger sibling is back to normal.

But that’s when fate conspires and she meets Anupam, a rich businessman and falls in love and marries him. Life changes dramatically for Jhanavi after marriage as her strict-in-laws do not allow her to visit her sick sister as frequently as she wants to.

Then start a series of moralistic messages about how elder siblings should be duty-bound to look after the younger ones, despite marriage and a family of their own. Watch this serial if you enjoy such stuff. It’s as mushy as they get!


Hum ek hain

Scene from Sarhadien: Two of a kind!
Scene from Sarhadien: Two of a kind!

Sob, sob! This one’s really going to tug at your heart more than Border and Gadar could ever do.

Sarhadien every Wednesday on Zee at 11 p.m. is a mushy blend of filial sentiments that know neither language nor physical demarcations between countries. Especially when the countries happen to be India and Pakistan.

The serial is at pains to explain how family values, traditions, parental aspirations and generational gaps are the same, whether you are staying in Lahore or Ludhiana. Kids will be kids, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Their joys and sorrows, loves and heartbreaks are the same on both the sides.

Sarhadien recreates the essence of a typical household in India and Pakistan and the striking similarities between the two. Why it is set in Kaula Lumpur is a mystery viewers would have to figure out for themselves. But what comes loud and clear is the underlying message of universal brotherhood and peace that is hammered in scene after scene. Om shanti om!

Shine’s back on Ruby

Back in 1996, she was the icon of hip who raised smart banter into an art form. As Channel V’s star VJ, Ruby Bhatia’s gamine charm won her a million viewers. Those were the days when her fan mail came in sacks as she hosted Planet Ruby, BPL Oye, The Vibe and Ek Ka Teen.

Ruby Bhatia:  From a VJ to a star hostess
Ruby Bhatia: From a VJ to a star hostess

But even as she was riding the crest, came the fall. And a big fall, at that. Ruby and Channel V suddenly parted ways and the question mark that stared her in the face: What next after such heady times? There were rumours that she was joining MTV as a VJ. Nothing came of it.

Though she made a brief foray into acting with the serial Yeh Hai Raaz but here too she could draw much mileage and she was replaced by Deepti Bhatnagar. Big time kept eluding Ruby even as she started hosting the Kinetic Mega Show where she interacted with film stars.

Now the former VJ says she has re-invented herself. And though she still says no to film offers there’s a big TV assignment that she has just started which she doesn’t want to reveal for the time being. "I’ve been through a lot in the last five years and I just want to be careful."

No one blames her. Her experiences have made her a firm believer of the philosophy of Karma. In fact, she says she’s trying to put everything she’s got in this new show that she says would "impact my future on television." Those who enjoyed watching her as the VJ on Channel V are awaiting her return eagerly.

Festive time on TV

This peep into Indian religious and cultural festivals would’ve done Doordarshan proud. But Sabe TV has been quick on the uptake and is now set to go the national channel way — at least as far as this show is concerned.

Utsav every Wednesday at 2.30 p.m. is a complete rundown on the leading festivals from different parts of India. It narrates the anecdotes attached to it, tells viewers about its significance, and why it is celebrated the way it is.

The programme is being presented in a unusual way. Keeping up with the tradition followed at homes where senior people of the family are at the forefront of the rituals and customs, this show too has an elderly woman as its anchor.

A complete turnaround from many western serials, Utsav is both informative and steeped in mythology and a rare opportunity for children to learn about festivals. In fact, not just children, in a world where even the rich and successful are turning to spiritualism, this show is sure to pull the right strings of your heart.

Business as usual

Tayal anchoring India Business Report: Megabuck show
Tayal anchoring India Business Report: Megabuck show

In these times of crashing stock markets and disappearing profit margins, who doesn’t want to make an extra buck or two? If you are one of the millions who does, then spend some quality time watching BBC World’s all-new India Business Report aired every Sunday at 11 a.m.

The show is a storehouse of information about the ever-changing world of business and high finance. It analyses key economic developments from all across India, provides the latest news and views and interviews leading corporate personalities whose decisions impact the economy in no uncertain terms.

If you want to climb the economic ladder real fast and need a bird’s eye view of the Indian industry, India Business Report, anchored by Parul Tayal could surely be your window to Indian business.

Extreme machines

They are people behind some of the most death-defying stunts seen on television and in movies. Where riding a motorcycle would be exhilarating enough for most, these daredevils stop at nothing to thrill themselves — and their audiences. They’ve jumped over cars, trucks and even the Great Wall of China, and despite the injuries, they’d do it all over again.

Incredible Motorcycle Jumpers premieres on October 29 at 11 p.m. on Discovery. Besides introducing viewers to the exciting world of motorcycle jumping the thrilling show features archival footage and personal interviews.

Incredible Motorcycle Jumpers: Defying death and gravity
Incredible Motorcycle Jumpers: Defying death and gravity

It follows the exploits of men with nerves of steel as they risk life and limb to jump higher, faster and farther. Watch Buba Blackwell, known as The American Daredevil and the only man still jumping Harley Davidson, as he successfully breaks a new world record by jumping over 14 semi-trucks.

Viewers also witness the courage and skill of Dan Pastar and Robert Distler as they defy gravity — and common sense — while they perform astonishing tricks on their motorcross bikes. But motorcycle jumping is not without its dangers. Viewers watch in horror as Seth Enslow attempts a world record jump that ends in a near-fatal crash.

England’s answer to America’s Evel Knievel and one-time world champion, Eddie Kidd reminisces about his career from his wheelchair, following an appalling crash that left him seriously brain-damaged. Despite this tragedy, Eddie explains that he would risk all for the chance to get back on a bike and become an incredible motorcycle jumper again.

Don’t miss this heart-pounding show that would take you to the very edge of adventure and excitement.

— Mukesh Khosla

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