Saturday, November 3, 2001  

V.N. Datta
T is necessary to seek the precise meaning of the word jehad. For the meaning of the word is inextricably linked up with how it is being used. Words are never static, they develop their meanings, undergo changes and are connected with specific ends. From a broader angle, a word is a product of historical circumstances.
Is this jehad?

‘Majority of the Muslims of J&K do not want Pakistan’
AJYA Sabha M.P. Mirza Abdul Rashid hails from the sensitive Poonch-Rajouri area of Kashmir. Born in Darhal town of Rajouri district, Mirza Rashid’s political career started when at 27 he was appointed general secretary of the youth wing of the Congress in 1963.


A three-decade quest for a male child
by Sanjay Austa
HIS lower middle-class couple in Yamunanagar is just one short of producing an 11-member team. So much so that it is difficult for all the girls to fit comfortably in the sepia-tainted black and white family photograph. Kanti Devi, the mother, shrugs her shoulders and says, "We had no other choice".