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Terrorism and western plunder

Noam Chomsky, the celebrated American philosopher, linguist and economist, says that the biggest rogue state is the USA because of its track record is unworthy of inspiring trust. He further argues that the USA does not bother much about international law and does not believe in multilateral cooperation.

It is known to the entire world that the USA bypassed the UN to fight its wars in Indo-China, causing death of 30 lakh people in Korea, Vietnam, Combodia and Laos, 18,000 people in Leabanon, seven lakh soldiers and civilians in Iraq, and many hundred thousands in Palestine, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Chile, Nicaragua, Haiti, Congo the list of fairly long, at the hands of native rulers, patronised by the USA, and it had no remorse for its 48,000 soldiers who died in Vietnam alone.

The USA has never been shy of supporting monarch and military dictators in the Arab world, who have blocked the idea of democracy from taking roots in their own countries. Obviously, the responsibility for all wrongs in the Islamic world lies with the USA. Islamic terrorism is, therefore, essentially the creation of the USA and allies that operates on the democratic premise to awaken the people from their long sleep, and inspire them to throw off their despotic rulers, and also blast their patrons who have trampled upon their democratic aspirations.

American people, who have been living a life, free from want and fear, and are at present face to face with terrorism, and realising, that all their weapons and super-technology can't meet the fury of men ready to die for their cause, now wish to reverse their foreign policy; which is welcome. But what should be the contours of such foreign policy? For it, they must look up to, two of their many celebrated economists -- Noam Chomsky and Dr David C Korten, besides asking the US government to (a) close down military bases all over the world; (b) stop financing, arming and patronising monarchs, and military dictators; (c) ask all banks in the West, to reveal the loot of all grafters, swindlers, imposter, monarchs and military dictators, stored in secret bank accounts, with name and nationality of such beneficiaries; and (d) ask the UN to provide legal cover for such operations now, and for future.

B. C. MAKHAIK, Shimla


A ranting statement

In the editorial “Between reality and rhetoric” (Oct 25), it has been rightly remarked that “The earlier Islamabad changes its Kashmir policy based on cross-border terrorism, the smoother will be the road to finding a solution to the crisis between the two neighbours”.

Pakistan has all along been inimical to India and recklessly determined to destabilise it. In fact, no regime in that country — whether military or civilian — can remain in the saddle unless it keeps the Kashmir cauldron boiling. It has already snatched away about one-third of Kashmir and is relentlessly supporting and sustaining the Pak-trained terrorists operating in the valley, who have turned the “paradise on earth” into a killing field. Repeated requests to the successive rulers of Pakistan to desist from interfering in Jammu and Kashmir have gone unheeded.

There is a limit at which tolerance ceases to be a virtue. The Defence Minister, George Fernandes, asserted that the Army would act with no holds barred to destroy the terrorist training camps across the border. Instead of assuring India of ending sponsoring of cross-border terrorism, General Pervez Musharraf said: “The threats on the Line of Control must be stopped. Pakistan is not a ‘chhota mota’ country. We are not wearing ‘chooriyaan’. They will be paid back in the same coin”.

His ranting has reminded me of an Urdu verse:

Aap ney teer lagaaya to koi baat nahin

Zakhm jo main ney dikhaaya to

bura maan ga’ey.

Apparently, General Musharraf has not learnt any lesson from the fate of Pakistan’s misadventure in Kargil. He was himself instrumental in planning and executing the armed intrusion. Many former Pakistani defence officers described their country’s debacle as a disaster for it. If Pakistani soldiers are not wearing bangles, Indian jawans are also not donning silken gloves. They can tackle the enemy.

India is a bona fide well-wisher of Pakistan. It should also become a peace-loving neighbour.


US gameplan for India

It was 30 years ago when Pakistan was involved in a bitter conflict with the Bangladeshi Muslims. Despite Indira Gandhi's pleas to America, India was asked to restrain itself. Nixon even sent the seventh fleet to put pressure on India against a military conflict. But Indira Gandhi saw the evil and the opportunity for a long-term peace and pressed on.

The result was Pakistan was forced into an open military war and lost. The eastern flank of Pakistan was no more and war on India was avoided for three decades. Indira Gandhi, no matter what mistakes she made domestically later, was a visionary leader.

It is the same month now, 30 years later. Pakistan is involved in a twist of events. It had along with America created the Taliban to destabilise India by terrorism. Russia was dismantled earlier, Yugoslavia last year and in both cases the Muslims were used to fight the two socialist countries, Afghan against Russia and Bosnian, Albanian Muslims against Serbs. It is the old strategy of the western colonial powers: to pit one ethnic minority against the larger majority and bleed it to death.

The longer term Anglo-American plan for India is to break it into four countries. Once again India is asked by the American President not to start a conflict with Pakistan and the BJP government is obliging like the shop-keepers who count the wad of notes at the end of a day’s sale. It is not interested in taking back occupied Kashmir from Pakistan nor eliminate the northern flanks’ threat.


Nobel Prize

This refers to "How Noble is the Nobel Prize" (Oct 25). The Nobel Prize given to Sadat and Begin was completely justified because peace was established between the two major powers of West Asia, Israel and Egypt, which were very hostile towards each other and fought many wars. It was a landmark achievement thought impossible to achieve. However, Egypt's President Anwar Sadat had to pay with his life for establishing peace with the Jewish state.


Spare rabbits

Rabbits are beautiful animals. We educated people are killing them one by one. About 50-60 rabbits are killed in a year in different colleges in Bathinda city only. They are killed by students of B.Sc, but they have to do it because it is in their syllabus. I am not blaming any teacher or student, but the practice should be stopped.

Naresh Kumar, BathindaTop

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